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Take Five Forums is a community where people can come together to discuss everything and anything that interests them. Those interests range from anime, television, and video games to sports, religion, and politics, with pretty much everything in between. We aspire to be the one stop online for people wanting to socialize with others and to make new friends. Take Five strives to be a welcoming environment to people of all walks of life. We sincerely hope you'll join us here!

Here at Take Five Forums, we hope to encourage a relaxing atmosphere where people from all over the world can gather together and simply chill. In order for us to do that and make everyone feel welcomed, regardless of race, gender, religious views, sexuality, and so forth, we have to enforce a few rules. Please understand that most rules written here are essentially guidelines rather than strict commandments. However, there are some things we absolutely cannot tolerate if we are to continue existing: these rules will be noted, and defiance of them will most definitely be met with harsh punishment.

Infraction System - Here at Take Five, we employ a warning system that keeps both members and moderators in check. At 10 Infraction Points, you will be automatically issued a 48 hour ban by the system. Infractions all expire after 10 days, but remain on your record permanently. We will probably use your Infractions and Ban Records as references for future bans or staff positions.

Code of Conduct - Moderators have a code of conduct to follow, and that includes completely filling in an infraction or ban report any time one is issued. If you feel that you've been warned or banned in error, then feel free to request review from an administrator.

Application of Rules - As a general note, all rules apply to all forms of posting on this site: Threads and Posts, including titles and opening posts; Comments; Private Messages; Avatars and Signatures; Blogs; etc.

  • 1. Illegal Content - Punishment: Ban (length is dependent on severity, can range from hours to permanently)
  • Content that can be deemed illegal absolutely cannot be posted or discussed. This includes but is not limited to:

    Child Pornography (should go without saying)
    Piracy (illegal downloads)
    Threats (of any kind to the site or people)

  • 2. Discrimination - Punishment: Ban - 24 Hours
  • We here at Take Five Forums believe all people are equal. T5 cannot and does not endorse racist, sexist, nationalist, religiously intolerant, or otherwise bigoted rhetoric and symbolism in any form.

  • 3. Spam - Punishment: 2 Points
  • Spam, for us, will be defined as making posts or topics with, either, no point whatsoever or with purpose to simply increase your post count or the post count of a thread, section, or the site. If we catch you doing this, you'll usually get two points as a warning. In severe cases, if it's determined you're only here for malicious intent, it can be met with a permanent ban.

    • 3.1 Stay on Topic - Punishment: 1 Point
    • In most areas of the site, we do not mind you getting off-topic. As stated above, we hope to encourage a relaxing atmosphere where you can just hang out with friends. But in some sections we prefer you to stay on topic and keep to the point. This mostly applies to On-Topic and Feedback. But may occasionally be brought into other sections at the topic creator's desire.

  • 4. Trolling - Punishment: 1 point
  • In general, trolling is the act of purposefully antagonizing other people. It's something that's very difficult to pin down, and as such we're not really going to try. Think of this as more of a blanket term for any number of acts. Some trolling is actually fine, it can be fun until it's taken too far. Just "don't be a dick" and you'll be ok.

  • 5. Flaming - Punishment: 2 Points
  • People get annoyed with each other. We understand this. As such, some light flaming (especially on the internet) is to be expected. But we hope you'll try to remain nice and courteous to your fellow members. If a mod notices a long running issue, you may be met with a warning and 2 points to your infraction meter.

    • 5.1 Excessive Flaming - Punishment: 6 Points
    • Excessive flaming has a few forums here. Personal insults about or towards a member's family or life situation are never needed. Neither are prolonged flame wars lasting through multiple posts, pages, or threads.

    • 5.2 Bullying - Punishment: 8 Points
    • Governments around the world have been taking steps to make internet bullying a crime. It can do damage to a person's psyche and has even lead to suicides in recent years. As such, we take this seriously. If we notice a particularly disturbing trend of bullying against a member, administration will investigate personally and if necessary a ban will be given and possible legal action could ensue.

    • 5.3 Suicide Encouragement and Death Threats - Punishment: Ban - 48 Hours
    • On Take Five we expect our members to behave in a mature manner more often than not. Telling a person to kill themself or threatening to take another's life is simply unacceptable. As in the case of bullying, you never truly know the person you're talking to. And repeated abuse in such a manner could have very real repercussions. In cases where this topic is particularly sensitive, the punishment for this offense could be much harsher.

  • 6. Inappropriate Content - Punishment: Content Pending
  • Be respectful of others, please. Do not post anything obscene or graphic that could upset your fellow forum goers. Keep the images and text content of your posts mostly PG! This means no porn and no overly sexual comments.

    • 6.1 Pornography - Punishment: Ban - 1 Week -PER IMAGE-
    • Images depicting explicit sexual acts are absolutely NOT allowed under any circumstances!

    • 6.2 Nudity - Punishment: Ban - 48 Hours -PER IMAGE-
    • Images depicting full frontal or back nudity are absolutely not allowed either. No breasts, no genitalia, no butts.

    • 6.3 Near-Nudity - Punishment: Ban - 24 Hours -PER IMAGE-
    • This site needs to mostly remain "Safe For Work". As such, in the normal forums you are not allowed to post images of women and men who are almost naked either. Images of men with a sock or women with nothing on but a thong and some pasties are obviously not safe for work. So try to refrain from these types of things. These types of images will be allowed, in spoilers, in the All-Access section.

    • 6.4 Flirting - Punishment: 2 Points
    • Some innocent flirting is fine, attractions on the internet happen sometimes. Explicit sexual remarks are not fine. In some cases (such as when minors are involved) this can actually become ILLEGAL. In those cases you will be permanently banned and your information will be handed over to the correct authorities.

    • 6.5 Gore - Punishment: Ban - 8 Hours -PER IMAGE-
    • Not everyone can handle copious amounts of blood and gore. Keep images like this in spoilers within All-Access or face the wrath of angry moderators.

  • 7. Personal Information - Punishment: Ban (varies pending of severity)
  • Anonymity is the gift of the internet. Some people do not want their public information online for us all to see. So if you've come in possession of some form of personal identification from another member, respect them and do not post it online without their permission. This includes their real name, pictures, addresses, and social networking sites like Facebook or Youtube. *Note, if the person has posted these things themselves, then you may re-post it. But if they ask for it to be removed, we have an obligation to do so*

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