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    So, the real King Ebrahim was dead? Jack had no reason to doubt the word of these two, but he didn't have reason to fully trust them. Still, the news wasn't shocking seeing as the other Kings were dead. As the Xu-Shen patted Jack on the shoulder, Jack noticed the military uniform under the cloak. Maybe they would get along well after all. Hearing a clatter, Jack turned to see a Red Mage come through the door.

    "And the visitors brought more visitors. The monsters are beginning to converge on this location, my protect spell won't hold them all back."

    Looking at the map Xu-Shen rolled on the table, he made note of the general area that was being indicated. He had never had reason to go to the Mist Forest before and would be fairly unfamiliar with the setting. He really wished he had his satchel. Rushing out of the shop and across the square, they kept moving until a nearby horde caught wind of the moving party, causing the undead creatures to emit a terrible shrieking sound. They're whereabouts now exposed to the other creatures, Jack fired a shot into the pursuing crowd, hitting a zombie in the head and causing it's body to trip a few more running over it. He affixed his knife to the edge of his rifle barrel and loaded another shot. It would be a fight from here on out to the edge of town.


      ...You're more than welcome to join us." Xu-Shen said pointing to a small town on the map as he spoke. Gregory squinted as he was farthest from the map.

      "Pim?" he questioned himself.

      "Pirn("OHH Pirn...where I get most of my literature") is a few days walk from here, and it's on the edge of the Mist Forest. Far enough away that the beasts and undead won't follow there." Shen ended rolling the map back up and put it into his bag as he motioned for the door.

      Gregory was pleased that he no longer needed to hold his staff in his hand. He simply squeezed it tightly and it transformed into a bracelet. Greg equipped both daggers on the inside of his robe, right on the sides of his waist in his belt then recovered himself with his robe. He was all set.

      At the start of their travel Jack began shooting at the pursuing zombies. A very useful man indeed as he didn't need to waste any mana yet. Along the way he made sure to get acquainted with the newly added mages to the party getting their names, practice in magic, and other minor details in which he returned the same.

      [Gregory Marsh]


        What the bloody hell did I do last night? Captain Hellfish wakes up sore, hungover, and in the back of an unfamiliar shop. The last thing he remembers is downing enough mead to kill a kraken and stumbling back to his ship. His ship...Where is his ship? where's his crew? Where are his guns??? Questions for later...the Captain's stomach is a rumblin'. He appears to be in a shop that makes and sells potions...surely some of the ingridients are edible. The captain makes an unsatisfying breakfest out of herbs and jellies, washes it down with the most alcoholic potion he can find, and steps out of the backroom and into the shop proper. There's a group talking there. When he walks by some call out to him as though they know him and he should know them...but he pays them no mind. The Captain steps outside, takes one look at the ruined shell of a city, and steps back in to face the group. "How much did I fekkin' drink last night?" The Captain recieves their words in solemn silence and pledges to aid them in their quest. And so they depart.
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          Alistair joined the group as they vacated the magic shop, he hadn’t picked up anything of use to himself while there, but the entire time he had been eyeing the weapons shop across the street. Surely there must be a bow and some arrows in there. He thought to himself as he broke away from the group to do a quick search of the building. Sure enough, they had a marvelous selection. But he needn’t anything intricate, he grabbed a plain wooden and iron bow and filled his quiver with as many iron shaft arrows as he could. Perfect. Now I’m a formidable foe for any creature or man. He turned to exit the shop but saw the ghastly sight of dozens of the beasts rushing past the entrance. He knelt down behind a counter and remained extremely quiet as he readied his bow and a few arrows.

          When the sound of the stampede had quietened he peeked around the counter and saw one of them had entered the shop, sniffing about. It had likely been a stragglers that picked up his scent. But it was only a single mutt, he could handle it with no problem. He quickly raised above the counter and fired a single arrow into the Cerberus’ forehead, it went down without making a single whimper. ”Heh, I’ve still got it. Now to catch up with the group.”. He placed his bow on his back and made his way to the door, intending to take an alley shortcut back to the square, however his good fortune abruptly came to an end. Four more of the monsters snarled and came out from behind another counter. ”Shit.” He cursed as he backed away from them. He couldn’t take four, not at this close distance. But he was smarter and he could run where they couldn’t. He turned around and darted for the stairs leading to the second level and climbed them faster than he had ever climbed before, within seconds he was on the second level. Window? Window? WINDOW!. He charged towards the open window and leapt out, putting his acrobatic form to good use. He flew over the alley and onto the roof of a single story building on the other side, landing with a roll. The Cerberus were on his tail, but failed to make the jump. Alistair let out a sigh of relief as heard the thuds of them smashing into the side of the building and dropping into the alleyway below.

          ”Now to find my friends.”


            [Puerto de Oro, Acerrae Vatriae]

            [Pride of the Hunter VIII]

            Grigor rolled his jaw as people started to leave the shop, there really wasn't a plan per say. The main priority was to simply get out of the city, however there were two really distinct problems with the plan. The first is, they were a mobile buffet and the second, the town was swarming with denizens that would love to sit at that buffet and have their fill. Though, looking at the two robed men that was in their company, the latter may not be that much of a problem, as they seemed strong enough to cover any weaknesses that the group as a whole had. Even with his discontent with those of the magical flare, he'd wish no actual harm on them. "What? Don't look at me like that, I'm fine with it." he mumbles while Fenrir simply yawned at his statement. Pulling herself up she pushed on his hand while she walked toward the door as the rest of the people filed out.

            "Fine, fine I'm coming." Grigor snorts pulling himself off the counter after he spat the chewed leaf out. Then looking over the Cerberus he motions for it to follow, "Come on beast, you're coming with me." he commands while walking toward the exit. The three heads of the hound pulled their gaze to him, then the door and they almost started to growl in defiance, they quickly realize however that they are covered in the scent of these humans, without a single trace of blood. Evil knows evil, so they would be targets of their own kind as well. So begrudgingly they too follow this human, at least for now.

            -A Bit Later-

            Evil isn't like anything else in the known world, it in itself is a malicious beast, even to it's own ilk. That, however, isn't to say that evil won't pool it's powers to deal with a powerful threat of good. No, on these occasions evil rises to the challenge, and Cerberus were abominations born in the fiery brimstone lined pits of hell, they had power and ability unlike the evil that was found in the natural world. The powerful aura of the cloaked men hung in the air like the musk of death, in fact for the evil that now called this town home, was far more pungent and drove these beast to begin to self cannibalize and collapse their power in on itself. A new horror built out of desperation, was about to befall this town as the hundreds of Cerberus that were roaming the streets became a few dozen.

            -With Grigor-

            The Beastmaster was the first to notice that the Ranger was gone, so he took it on himself to peel off from the group and go and find him, "That idiot is going to get himself killed." he spat as he turned a corner walking back down toward the shop they once hid in. A dark growl catches his attention as another Cerberus stalks from the darkness. Grigor reaches for his whip but the beast is slain from above with a well placed arrow just moments before Alistair plopped down in front of him. Exhaling sharply Grigor nods, "Th.... RUN!"

            From behind a building a much larger, more feral looking Cerberus stepped, unlike the pups that were about the size of large dogs, this beast was half the size of the house it walked from behind. This was a Cerberus adolescent.


              Gregory spotted the large Cerberus Boss approaching. It's foot completely crushing a house as its heads roared.One of the heads caught a glimpse at the party running and spit lava infront of their path separating them from the two strong party members briefly. Shortly afterwards the beast roughed itself between two buildings and onto the main path.

              "You can do it guys!! Just believe! Anything is possible!" they yelled across the lava stream encouraging the party to fight.

              "Easy for you to say!" Greg yelled back. The Cerebus gave one final roar releasing a massive heat wave. It's breath smelled of carbon dioxide.


              Immediately Gregory went into battle mode. There was no time to run, surely a massive beast like this would catch up to them easily. "FIGHT OR DIE!" he yelled at the top of his lungs in spirit. Unfallen transformed from a bracelet into a staff in which Gregory held firmly. He made a dash from the group and headed towards the Cerberus attracting an extreme amount of aggro. The Cerberus began running furiously.

              "IMPRECOR!" he shouted spinning his staff within the air before smashing it into the ground releasing a great deal of magical power. The ground beneath the Cerberus was now cursed. Due to its weakened state, the weight of the Cerberus caused the ground to crumble trapping the legs of the Cerberus stunning it briefly. He quickly looked back at the others.

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              [Gregory Marsh]


                Blackrose's attention was captured immediately. She joined up with Gregory and faced the boss with a fighting stance, as a choir of her undead followers started to sing in Latin for the intensity of the fight. She tossed a flurry of her poison knives at the dog, followed up with the poison spell, "Inficio!" which launched a poisonous cloud at it, then she drank an invisibility potion and backed into the shadows.


                  Blackrose fired a couple of the poison knives at the large mutt successfully hitting one of its heads. The Cerberus snapped and growled loudly surely in pain. "Infico" was uttered afterwards. A wispy cloud of poison fired from Rose towards the target. She disappeared.

                  Gregory looked over at the cloud and smiled a bit at the intensity of the action. Gregory stood high and mighty..full of confidence. Pointing his staff towards the poison cloud he shouted "Caeco!" A dark cloud rushed from the the crystal on his staff towards the poison cloud.

                  The two clouds began to merge increasing in both size and magical power. It hovered over the angry Cerberus that was now breaking its way free. "FUSION SPELL..." Gregory's staff glowed as he dropped it from pointing at the cloud to the beast. "ACID RAIN" the sticky particles from Gregory's spell attached themselves to the gas particles of Blackroses's forming tiny droplets....then....they fell. The Cerberus was showered with poison inflicting pain to its limbs and stinging it's skin lowering its defense. Some particles crowded around its eyes, sticking to them like glue causing blurry vision as well. The heads yelled in pain and and began hitting themselves on the ground, nearby buildings, and each other. It collapsed and still struggled to get its hind legs free as it clawed the ground to remove itself from the trap.

                  Gregory looked back again slightly panting. Surely Luciano would be able to dodge the rain droplets and lay massive damage on the boss. The mages should be able to help as well. They needed to use this massive opportunity. Gregory gestured for the pirate to stay back for now.

                  [Gregory Marsh]


                    Alistair watched from a nearby rooftop with Grigor as the party battled the larger Cerberus. When it hit the ground he flew into action himself. "Looks like it's time for us to jump in on the fun, eh beastmaster?" Pulling out several arrows in the process, he leaped off the building and onto the creature's back. He began running up the monster while firing arrows into it's spine as he made his way to it's three heads. He jumped again at it's neck, doing a corkscrew in midair so he was facing the beast when he fell in front it's face. He let lose three more arrows into the foreheads of each one of them. The beast whined in pain, but still wasn't down for the count. As it struggled with the magic the mages had laid on it, Alistair regarded his fellow fighters. "Looked like a good time to jump in. No pun intended." He gave a grin as he drew three more arrows and turned back towards the monster, who was beginning to shake off the low level spells it was inflicted with.


                      Cirrus was running from the moment that everybody left the store. When he saw the Cerberus behemoth that broke its way through the building they were just in, he started really running. What stopped him was one of the mages, Gregory, proclaiming that they had to fight or die. He knew it was true, too, because that monster could easily outrun its prey. Maybe some could escape as the rest were being devoured; Cirrus wouldn't accept that.

                      He turned and faced the monster as the ground underneath it turned to rubble and took away the beast's footing. He was preparing to Jump as the poison cloud became poison droplets and clung to the beast. He watched as the beast's heads thrashed about, causing chaos and mayhem around them. Then, he made his move. He Jumped into the air, well above the monster's natural height, and gripped his spear for the ride down. The leftmost head slammed into the ground and ground the outer half of its face against the gravel chunks, trying to clean itself. Cirrus targeted that head and landed his blow on the fleshy part of its neck just short of its jaw. The whole blade of Cirrus' spear sank in, and he could feel an unpleasant vibration as the lightning attribute shocked both the cerberus and his own hands, a little bit. Cirrus wrenched the spear out, then hopped off of the head and back to the general crowd of the other fighters- and away from the acid spell.

                      "I figured it'd be a good time to dro-"
                      "Looked like a good time to jump in. No pun intended."

                      Cirrus didn't finish his thought.
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                        "Celero."As the poisonous rain droplets showered down on the adolescent Cerberus, Luciano wasted no time in swooping in for kill. The assassin pulled out a dagger and sprinded from the back of the party towards his target, who was writhing in pain from the poison. In one or two seconds he was on top of the squirming beast, dashing across it's body, dealing lightning-fast stabs to each of it's eyes.

                        Squelch, and the sound of a howling Cerberus was all that was heard Luciano hopped off of the Cerberus, showing no signs of being rained on by poison. The beast was blinded and was rendred even more easy to take care of, the fluids from it's mangled eye lids dripped to the floor as it howled in pain. He had done his part, and now it was up to the rest to finish the beast off.


                          As Luciano gouged the beast's eyes out Alistair rushed in towards it, the beast stumbled as it violently thrashed about. The ranger went into a slide when he got close to it, releasing two arrows into the bottom of it's center head's throat and another two into it's chest. He scrambled to get free of it's body as it toppled into the ground, howling in rage and pain with blood gushing from the wounds in it's throat. But it was a tough beast. Almost immediately it began to climb back to it's feet. The mage, ranger, and Assassin were keeping it down but their attacks weren't heavy enough to kill the beast due entirely to it's massive size. Alistair realized it quickly and yelled out towards the Pirate and Paladin. "We have to it it harder! The rest of us can keep it distracted but you two with the large weapons have to end it!" He drew three more arrows and held them at the ready as he waited for another opportunity to fill it with more holes.


                            Too small. The Hellfish casts aside a longsword. Hes rummaging through the weapons shop for a killing instrument worthy of this fight. Still too small he casts aside a warhammer. eh...whats this now?" he spots something more to his liking. Theres a note next to it. It reads: "Dear Chef: I must once more advise that Stir-Fried Gargant is a terrible idea for a dish. But if you insist upon pursuing your more...exotic...culinary visions, this should seve your needs. I can contract for engineering if you need a steambot to use it; don't imagine you have a man who can lift the bloody thing. -Smitty-. "Bwaha! Bwahahahahaha!!! The Hellfish laughs a most daunting laugh and hefts a proposterously oversized Meat Cleaver. Its so big he has to use both hands. He kicks down the shop door, hoists the cleaver overhead, and shouts "FOR FUDZY!!!!!" With that shout-out to his dearly departed First Mate he charges forward, running at and underneath the giant Cerebrus with his obnoxiously large weapon still hoisted overhead and slicing its underbelly from neck to navel.
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                              The massive Cerberus gives a final roar before collapsing. Each head silenced from the final blow. Gregory giving a quick breath of relief while resting on his staff for a moment. The Cerberus burst into magical particles and the lava which was once blocking the group's path hardened to stone.

                              "Great job guys" Greg said clapping. "Great Job indeed! But quickly we have no time to waste" commented Xu-Shen gesturing for the group to continue without break. Gregory followed.

                              [Gregory Marsh]


                                Song of the Moment
                                The Decisive Battle
                                by The Black Mages

                                [Plot Progression]

                                The entire group gave a sigh of relief as the huge beast crashed to the ground, loosing one final blood gurgling howl as it's heads smashed into the concrete, falling silent as blood gushed from the now lifeless corpse. Within moments it's body burst into particles and returned into the ether from wince it came. Gregory Marsh clapped and congratulate the team on a hard earned victory. "Great Job indeed! But quickly, we have no time to waste." Xu-Shen interrupted their victory, commenting that they should quickly vacate the city. "We've got to head through the square in order to reach the eastern city gates. We're not far now. But we shouldn't dawdle here any longer than necessary." He quickly ushered the group toward the wreckage of the town's center.

                                It was only a few moments before they reached it. The sight was still just as unsettling as before. Buildings collapsed, a dozen corpses strewn about the landscape, and the overwhelming odor of death and sulfur. Xu-Shen and Ju-Long wasted no time crossing the opening with the group trailing closely behind. But about midway through Ju-Long came to a sudden stop. "Something isn't right." The ground began shaking rhythmically as if something huge were coming. Two of the large adolescent Cerberus suddenly burst through buildings rushing right towards them. They completely ignored, the group however. Simply leaping over them and running out towards the ocean. Following behind them was a true monster. Towering over the buildings around it, at least 20 meters tall. A fully grown Cerberus emerged from the ruins of the castle, crushing everything in it's way. It roared at it approached the town square, the very heat of it's breath igniting the tattered banners from the celebration.

                                Ju-Long instinctively pulled his sword and charged the beast, he leaped into the air but before he could even swing his blade the beast swatted him to the ground like a fly. "JU-LONG!" Xu-Shen screamed as he too rushed in. "Ut est ipsum infernum duratus auctoritate mea!" Ice erupted from the beasts mouth as Xu-Shen's spell took effect. He jumped up and hit the beast square in the face. It staggered slightly but was nearly unphased. The ice shattered as it spewed forth lava, narrowly missing Xu-Shen. He rolled and leaped again, but was too slow. The beast pinned him to the ground with a paw and roared, it's mouth glowing once again.

                                "Not today!" Ju-Long seemingly came from nowhere, slicing deep into the monster's leg. He grabbed Xu-Shen and they both retreated back to the group. "He's tough." Xu-Shen said as he wiped blood from his mouth. "We're all going to have to hit it as hard as we can to put it down." He smirked as he looked back towards the group. "It's your lucky day, it's not often you get to put down the guardian of hell."


                                  Meanwhile, Blackrose was sneaking a shit load of explosives onto the battlefield. She was going to blow up the boss, disregarding the collateral damage. She was still invisible. Soon all the leveling would belong to her!


                                    "HEY YOU...CATCH!!!!!" Captain Hellfish sets aside his cleaver, and opens the fight by chucking one of the explosive barrels that has seemingly just appeared out of nowhere for no god-damn reason. The fiery explosion does nothing to the hulking should be expected from a beast that eats hellfire and spits lava. The concussive blast seems to have some mild stunning effect though. More importantly, the beast is now focused on the bulky pirate. Just as planned. "OI...THAT'S RIGHT; DEATH COMES FOR YEH!!!" The pirate chucks more barrels and taunts the creature. He is purposefully making himself a hate-magnet, to draw attacks away from his squishier comrades. "YER MOTHER WAS A POODLE AND YER FATHER SMELLS" Amidst his barrel chucking and taunting, Captain Hellfish accidentally grabs hold of something soft and femininely curved and unseen. And before he realizes why this is, he's chucking the barrel that Blackrose was moving straight at the Big Bad Boss...Blackrose and all...
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                                      Having been groped by a very strong pirate and chucked at the monstrosity while holding an explosive barrel, Blackrose blinked stupidly, the whole event happening way too fast. She twirled through the sky, invisible, and eventually gained hold of her senses. "Oh Gods I'm flying!!" She panicked, hugging the barrel, and then had an idea. She pushed it down to fall towards the boss's paw so she wouldn't get blown up and grabbed the whip she thankfully bought earlier, and swung it dog-ward, wrapping the whip around one of its jagged fangs and swinging onto a rooftop Indiana Jones style. She lost a whip but was OK and kinda out of breath and traumatized.


                                        [Puerto de Oro, Acerrae Vatriae]

                                        [Pride of the Hunter IX]

                                        it wasn't often that the Beastmaster would think that he was absolutely useless in a fight. It was an even rarer occurrence that he was admitting it to himself, yet this is where we find Grigor as the entire group fell from the frying pan into the very fires below it. If the adolescent Cerberus was a road block for them, than this beast was why the roadblock was erected in the first place. There are few people in this world that Grigor would back down from and even less beasts, yet this abomination of hell itself was on nigh edge of making him want to follow the two adolescent beasts into the drink behind him. Why? Well, that was a simple question to answer, see Grigor had nothing in his repertoire to aid in the battle with this beast. Maybe, just maybe if he took his sister's advice and used an ax over a knife, he might be able to do more than be a snack for this adult Cerberus.

                                        At this rate, even if Fenrir was fully healthy and able bodied, his normal tactics would do little more than piss it off. "What do you mean? Of course I'm not..." Grigor is interrupted in mid sentence as Captain Hellfish started to lob explosive barrels at the beast, though it did little more than stun the giant monster. Through the mad man's ramblings though, the Beastmaster is struck with a spark of inspiration. "That's it!" Grigor muses to himself as he turned to his canine companion. Though, to his surprise only a dotted, blinking, outline of the timber wolf was where she once stood. "Now where did you get.." Grigor's jaw hit the ground as Fenrir bolted toward the towering beast at full stride, was she trying to get herself killed? Fenrir had smelt Blackrose who was now on her way to the Cerberus via explosive taxi.

                                        She peels off, however, as Rose is able to save herself darting into the darkness as the massive beast roars with each explosive it's pelted with. With his little sister out of harms way Grigor jogged up to the Pirate Captain. "If I can distract the beast, do you think you can hammer it hard enough to injure it?" the question was of course rhetorical as Grigor began to walk away anyway. See, if you have nothing to actually add to the battle, and none of your skills are effective, especially if the terrain itself was against you. Your job was simple, make sure the people that could fight got their chances, so that meant you had to be the bait. "Hello beasty." he chuckles to himself as he pulled both gloved hands to his mouth.

                                        Pulling down on his lips almost painfully Grigor lets a whistle rip, though the other people around couldn't hear it. No, this whistle was too high pitched for humans to hear, but the Cerberus shook all it's heads violently as the eye shine of hundreds of eyes started to appear in the darkness of the rubble around them. "I'm Grigor Starag, Beastmaster!" he shouts loudly while he pulled his whip off his side. Pulling it to the right the weapon cracks furiously while he pulled his blade and in that very instant just as he started to charge the monster, the square is flooded with rats and mice that were following his charge.

                                        They weren't the strongest of animals but in swarms they could be more than simply annoying, another crack of the whip as the Beastmaster ducked around a paw with his name on it sends the vermin on the large hound. Even as lava eats them up by the dozens the rats swarm the large hound ripping and tearing away focusing on the gash that Ju-Long had left.


                                          "Hah! That's a good trick lad!" Captain Hellfish hates rats. Rats invade ships. Rats ruin foodstuffs. Rats shit all over the decks and quarters and spread rat diseases. The only thing more satisfying then seeing dozens of them burn alive is seeing them do some damage while they're at it. Grigor gave him an opening and he takes it; he rushes in and chops at a tree-trunk sized leg with his cleaver like a lumberjack felling an oak. He manages to cut down to bone before getting batted aside by a mighty swipe. The cleaver is stuck in the leg and The Captain is disarmed. And scraped and bruised from a rough landing. And bleeding heavily from the swipe marks across his chest and belly. "OI...A LITTLE HELP HERE!?" Some mage support would be great right about now.