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The Decisive Battle: Servant Caster (Emperor Goji) vs -Classified- Servant (Gawayn)

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    The Decisive Battle: Servant Caster (Emperor Goji) vs -Classified- Servant (Gawayn)

    (Gawayn's servant's class is currently unknown until revealed)

    Wiltshire, England
    August 10th, 20??
    Location: Recently discovered Ruins.
    Time: 10 P.M.

    The ruins of a once great castle, is now silent. Mysterious markings amongst its walls and structures, could be found amongst the rubble. It is silent, but the silence soon was broken.

    A person, specifically, a feminine looking one, would appear as if it was a ghost of some kind. It's outfit was not modern either. It wore a Japanese Obi, a type of kimono, that was short at the waist. The Obi was colored a light tan, with a dark brown sash tied around the stomach area to keep the robe from unraveling and falling off. It wore pants that were colored dark red, and puffed around the lower legs, due to being covered by leather boots. It wore a metal chest plate that had only one strap over the Obi, and two metal gauntlets, one on each arm. In its right hand, was a Wakizashi, a Japanese equivalent of a great sword. The Wakizashi was golden color on the blade itself, while the hilt was black with red horn shaped ornaments on the guard and the butt of the blade. The person took in a breath of the ruins atmosphere, and spoke, its voice sounding like a female's. "This is where the presence I felt is. Where is the other servant?" A voice spoke in its mind, a teen aged male's voice that sounded calm. "Don't worry Caster, the presence is still there. However, I can't pinpoint the exact location. You will have to go find this one yourself." "But master, what if this servant is like the other two I fought? I know I have a pretty appearance, but I don't like it when I am confused for a girl." The other boy laughed. "It is sad, but then again, it did help with dispatching the master two weeks ago when I convinced you to dress up as a attractive female." "You just wanted me to do that because you liked how I appeared when you summoned me." Caster spoke, tone being annoyed. "It doesn't matter now though. We're close to winning the war. The final servant is in your vicinity. Find it, and defeat it. Then we can get our wish." Caster's master said. He sounded calm still, but a little exited as well.
    Caster nodded and began his search for the final servant.

    “Saber. You never did tell me your wish. I know it can’t be to overthrow the modern regent of Japan, as your grave has been peaceful as of late.” Isabel von Einzbern, the family’s latest homunculus Master, asked through the telepathic link between Master and Servant.

    Saber didn’t really have an answer. She was right, he had no ill will currently. His grave and the accompanying Hill has been respected as of late, and bar the noisy tourists its been peaceful. However, Saber held his weapon in his grip. A reinforced katana was the main weapon, folded infinity times. However, ultimately it was only a sideshow compared to the more normal greatsword alongside his hip. Neither weapons were Noble Phantasms, but they were still strong enough to harm Servants, especially with modern culture raising his katana to be a holy relic. Hey, if Lancelot can use his jet outside of Zero because it became part of his legend, then that counts too. Either way, Saber held himself at the ready, preparing to duel whichever Servant approached him. The only
    one that remained. Caster.
    Originally posted by OrganizationXV

    "Oh-a shiit!" Mario yells. "Ima gonna leave-a."

    He runs away, arms out, then jumps like super high and you don't see him any more.


      this is painful


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        He put in the time and effort to actually do research. I have to reward that behavior to encourage it.

      It took Caster a couple of minutes, but the swordsman from Japan soon felt the presence of the final servant. 'That's him.' Caster thought in his head, as he would dash onwards until he found himself in a spacious room. The room's ceiling was 20 feet high, the entire room circling around 20 meters in diameter. On the opposite end was the final servant Caster would fight, Saber.

      "So we finally meet." Caster spoke, his eyes focusing on the servant, studying the opponent. His voice sounding like a female's was something Caster hoped Saber would ignore. Caster rose his sword with his right hand, gripping the hilt with his left hand tight. The blade was facing Saber, as Caster then moved the sword to the right and downwards. The sword facing away from Saber, Caster then crouched slightly, as he was now in his attack stance, waiting.

      Caster's master sat in a dark room. His hair was swept sideways to the left upwards, and he wore a black low waisted jacket over a white button up shirt and brown jeans, he wore black boots as well. On his chest was a necklace with a green jewel on it. His head rested on his right hand, that was in a closed fist, as he smiled. His green eyes had a glimmer of wickedness in them.

      "It will all be over soon." The person spoke.