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    Respect Luke Skywalker

    Maximum Power:
    George Lucas interview in which Luke and Vader have the same Force Potential, but since Jedi get their power from the Midichlorians (Episode 1,) and Vader was missing about half of his biomass(Episode 3), Luke's maximum potential must be twice the power of Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back. This is based on "G-Cannon" so it is basically without contestation. Given the way Rey was portrayed in Episode 8 and the way Vader was portrayed in Episode 5, As well as the Emperor in Episode 3, we can deduce that Luke is able.

    Luke = 2x Darth Vader (Episode 5 Actual)
    Luke = 1x Anakin Skywalker (Episode 1 Potential/G-Cannon)
    Luke = 2x Emperor Palpatine (Actual)

    The Emperor Could Levitate and throw 3 of those Senate chamber pods simultaneously, while also dodging Yoda's counter attacks. This meas Luke could levitate and throw 6 or 7 of those pods, and this puts Luke back on track with the old EU cannonicity of the Jedi Academy Trillogy Luke, maybe even slightly better.

    Vader is seen surviving falling partially into a lake of lava. This is consistent with Jedi Academy Trilogy Luke walking on Lava, even though this is no longer cannon.
    Luke is seen surviving "several minutes" worth of the Emperor's full power Force Lightning, with no permanent damage being dealt to him(Episode 6), even though "props" on the scene are smoking hot in response to the lightning; whereas a few seconds worth of the lightning totally disabled Mace Windu once Windu was disarmed, and a few seconds of his own lighting when Windu redirected it at him, horribly deformed and burnt his own face(Episode 3). So Luke's ability to absorb lightning and remain conscious through being fried with the Emperor's full power is at least as good as Vader surviving the lava. Luke suffers no permanent damage from the Emperor's force lightning, and even immediately gets up to his feet when Vader finally turns against the Emperor.

    Doppleganger/Force Illusion:
    This ability is seen three times in the movies. Once in Empire Strikes Back in the cave where Yoda makes Luke confront a double of Darth Vader, and Luke fails the test by killing Vader's doppleganger in anger. Then again when Rey is put to a similar test. Finally it is seen from "Several LIght Years Distance" as Luke distracts an entire army of First Order walkers and distracts Ben(Episode 8).

    Luke's Doppleganger full dodges an entire army AND Ben's lightsaber attacks, even though Ben was seen being fast enough to stop a blaster bolt with his mind alone, and had single-handedly killed all of the other Jedi at luke's accademy, and even though Luke, controlling the Doppleganger, had been "Several LIght Years away", which means Luke's mind and reflexes operate at a "much faster than light speed" capacity; See also Obi Wan training Luke to deflect Blaster Bolts at point-blank range in Episode 4. Thus Luke is faster than LIght, and his Doppleganger is Faster than LIght, even from a distance of "Several Light Years".

    Using the Force to Defend:
    In Return of the Jedi, Luke uses Force Kill/Force Choke on two Gamorreans. It was always assumed by the community that Luke used a mind trick to make the Gamorreans pass out, but that is not what is done in the novelization of the movie. Luke actually uses the same force choke attack as Darth Vader would have used, but it was done "in defense". In Episode 3, Yoda uses a mind trick on two Emperial Royal Guards to knock them unconscious, which he did "In Defense".

    Yoda's Force Ghost Uses Lightning to burn the tree.
    Yoda taught Luke everything he knew, and Yoda clearly knew how to use Absorb/Dissipate energy and even throw the lightning back at opponents, but Luke chose not to use this power against the Emperor, because he was not really there to kill the Emperor so much as to "rescue" Darth Vader from the Dark Side of the Force.

    Yoda and Obi Wan, both Weaker than Luke, take down an entire platoon of Storm Troopers in a direct assault, not a stealth situation; dodging all of the blaster bolts, and redirecting them back to other targets, which are presumably superior to our modern chemical propelled projectile weapons. Since Luke has more mitichlorions than Vader and Yoda, Luke must be about twice as powerful as this, which ACTUALLY has Luke even more powerful than the old EU Luke, which could disarm 10 storm troopers simultaneously without hurting them. Here, we see Luke could kill perhaps 20 storm troopers single-handedly if he was forced to do so.

    Luke's maximum potential being twice Darth Vader's Actual power level again agrees with both the Old EU Cannon and the New Cannon.

    How much power can Luke absorb with absorb/dissipate?

    Darth Vader absorbs Han Solo's blaster bolts in Empire Strikes Back, without damaging his robotic arms. But this is child's play compared to what Luke absorbed when the Emperor was attacking him with Force LIghtning. To get an idea of how powwerful the Emperor's Force Lightning really is, a Corona effect and X-Rays are produced when he fries Mace Windu, and again when he fries Darth Vader in the moment Vader turned against him in Return of the Jedi.

    So how powerful does electricity need to be in order to generate a Corona effect on Darth Vader's head?

    A voltage of 50,000 volts is required to generate a Corona on a copper wire with a radius of half a millimeter. The required voltage goes up as the square of conductor radius.

    A human head is about 11 inches in diameter, or 5.5 inches radius, which converts to 13.75 centimeters, or 137.5 millimeters.

    If we doubled the wire radius to 1 millimeter, this would give us a round number of 200,000 volts with a 1 millimeter radius. 137.5 millemters squared is 18906.25, then multiplied back by 200,000 volts per square millitmeter times pi, the pis cancel and we have 3,781,250,000 volts, or 3.78 Gigavolts....if Darth Vader's head were made of copper. Darth Vader's head and helmet are both thermal insulators and electrical insulators, so the actual voltage needed to generate the Corona Effect around Darth Vader's head is higher than this, but for the sake of argument we'll use 3.78 Gigavolts as a bare minimum voltage of the Emperor's Force Lightning.

    So Luke can absorb 3.78 Gigavolts LIghtning without sustaining permanent damage; the scar on Luke's face is from the Wampa mauling in Empire Strikes Back, NOT the Emperor's Force LIghtning. This is three times the voltage of the bolt of Lightning in Back to the Future.
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      How powerful is Darth Vader's telekinesis.

      Well, we need to figure out how fast Luke was in Empire Strikes Back, because we need to know how fast Luke is to know how fast the projectiles Darth Vader was hitting Luke with. Luke had already deflected Blaster bolts while blindfolded in A New Hope, and he had flown/jumped up out of the Carbonite freeze unit so fast that the camera barely catches the feat.

      How big are the objects: Well, what looks like some sort of computer terminal, and a tank filled with fluid. Perhaps 10kg and 100kg respectively. But how fast are they moving? How did Darth Vader accelerate them at speeds so fast a guy who can doge plasma weapons couldn't dodge these objects?! They'd have to be moving at least as fast as Bullets. Since Vader si stronger than the Emperor, and the Emperor can levitate 4 senate pods and throw 3 of them at ballistic speeds simultaneously, Darth Vader must be throwing these smaller objects at speeds exceeding the speed of sound, but the special effects technology to portray this in the movie didn't exist yet at the time of Empire Strikes Back. So Vader is telekinetically accelerating these objects from rest to the speed of sound or faster in a distance of only a few meters.

      I gather Vader was generating a force of 66 Newtons per kilogram of the levitated objects, or about 6600 Newtons for the largest object. Keep in mind Vader was also still toying with Luke at this point, as he didn't want to kill Luke (but we don't learn that until a few minutes later). This is not as powerful as the Emperor vs Yoda scene, where the Emperor throws thousand kilogram pods at ballistic speeds.


        How powerful is Luke's Doppleganger?

        In the old West End Star Wars RPG Source Book which is still canon (because it agrees with the movies), Luke is able to perform up to 20 "very easy" telekinetic force actions per six second period or roughly 11 "Heroic" difficulty telekinetic actions. Doppleganger counts as 1 action, and he can use Telekinesis as the Doppleganger to wield a real lightsaber telekinetically, Which is only 1kg, so a "Very East" action, or he can perform telekinetic actions of other sorts. So the Doppleganger functions at roughly 90% to 95% of the capacity of the real Luke. However, as we saw in the movie, over-exertion of the Doppleganger can lead to death of the user.

        For some perspective, How fast is Kylo Ren/Ben Solo? He caught a blaster bolt in mid flight, time stopped it, and later caused it to resume flight.

        So Luke's Doppleganger full-dodged Kylo Ren's lightsaber attacks and full dodged an entire army of walkers and vehicles concentrating fire on him, without taking any hostile actions. This is not the same as deflecting them with a lightsaber. A full dodge is actually harder than deflecting it with a lightsaber, as he had to "limbo" one of the blows.

        So I conclude that the Doppleganger is somewhere between 90% and 95% of Lukes own real max potential. In the Dark Empire source book, which is no longer canon, Doppleganger was assumed to be 75% of the user's own max potential. So this is close to the author's original intent.

        This greatly enhances Luke's side in the "Luke vs Magneto" debate, which Luke would win relatively easily (Telekinetically remove Magneto's helmet, then mind control him)..


          How powerful is Luke's Farseeing?

          Well, since Luke's Farseeing is twice as strong as the Emperor's; Darth Vader at real Empire Strikes Back potential is stronger than the Emperor, and Luke has twice as much biomass as Vader thanks to Vader missing both arms and both legs.

          In Empire Strikes Back, Luke is telekinetically levitating himself (A Moderate difficulty task up to 100kg) and several stones, then he has a Heroic Difficulty Farseeing event which turns out to be 100% correct. In the game source book, which is still canon, a Heroic difficulty roll on Farseeing gives the user a 75% accurate "Prophecy".

          In the West End source book, the Emperor's Farseeing is 75% accurate, and this roughly agrees with the movies. If Luke's maximum potential is twice that of the Emperor, then Luke's Farseeing would be wrong half as often, thus I assume Jedi Master Luke is 87.5% accurate at Farseeing.
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            How Powerful is Luke's Force Ghost?

            The first time in original EU where we see a Force Ghost use a Force Power to affect the living, is when Exar Kun attacks Luke and puts him in a coma in the Jedi Academy series, which is no longer canon. Also in the Transfer Life ability of Palpatine in the Dark Empire series, which is also no longer canon.

            So Yoda's Force Ghost using LIghtning to burn down the Tree in Episode 8 means Luke's Force Ghost must be twice as powerful as Yoda's Force Ghost, so I assume Luke could use two lightning bolts simultaneously, or one lightning bolt that is twice as powerful.


              How hot does Darth Vader's (or Mace Windu) head need to be in order to generate X-rays when he dies.

              A google search reveals:
              "For an object to emit most of its light in X-rays its temperature has to be ~6,000,000 degrees."

              So within 1 or 2 seconds the Emperor's Force Lightning heated Darth Vader's Face and head to 6 million degrees, but this did not instantly kill Vader...

              Even though it's only about a minute of on-camera time, Luke is said to have survived "several minutes" worth of the Emperor's full power of Force Lightning. It only took about 2 seconds worth to heat Vader's spine and skull to produce X-rays, but again, Darth Vader is actually half as strong as Luke's maximum potential, because Vader is missing half of his biomass.

              if Vader were healthy, he would have easily survived the Emperor's Force Lightning attack, but he has so much damage from the years of battles that Force Lightning short circuits all of his cyborged components, and damages his remaining biomass to eventually cause his death.

              Vader may be assumed to be attempting to Absorb/Dissipate the Emperor's Lightning, but Vader suffers several disadvatages in the attempt. He is wounded from the previous fight with Luke, and his Cyborged components are vulnerable to the LIghtning. Vader MAY have telekinetically pushed the Emperor down the shaft as well, although this isn't provable, because the Emperor actually knew how to Fly (Episode 3), but it's possible the Emperor in Episode 6 isn't as strong as he was when he was younger in Episode 3, as Palpatine was apparently already in his late 50's or early 60's in Episode 3.
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                there are a few discrepencies in the old West End RPG game mechanics. For example, they have the Emperor and Vader's force powers as higher than Luke's . This is not correct. Luke's Force power is roughly twice that of either the Emperor or Darth Vader, as derived from the G-canon interview saying Luke and Vader had the same force potential, and Vader actually being STRONGER than the Emperor, even while missing half of his biomass. Thus Luke's correct "Return of the Jedi" stats should be TWICE that of the Emperor and Vader. The game's developers didn't take into account that Luke was actually "sand-bagging" when he let the Emperor torture him...this is evidenced by the fact Luke suffers no corona effect, not X-rays, and no permanent damage during the torture....while a few seconds of the Emperor's own power burned and disfigured his own face.

                So this is an example of where G-canon over-rides another canonical source. Luke is twice as powerful as the Emperor in the Emperor's prime, and Empire Strikes Back Vader is actually slightly stronger than the Emperor, even though he serves him as his master; Vader wanted to kill the Emperor all along, as seen in Episode 3 and 5, but his motives changed in episode 6. In Episode 5, Vader is the "Dark Lord of the Sith", and is actually more powerful than the Emperor, as the Emperor admitted in Episode 3. But Vader served the Emperor because he wanted to learn whatever Dark Side powers the Emperor knew, which the Emperor never actually taught Vader any Dark Side powers, other than just using Anger and Hatred. Darth Vader discovered how to use thos powers on his own, starting with Force Choke/Telekinetic Kill of Padme.