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    Unfortunately, it would seem hardly anyone heard Marco’s rallying cry, and as they all crossed the finish line, it was announced their grand and final trial would end.

    A strange revealing woman walked out with a whip and spoke.

    ” All persons are to get in teams of four, to tackle one of our esteemed heroes. The first team to obtain the bell on their waist will be declared winners, the last team will... you know.. lose. It would be a shame if any of you have made enemies in your short time here or anything“

    Nearly immediately the cheerleaders(Annalyn, Harata, Teresa, Becky, Winnow), all formed a group, despite being obviously more than 4, that fact seemed to be ignored by the game masters. Maki joined a preppy looking group of students, Polo being apart of it. The cheerleaders continued to verbally harass Ellie while they were forming groups.

    ”You girls smell something?”
    ”Yeah, who reeks of slut?”
    ”That broad over there”
    Teresa pointed at Ellie and the girls laughed.

    Moments later two students approached Marco and Ellie, looking to form a group.

    ”Hello im Madiba, and she’s Riddia”
    He spoke softly.
    ”Can we form a group?”


      Ellie rolled her eyes, pretending not to notice the cheerleaders. "Hey Marco, let's-" before she finished, the other two approached. She turned to them and answered, "Uh yeah! Of course, if that's ok with you Marco~" She smiled, forgetting that she was still entirely bright pink.


        Marco crossed the finish line expecting a battle, but people were just hanging out past the finish line. People laughed at his spazzy ass, but whatever. He didn't drop his guard around the assholes at the end until the announcement that they were done... And even then, he had his eye on everybody.

        --- Madiba and Riddia were complete unknowns to Marco, but they seemed nice enough, and it saved him the hassle of finding other people for their group. It seemed an easy choice when he said-

        "Welcome to the club, you guys," Marco smiled and introduced himself and Ellie.

        -Madiba joins the party!-
        -Riddia joins the party!-
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          Ori, you pick one and I'll be the other.

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          I pick Riddia, going all girls

        Two heroes approahed the students, wearing emblems that conveyed their signifcance and of their title.

        The female had an afro, dark skinned, lean, tall, wearing a full leather outfit in black, with high heels.

        The Male had a buzz, lighter skinned, lean, average height, and also a full black leather uniform.

        The Strange woman before will speak again.

        ”You and your group are to choose your hero you are to tackle and obtain the bell. You (*points towards Marco’s group*) and You (*points towards Maki’s group*) will begin first. You will also have the first strike. Have fun “

        Riddia turned to the others and provided her insight.

        “The dude is called Mr. Titan. To put short, he’s a one man army. The girl is called Songbird. Her track record with criminals is perfectly perfect...”


          "I wanna tango with Titan!" Ellie chimed proudly. As she did she flung herself at him, morphing into a sort of snake and started to wrap around him.
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            Ellie didn't give much pause before her attack, but neither did Marco. He gathered up what was left of his last supply of water and started to work on expanding the amount. He was hoping to gain enough momentum before he actually started his assault.

            Madiba didn't really know how to react except that he knew he needed to cover Ellie, who threw herself literally headfirst against the Titan. He sprinted forward, and as he did so his limbs started to take on a metallic tint. One way or another, his attack was coming just a half-step after the shapeshifters, and he was going for a judo-chop to the neck (or down to the guy's arm if he would risk hitting Ellie).
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              Titan seemed rather unbothered by Ellie’s imminent attack, and infact, he seemed to be indulging in such a moment.

              ”Ahh. I remember my eager youth days” He spoke barely louder than a regular speaking voice.

              He spun violently, very violenty, at a speed that made a high pitched noise as he spun and made him nearly transparent , and he stopped instantly flinging Ellie at Madiba and knocking him down.

              He turned towards Marco and anticipated his next attack. Titan started to walk towards Marco.


                Ellie softened her landing by splattering against Madiba like water, then regrouped into a bird shape and flew towards Titan again quickly. Meanwhile Riddia pulled a taser from her pocket dimension and shot it at Titan.


                  Titan started to jeer a little bit towards Ellie.

                  “You couldn’t move me if you tried..”

                  He stopped walking and caught the tazer. He hand began to spin 360 degrees so violently the tazer line twisted the gun and destroyed it.

                  He held out an arm towards Ellie’s bird shape and began to spin it in course rapidly. A tornado formed and enveloped Ellie.

                  ”You need teamwork to get my bells..”


                  Songbird already had kicked the asses of team Maki, and had lost. She also defeated nearly every other team including both Denver and Kara’s team.

                  She spectated Titan’s match while pulling out some popcorn and whistling a melodic tune.

                  ”Taking your time again, I see...”


                    "Damn-" Riddia let go of the taser as Titan pulled and broke it. She'd need a new plan. Then she noticed Ellie was trapped in some kind of tornado, so she ran over to Ellie and jumped into it, grabbing her and transporting both herself and Ellie into the pocket dimension. Both of them disappeared, then shortly after came out away from Titan. Riddia was, at that point, wearing Ellie like an outfit. Ellie had sort of taken on a role similar to Senketsu. "How's this for teamwork?" Ellie said cheerfully. "We'll get those bells in no time," Riddia continued. Ellie sprouted wings from Riddia's back and the two took off into the air, meanwhile the sleeves enveloped Riddia's arms and extended into long tentacles that split off into claws at the ends. "Boys!" Riddia called, "Keep him busy, we need to wear him down and strike when he lets his guard down!"


                      Madiba nodded to Riddia, who told him to wake the duck up and do his job basically, so he sprung into action. By now he was entirely encased in metal, exactly like a video game powerup, and he charged Titan down.

                      "Try throwing me around!" He yelled with a slight reverb in his voice.

                      Behind him, Marco's attack was finally coming. A massive wave chased Madiba down and glowed around him, saving it's momentum for Titan. Once it hit, there'd be three seconds of an unending torrent at the same time that Madiba tackled him with like a truck.
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                        Titan spun his whole body this time around, the high pitched noise continued as he did, and when Madiba made contact with the spinning twister, flung him in the opposite direction. The wage that crashed was dispersed and water got everywhere, but the pure kinetic energy being projected was enough to not let one drop of water get to titan.

                        He spun even faster, and he sank into the earth. A moment of silence ensued.

                        ”Getting better!” At this point, he thought he would try to win by attrition, or atleast whenever the Headmaster grew bored of this match.

                        He appeared beneath Riddia, at blistering speeds, grabbed her, and threw her back with the boys.

                        He stood on the ground not too far from them. Almost lecture like. He eyed songbird, and looked up before looking at the team again. “Ill give you all a few more minutes before i end this” He was already being generous by being defensive the entire time.


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                          The pure kinetic energy of him spinning around stopped a two-pronged attack involving a charged hit.


                        "You seem really cocky," Riddia muttered, as she stopped in mid air after being thrown. The second Titan had grabbed her, Ellie latched onto his arms. She stretched out and swung Riddia full force at Titan like a tether ball, and she threw a kick directly toward his nuts. In the mean time, she planned to grab his bell too, both Riddia and a tentacle from Ellie reaching for it.


                          "Hey metal bro!" Marco yelled at the guy who just went spinning off into the distance. "You okay?"

                          "Yeah!" Madiba yelled back, a little faintly. He was in normal flesh and blood now, breathing heavily.

                          "Good!" Marco cheered. "I have an idea! Go metal in another second or so, ok?"

                          Madiba agreed to, and all of a sudden a geyser of water erupted under his feet and he was being launched into the air like a bottle rocket. He screamed in surprise, but did as he was told and turned to metal midair. He immediately lost momentum and started falling directly onto Titan, where he was planning on laying an upside-down haymaker onto his neck.
                          (Just waiting for another set)


                            Suddenly overwhelmed, Titan took the attack head on, appearing as if he absorbed most of, if not all of the blow, but seemingly not as damaged as he should be.

                            It was made clear that this wasn’t even close to Titan’s full usage of his abilities, but clearly lacking the motiviation to continue, his effort thwarted itself. He eyed the bell he dropped on the ground while giving off his body language for someone to pick it up. He stared down Madiba cautiously after tanking his attack head on.

                            The strange lady came out again. “You are to be placed in one last trial. Then your classes can truely be selected in a way that suits your own needs.... the last trial you might ask? Team vs Team battle royale! Maki’s team vs Marco’s team!”


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