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    Xu covered his mouth to contain his laughter at the elf's eagerness to learn the technique. His training to learn it and other fighting techniques from his master was hell, so the thought of seeing anyone else so excited struck him as being very funny. But he was but a boy and his body had to be forged in fire in order to withstand the toll of exerting that much spiritual energy. This lot wouldn't need to be broken down and then built anew like he and Ju-Long were.

    He gave a nod and then a smile as he lifted a finger into the air. "Well, the first thing you have to do is breath deeply." He exaggerated his own breathing to punctuate it. "When you breath out, make sure you force all of the air out of your lungs. When you breath back in deeply it helps to open your spiritual channels to provide a path for the energy to flow." He continued to provide his own example by blowing really hard until his face nearly began to change color from the lack of oxygen and then inhaling very deeply. "But while you're doing this, you have to focus very intently on your spirit." He noticed now that everyone was watching him, but they had a slightly bewildered look about their faces. He had forgotten that the concept of spirit energy was almost exclusive to Nishka now. He tilted his head to one side and placed his hand on his chin, his eyes drifting into the sky. "Pretend like there's a sun inside of you, at your very core. It burns hot and fills your stomach with warmth. Focus on that warm feeling deep inside you while you breath."

    He continued to breath in and out as he had been and moved his hands down to his abdomen. "Then every time you inhale deeply, imagine that warmth spreading from your stomach and into your chest. As you continue breathing, imagine that it keeps spreading throughout your whole body until you can feel it in the tips of your fingers and your toes."

    The faint blue aura began to flow from his shoulders again, seeming to pulse and resonating with his breathing. He smiled again and stopped, causing the aura to disappear. "When you do it right, you don't have to pretend to feel that warm energy though. You'll actually feel it traveling through the channels that your breathing opened. Once you see that energy flowing from your pores, you've done it! Practicing is vital to learning and mastering this technique, though. Luckily, we're on our way to a temple that might provide the perfect atmosphere to do it."
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      It's the lightning energy stuff they used in Jojo parts 1 and 2

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      Ah, well any similarities are unintentional. lol. I based the appearance off of Limit Breaks in Advent Children and just lifted the breathing stuff from that ancient chi stuff from Chinese mythology. :p

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      Lol I just thought it was a funny coincidence. Hamon is pretty much a power that relies on controlled breathing. I had to make the joke regardless

    [Adamus Mundi]
    |A Land as Timeless as the Ice|
    [What Does Not Kill You … ]

    Grigor turned his attention to the hold of the ship as the pullies began to squeak and groan. From below the deck their injured allies were hoisted above deck. Fenrir lay on the platform next to Alistair, following his orders without hesitation. The crewmen, including himself, converged on the injured to help ferry them into town where transport and Kriss waited. As the platform steadied Fenrir pulled her nose to the air and took in several deep breaths, getting herself familiar with the area, and possibly help hunt them down something to eat. Grigor lightly chuckled to himself, it was amazing that she thought with her stomach as much as he did. He also enjoyed such a moment of levity in such dire times. Levity would likely become more of a rarity as they fought forward.

    Walking along the Elf woman they picked up in the Basilisk cave, Serapha, pushed Xu on the technique that he used to drive the Dragoon off. This intently interested Grigor as well, especially when Xu mentioned that it was a technique that his people naught often spoke of out of their own circles. Grigor narrowed on his focus, much like he did when he was concentrating on a beast with the intent to tame. This allowed him to push all other things to the side and allow him to pick up on subtilties that those unfamiliar with the technique wouldn’t notice. When he focused on an animal he picked up on the small warning signs of attack or the slight motions of compliance. This allowed Grigor to listen in as if he was closer to the conversation, even while close to the back with Fenrir and Alistair.

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      Luciano took notice of the faint blue flames that began to emit from Xu-Shen's body. Taking notice of the stunned silence that came over the group, he decided to use that as an opportunity to speak up and change. "Impressive ability." He said as he began to abruptly steer the conversation. "While I haven't mentioned this to anyone as of yet due to... outside circumstances, I'm sure that some of you have realized by now that two of our sailors went missing around the time the Dragoon attacked." Luciano continued without waiting for a response. "Well a stowaway that was hiding out on the ship killed them, and now I have reason to believe that there are a separate group from the ones that took the crystals that are after us."


        [Plot Progression]
        Song of the Moment
        Buried in the Snow
        A Melancholy Tribute by TPR

        "Somebody else coming after us?" Xu looked at Luciano with a puzzled expression. "Have any of you done anything that would warrant that since we left Posada de Oro?" Nobody spoke up, it would seem that they weren't sure why another group would be after them... Or if they did, nobody was willing to say it. Xu simply put his hands up and shrugged his shoulders after several moments of silence. "We'll just have to be careful and be on guard. Perhaps if someone makes a move against us we can subdue and interrogate them for answers."

        As they rounded a corner on the outskirts of Frystheim they saw two chocobo driven carriages, with Kriss leaning against one of them. The northerner nodded his head slightly as the group approached them. Xu's eyes immediately widened and almost seemed to glisten as he stared at the large, fluffy, white birds in front of them. He rushed over to one of them and began petting at it's neck as the others began to load Cirrus, Alistair, and Ju-Long into one of the carriages. "Just look at these guys! They're wonderful! So fluffy and as white as the snow!" The eastman was clearly excited, he continued petting on the bird as he pulled a green from his satchel and held it up to it's beak. The chocobo kwehed softly before taking the green and gobbling it down quickly. "These are good birds." He said, almost giggling.

        At that point, the others had finished piling themselves into the second carriage and they were ready to set off. Xu climbed on the front of one wagon and took the reigns while Kriss climbed the other. The viking took the lead, pushing his chocobo forward. The path leading into the mountains was already perilous, the wheels of the carriage slid at times as it rolled over patches of ice. As they began climbing Dragen Heights it only became worse. The path was narrow, even with the carriage close enough to the mountain side to occasionally brush into it there was only inches of clearance on the other side to prevent them from falling to their deaths. Then an hour into the slow, arduous journey, the fogs began to set in. Adamas Mundi was a cold, frozen wasteland. But the skies were often clear and the sun beat down relentlessly on the terrain. In the higher elevations this resulted in dense fog from evaporating ice. Kriss was forced to slow his carriage nearly to a crawl. The chocobos inched forward cautiously for a while, taking great care not to misstep and send the group tumbling off the side of the mountain.

        Finally, after two and a half hours they reached the final leg. Kriss brought his carriage to a complete stop, the fogs had cleared some, allowing him to see out ahead across a wide gap. The viking looked into the back of the carriage and cautioned them loudly enough for Xu-Shen to hear in the carriage behind. "This part will be rough, but do not fear! These chocobo know how to handle it. Eastman! Let your bird do as it needs, do not try to control her." The viking pushed his bird forward, the chocobo took a step off into the air and lurched forward quickly. The carriage followed suite, sliding down a steep slope at high speed. The chocobo spread it's massive wings out and dug it's claws into the ice as it glided down the slope gracefully, using it's wings to keep itself balanced. After what felt like a terrifying lifetime, the chocobo and carriage finally began to slow down as the slope leveled out and the frigid ice turned into soft snow with Xu-Shen and his carriage following close behind. The two chocobo shook the snow and ice from their wings and kwehed softly as Kriss regained his senses from the sudden decrease in elevation.

        Ahead of them was a most curious sight, a lake and snow covered beach to the west and to the east, a massive temple carved into the mountainside.
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          Kriss rose the caravan closer to the entrance to the temple and hopped off on front of the giant doors. They were adorned with carved brass figures depicting dragons, serpents, deer, lions, and other creatures. He looked around at the sheer cliffs surrounding them on each side and looked up at the hole the surrounding cliffs made so high up. It let in enough light, but the whole area was dim. They were definitely secluded in this part of the mountain. Kriss wasted no time walking up to the door and yelling at the top of his lungs to those who were inside.

          ”I am Kriss Fjelløve! The Lion of the Mountain! I have come with my companions to seek refuge among the Shamans of Dragen, as I did many years ago when I was awarded this axe! Many of us are wounded terribly and we have an important quest to help quiet the terrible unrest in this world!”

          Silence. Everybody sat in anticipation of what might happen next, but several seconds passed without incident. Suddenly, the doors shook and creaked as they slowly opened up, revealing three figures standing in the doorway. They were very tall, and lean. Each one was wearing a featureless mask with eyeholes carved from a bluish, translucent stone. They wore dark blue robes with minor gold accents and had wide sleeves with which they put their opposing arms into, leaving their hands unable to be seen. They each wore long ponytails down their back and simple black boots.

          Lion of the Mountain, you have returned to your homeland after so many years, it seems. I am Shaman Aslaug. I was the one who bestowed you that axe after you endured the trials to earn it... and then took it away from it’s homeland.” The shaman in the middle was speaking, he had a gray ponytail and a deep voice that was clearly tinged with some contempt at Kriss’ presence.
          “And you have defiled it with the undead, as well as used it as a mere tool, looking at the blade. It is a sacred artifact, as you are aware.”

          ”Yes, it has been many years and yes, I have fought undead with my sacred blade. However, the world-“

          We are aware of the state of the world, Lion of the Mountain. It is for that reason and others that we will allow your companions to rest and heal here. We are normally not so permissive of... outsiders. But these are extraordinary circumstances. Come, gather into the main hall and sit at the longtable. We will bring in your wounded.”

          Kriss nodded and beckoned the others to follow him into the temple. It was hewn stone inside, with vaulted ceiling reaching up several meters and several candles and fireplaces illuminating the structure. The several dozen other masked shaman stood around and watched the party as they followed Kriss to a large stone table in the middle of the sizable room, and sat down at it. The ones who were too wounded were carried on stretchers and laid onto the table in a row and the giant doors were closed behind them. Once everyone was accounted for, the shaman from earlier addressed the party at the table.

          ”I must deliberate with my brethren before we can proceed. I will be back in a while. Please wait here until then, Shaman Stil and Shaman Yolanda will bring you all tea.”

          he left the party at the table, surrounded by the other shaman who stood back and watched in silence.
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            Blackrose leaned back in her seat while she looked around at everyone else who were quiet. Man, what a serious atmosphere. She tilted her head backward over her seat so she was looking at the surrounding shaman upside down. "You guys come here often?" She asked.
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              [Through the Snow Covered Mountains]
              |The Road Least Traveled|

              [Caravan Onward!]

              It wasn’t often that Grigor was surprised by animals that he saw, the rare occasions usually involved rarer species of the animals he was used to. In this case the White Chocbos peeked his interest, just as much as they seemed to draw the Eastman. It was the first time he seen this level of, er, excitement from the man. It was almost as if Xu had become a child and was almost cooing over the fowls. Which if not for the gravity of the situation the Beast Master would have found knee slappingly hilarious. At least Xu’s outburst made him less likely to do it himself and saved the Beast Master some embarrassment.

              His attention, however, is quickly drawn from the Chocobos to Alistair as the crewman he was aiding pulled the stretcher they were carrying toward the other carriage almost causing Grigor to trip. Luckily, he was able to catch his footing. Soon enough they had everyone loaded and had departed toward this temple that Kriss had spoken of, to get aid for the injured. The trip, aside from an exhilarating plummet toward the end, was rather mundane to the point small talk even seemed pointless. So Grigor passed the time by grooming Fenrir, getting the blood and matted fur from the battle the day before cleaned. It wasn’t long after the ride turned roller coaster that they arrived at their destination.

              A massive temple carved from the very mountain that protected it. Grigor was in awe over what he saw and didn’t even notice that it took some time for Kriss’ call to be answered. When it was though, the monks seemed displeased with the man, though they still took them in. The group was taken to a large room with an equally large table of stone. The three stretchers were placed on this table and the Monk that had addressed them earlier again spoke, telling them that he had to deliberate with his brethren and that tea would be served in the meantime. Grigor took the opportunity and sat close to Xu,

              So, how bad is it back home?

              The question seemed innocent enough to those around them, but Xu knew that he was being grilled.


                Xu leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head while he plopped his boots down on the table in front of him. He stretched out and yawned as the group waited in the hall silently. The air was stagnant, it was if the temple had been sealed for years. The harsh silence and stale air were beginning to make him pretty sleepy and he was considering shutting his eyes for a few minutes until the beastmaster broke the silence.

                "So how bad is it back home?"

                Xu-Shen's eyes darted to the man sitting beside him. The western tribes of Ignotas were so seclusive that sometimes it was easy to forget that they, too, occupied the lands of that country.

                "I honestly don't know much, friend. Ju and I haven't been back since the Kingdom of Aramoor fell to Astaroth's army." He repositioned himself, dropping his feet to the ground, placing his elbows on the table, and resting his chin on his hands. "We don't have a lot of contact anymore. Last Ju-Long and I heard, Astaroth had sent his army to Arkala to seek revenge on the people that cast him out. I also recall rumors that one of your people's clans were trying to spread their territory in the absence of threat from Nishka or Arkala."


                  [Temple of Dragen]
                  |Shadows of the Future|

                  [Our Occulted History]

                  Grigor cut his gaze from the Eastman, seemed that Xu-Shen was just in the dark as he was about the goings on back at their home. His unease at the answer causes minor worry with Fenrir who whimpered while laying next to him. Though the news that one of the tribes had made a move at expansion surprised him, and he wondered to himself if his sister had made a move on land. The followed footsteps of their Grandfather before them. It was well known within the tribes that the Behemoths were war like, but that move would cause outrage, there was peace made.

                  Of course, that could explain why those three where in Puerto de Plata, maybe they were sending a message to his sister, and not giving him a message from her. The winds of war were defiantly against them, and though he didn’t know these places that Xu had mentioned, it was an ill omen for their travels. This was troubling indeed, but he’d not dwell on it here, there were after all more pressing matters at hand. Like Xu, Grigor placed his arms on the large stone table, though allowed his forearms to rest instead of propping his head up. Hopefully the tea that would be soon served would help ease the tension, though he doubted it deeply.

                  If all the crystals give the kind of power we saw from that Dragoon, we can’t afford to lose another.

                  Grigor’s statement wasn’t made toward anyone, simply said aloud to help clear his mind.


                    Volt looked at the ground, his face was of doubt and worries. He clenched his fists as he looked towards the other party members, before looking at Xu-Shen.

                    He asked the man, "I need to ask you, how do we know that they don't already have the last two crystals? The past two times we were Attacked, we hardly scratched any of those people..... I must suggest we try launching a retaliation against these Villains."
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                    Originally posted by Gawayn;n109223
                    And Hercules can be any class but Caster. Except he can. If he wore a robe and was beating people with a staff, would you argue with him?


                      "The last two crystals are protected by the royal families of Adamas Mundi and Tierra Prometida." Xu replied while turning his gaze to Volt. "He managed to secure the other two crystals because nobody expected an attack and had their guards down due to The Crystal Requiem. Queen Igna and King Leandro will have taken measures to guard them now. I don't think they can stop Astaroth on their own, but it will at least buy some time."

                      While Xu was speaking, one of the side doors opened and several more shaman stepped out carrying multiple pots of tea and enough glasses for the group, filling the room with faint scents of mint and vanilla. They quickly placed the teapots and glasses on the table and made their leave just as swiftly as they came in. Xu took one of the pots and poured himself a glass. Steam rose wistfully from his cup as he brought it to his mouth and sipped on it.

                      "Ultimately, we just have to hope we get to the Water and Earth crystals before they do."


                        Blackrose poured herself some tea, taking in the sweet smell before having a sip. "Mm~ who made this? Can I give them a hug?"


                          Originally posted by Chaos Theory View Post
                          If all the crystals give the kind of power we saw from that Dragoon, we can’t afford to lose another.
                          In the presense of this imposing mountain temple, an odd though occurs to Hellfish.

                          "Oi--so the ol' legends. Crystals and Gods and whatnot. They be more than legends. There's power in them thar tales."

                          They were outmatched by the abilities employed against them on their voyage north and survived by little more than dumb luck--all bluster and bravado aside, that much is plain to him.

                          "Dunno about you lads--but I don't fancy going into another fight where the limey bastard tryin' to kill us is throwin' around that kind of power, and we be sittin' around thumb-up-the-arsed. Temple here's got a patron god--giant fekkin' bear spirit. I seen the carvings. Whats a man gotta do to get his favor?"

                          In what may or not be an act of impiety that already puts Hellfish on the path to being highly disfavored in the eyes of this local folk diety, he opens his whiskey flask and dumps a hearty shot of hard liquor into his cup of sacred tea before partaking of the brew.
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                            [Temple of Dragen]
                            |Of Gods, Men, and Mice|

                            [A Most Uncommon Ground]

                            Grigor poured himself a cup of tea, just as Xu and Blackrose. However, instead of partaking as quickly as those two, he simply looked at the steaming cup for a moment or two as the Hellfish thought on what had been spoken on up to this point. Not that Grigor paid any mind to the Captain’s newfound pension to think instead of act, no the Beastmaster was in his own world wanting simply nothing more than to smoke. Though he didn’t know if that’d be allowed on what was probably hallowed ground to the monks here.

                            So, he instead simply took his pipe out and placed it in his mouth, his thumb inserted into the bowl as not to tempt himself to fill it and light it. As he reflected inwardly further on what Xu had said about their home he reached for the tea, it was at that moment that the Captain decided to make his thoughts known, now that he had mulled them over for a moment or three.

                            Originally posted by Post-Crisis Shob View Post
                            "Dunno about you lads--but I don't fancy going into another fight where the limey bastard tryin' to kill us is throwin' around that kind of power, and we be sittin' around thumb-up-the-arsed. Temple here's got a patron god--giant fekkin' bear spirit. I seen the carvings. Whats a man gotta do to get his favor?"
                            Grigor cut his glance toward the Hellfish, and he agreed with the man. Gaining the favor of a deity would offer a great Boon to the team, it’d be just icing on the proverbial cake if it were indeed a Bear.

                            The Captain makes a good point, I too would like to gain the favor of this god bear.


                              "We'll just have to be careful and be on guard. Perhaps if someone makes a move against us we can subdue and interrogate them for answers.", Xu-Shen answered.

                              Luciano simply nodded and continued walking alongside the group, Xu-Shen's response putting him more at ease. Even then, there was still a feeling of uncertainty that he couldn't shake.

                              For the rest of the trip to the temple, Luciano didn't say a word. Keeping to himself for the entirety of the trip. When the group finally arrived to the mountain temple, the young man's mind still drifted away, it was only until Kriss announced his presence to the shamans that lived there that Luciano snapped back to reality. While the male had a more than slight disinterest in the conversation between the two parties, there was one detail that piqued his interest. The shamans mentioned something about a sacred artifact that was in Kriss' possession. His eyes scanned the Viking, and took notice of the man's battleaxe that seemed to have been imbued with some sort of elemental properties. Even to an untrained eye such as his, he could tell that there was something special about that axe, and that maybe there were more weapons of that caliber stored in the temple. Luciano took a mental note of this. Maybe this information could prove to be useful to him in the near future.

                              The group was sat down at a large stone table and tea was offered. Luciano kept silent as the group conversed, discussing their options moving forward. The assassin simply sat back and poured himself a cup, taking time to enjoy this moment of respite.
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                                Kriss waved away his cup, he didn’t like the vanilla very much.
                                “That’s not a bear.” He pulled out a skin of rum from the ship and took a sip. He coughed violently, causing the shaman serving the tea to sharply look at him. He could feel the shaman’s gaze from behind her mask.
                                ”The Lion of the Mountain is correct. That is a carving of Titan, of of the other guardians. He is represented here, but we are servants of Leviathan.” She pointed upward at a massive sone slab on the wall with a carving of a large, serpent-like creatures carved into the whole of it. It dwarfed all the other icons and images in the temple. She turned again to look at Krss who had his head resting on his arm. He was lying on the table, wheezing.
                                ”It seems you have been hiding the severity of your condition, Young Fjelløve.”
                                ”O-oh, Shaman Yolanda. *cough* Y-you know me too well...”
                                “Some things never change, you foolish young man. I will make you an antiseptic tonic.”
                                Kriss’ eyes widened. “P-*cough* please... no... It’s too *cough* bit- *cough*
                                ”I will be back momentarily.”

                                And with that, Shaman Yolanda walked into the other room. The original three shaman walked back into the room and addressed the whole table.
                                “We have deliberated and made a determination. The injured on the stretchers and The Lion of the Mountain will follow us. The rest will follow Shaman Stil into the other room where we will treat any minor wounds and give you all gray robes and boots. While you are in this sacred place, you will adhere to at least that much. We will allow you to stay overnight and you will be on your way tomorrow. You are our guests, and we will assist you in your endeavor.”

                                With that, the two groups split up and went into separate rooms. Kriss followed the procession of carried stretchers through several hallways into a room in the very back. It was a simple,well-lit room of hewn white stone with a large, sunken basin of clear water in the center. Kriss knew this must be the legendary magic spring of Dragen Temple.


                                  Blackrose was actually kind of excited to put on some mystery person robes. For no particular reason. Robes are just cool. And she couldn't wait to put on some new boots. Somewhere along the way she'd scavenged some shitty shoes but they were rough and giving her feet sores. She put on the boots and robe and smiled like a girl in a candy store. "Who am I going to prank with these..." She thought aloud.


                                    The shaman carried Alistair, Cirrus, and Ju-Long into the white, stone room and placed them on another stone table. The shaman quickly pulled their clothes off and took to vigorously cleaning them and Kriss of all the bandages, blood, dirt, and grime that they had amassed during the long journey on the ship. When they felt the men were suitably clean, they robed them in the same, simple, gray robes and then carefully submerged them into the crystal clear water of the basin. As if the water were magic, it began to glow in a soft azure...

                                    -Some Time Ago-

                                    The man in the green cloak slammed a stone cup down angrily with enough force to leave the table trembling afterwards. The open bottle of ale beside the cup hopped and spun precariously before settling down again. He furrowed his brow as he stared his wife down intently. "She has to learn to fend for herself, dammit! She's almost six now, older than I when my father took me hunting for the first time. She's coming with me tomorrow, that's that!." The woman's face flushed red as she stomped to the table. "Just look at you now!" She grabbed the cup he had slammed down and lifted it. It fell apart as soon as she gripped it tightly. "And you expect me to be ok with it when there's nobody there to tell you when it's enough!? What could happen out there!? Last time you almost got yourself killed and you want me to let my baby go with you!?" The man jumped from his chair, getting just inches away from her face. His was just as red as hers now. "And now what?" she said softly as she dropped the pieces of the broken cup onto the table. The man was seething with rage, he clinched his fist tightly. But then he saw her out of the corner of his eye, the little girl had dropped her chocobo toy on the floor and was standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes.

                                    And then darkness, an empty void from which no light could possibly escape.

                                    -Present Day-

                                    The ranger yelled out as he quickly sat up in the water basin. He struggled to catch his breath as he frantically searched the room. Moments later he regained his composure and the memories of the attack flooded into his mind. He clenched at his side, wincing in anticipation of the pain. But there was nothing. He slowly moved his hands away repositioned himself so he could pull the robes up over his side and then looked down at the wound. His eyes widened in disbelief. There was nothing there, not even a scar. He looked around himself again and finally noticed the shamans standing around the basin silently and then he looked beside himself and saw Kriss, Ju-Long, and Cirrus still submerged under the glowing waters.

                                    "You seem confused, green one." One of the faceless men spoke to him. "Your wounds have been healed by the blessing of Leviathan. Soon, the others shall also awake." Alistair watched the strange people curiously for a moment as he pulled the robes back down before speaking again. "Where are we? And who are you?" The masked figure that spoke before pointed to a symbol on the wall behind the basin. "We are the Shaman of Dragen, followers of Leviathan. And you are in our temple of worship. Your friend, The Lion of the Mountain, brought you to us." The ranger's attention drifted to the viking who was beginning to stir awake himself. Just where had he brought them and what is this water?
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                                      Cirrus's eyes popped open, and he choked on the glowing water. He shot up onto his feet as gracefully as a seagull trying to get off its back, then looked around the room with wild eyes. all he could see around him were masked cultists staring him down. He put his fists up to fight his way out of whatever sick ritual this was, when all of a sudden an arm clapped his shoulder. He flinched and turned to see Alistair, wearing the same robes as they, who was telling him to calm down. They weren't in any danger, and they had just gone through healing.

                                      The message barely registered through Cirrus's currently adrenaline-soaked mind. But Alistair kept his arm firmly on the dragoon's robed shoulder, and eventually he came to his senses.

                                      "I... Sorry," Cirrus muttered as he stepped out of the glow. The fact that his legs worked normally was nice, he noted. He stood off to one side and tried to not make eye contact with any of the masks around him.
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                                        Kriss stirred as he let himself stay under the water. He could feel where there was more damage than he had initially assessed; his eyes socket was partially broken, he had a fracture in his skull, his jaw was fractured, his neck was badly sprained, and his scapula was partially dislocated, along with his broken ribs, punctured lung and cracked sternum. The sheer quantity of injuries meant that he was submerged in the spring longer than even Cirrus was, but all at once he got up. He saw the other two standing there in their wet gray robes which were soaked in blood from their injuries.

                                        "Please remain in the spring for a while longer; give it time to fully heal you. Your companion hasn't even regained consciousness." One of the Shamans spoke up.
                                        "I must ask, why are we wearing robes in here? They're soaked through and caked with blood..." Alistair asked, cocking an inquisitive eyebrow.
                                        "You will get fresh robes and these will be rung out into a basin. We will use the water and blood in a ritual we must do after using the healing spring."
                                        Alistair was not quite prepared for that answer.
                                        "We should remain quiet for a while, Ranger. This is a rare honor. Most are not allowed even near these springs, let alone in them. Take some time to think over the events so far and what we must do next. We will not likely get another chance for this level of recovery again any time soon."

                                        With that, the three sat still in the springs as time passed and Ju-Long laid there peacefully. Kriss thought deeply about how it felt to be here again after all these years, and it was bittersweet. He thought back to all those years ago when he was completing the trial for the sacred ax, and the title that would come with it. How, after the fighting, exploring, navigating, and surviving he had to do to, he had to spend two years in this temple, training with the shaman. They had taught him much about other lands and cultures, showed him that there was a bigger world out there. On top of showing him how to fully utilize the power of his weapon, they had also expanded his mind. Little did they know, it was this knowledge that lit a fire of curiosity in Kriss that led to him joining a mercenary group and leaving his home. He had scarcely earned the title The Lion of the Mountain before he had left everything and everyone he'd known behind.

                                        "If you four would follow me, we will be going to the meditation hall." Kriss was stirred out of his thoughts by the Shaman's announcement. How long had they been sitting there? Minutes? Hours? He had not even noticed Ju-Long,who had regained consciousness and was sitting with them. He stood up, feeling somewhat wobbly from sitting i the water so long, and traded his wet rob with the shaman for a dry robe and a pair of simple black boots they were instructed to immediately put on. The four promptly followed the line of shamans into the room where the others were.
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