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    "Right, right~" She said smugly as Cirrus muttered about the ship rocking. She was more than willing to help him up the stairs. When he asked she answered with "Of course! Right foot forward now, let's build those sea legs!" as she kept him stable.


      The morning had turned itself into noon as the members of the ship went about helping where they could. Most were on reinforcement detail, breaking down empty barrels and crates in order to fix any weak points or exposed areas while others were on waterproofing detail, using mops and tar to seal what they could. Beckett had sailed rough waters too many times to take these preparations for granted and he had his whole crew working double-time in order to help his ship stay in tact. The members of the party were helping where they could, as well.
      Alistair was working on determining which provisions were still good, which needed to be tossed, and which needed to be cooked straight away.
      Blackrose was in the crow's nest filling in as the temporary navigator while Bone Crusher was working with the other pirates reinforcing the ship.
      Luciano, wanting to keep to himself, was working as pest exterminator as there had been an infestation of rats on the ship and was going around with a sharpened stick and a bucket. He figured he could cook the rats down into some pretty heinous poison.
      Rayvaath, happy to finally be off medical duty, was cheerfully making bread in the galley with the flour that was on the verge of spoiling, but not quite there yet.
      Cirrus, Grigor, and Don, being injured (or in Don's case, "injured") were also working in the galley, peeling and chopping the vegetables on the brink to be jarred and stored for soups.
      Hellfish was supervising a group, showing them how to make nails from the barrel rings. He was pretending like he didn't absolutely love ship work.
      Serapha had apparently been meditating in one of the cargo area for the last several days. She chalked it up to being encased in stone for the last several decades.
      Volt and Treach were helping unload cargo that was superfluous from the ships cargo holds. They never managed to encounter each other in the bustle.

      The cloaks were dried in the galley near the cooking pot as Kriss conferred with the navigator and the captain about the next course of action.
      "We're less than a quarter of a day out from that giant ice cube, snowman. Any more idears you wanna be givin' before we go into that frozen arsecrack?" Beckett was too busy trying to plan his next course of action to be mad at Kriss at the moment. He decided that he can resume being angry once they were through it.
      "The water gets rough before we get to the entrance, we will want all hands available as soon as we feel it get bad. It is already midday, we should drop sails and move as slowly as possible so that we can begin this task tomorrow. We will not want to be fighting the current in the dark."
      "Drop sails, huh? I can do ye one better. Cartwright!"

      He looked at the navigator as he called his name and the man pulled out an ornate hourglass. Flipping it over, that ship suddenly stopped in place. The flags that were waving now stuck out in the air motionless and the sails kept their form made by the wind, as if they were carved statues.
      "I picked this little item up offa mage in Datsuo. Cost me three holds of treasure, but this ship wont move until we flip it back over. We'll take tonight to rest an' eat and tomorrow mornin', we'll bust backs and break bones keepin' this ship from breakin' to bits. An we won't be doing it with no sails, neither!"
      Kriss nodded as the captain looked over to a nearby crewman.
      "Tell the Eastman to get his people together an' you lot meet up on deck. I gots an announcement to make."

      Ten minutes or so later the entire crew of the ship and the party were assembled on the deck of the ship as the captain stood at the steering wheel with his hands on his hips.
      "Worthless salty scallywags and payin' passengers, I gathered ye all here to let ye all know hows this whole voyage is about to be. As ye with even one eye can see, we ain't movin'. We won't be movin' until wee early mornin' before the sun comes out. Until then, we are all gonna work, eat, and get some sleep. Tomorrow, the lot of ye are gonna help earn yer place on this vessel as we are, allegedly, gonna come across some of the nastiest water this side of the Grimm Islands. I'm no stranger to rough drink, and I know well that rough drink requires rough hands. Deck hands. Sail hands. Fekkin' cannon hands, even! Once this ship is patched, sealed, and kissed goodnight, we're gonna eat up the grub that we been spendin' all day makin' and we're sleepin'! All of ya without any gear for this cold weather we're comin' into can have a cloak from down in the galley. Our friends, the Eastmen, apparently picked up plenty back at port. Now< i don't wanna hear any bellyachin' about any work bein' done. My good pal Xu-Shen reassured me that all the passengers will keep pullin' their weight, too. To my crew, most of us have been sailin' together fer a real long time now, and I been glad to have ye. Don't be starting to get too weepy now, though!! I may jes' be gettin too old and havin' a touch of senile sentimentality! But, we're gonna hafta dig our heels on this one, boys. This ain't gonna be no normal ride through the drink. Now all of ye lazy dogs get to work! We ain't got no more time for lollygaggin'!

      Almost in unison the crew replied with a deafening "Aye, aye, Captain!" and went back to the tasks they were working on before. The party did the same, all feeling a touch inspired by the captain's passion. Night fell quickly and everybody on the ship gathered in or around the galley to eat the large meal that was set before them. Cooked meats, vegetables, fruit skewers, bread rolls, tomato and pepper soup, melted fresh glacier water, and of course, lots of rum. Everybody ate until they were full and ate some more. It was a merry atmosphere full of laughter and song and it lasted until the captain barreled and shouted that anyone not in their bunks in ten minutes would be keel hauled. Everyone on the ship slept deeper than they had the whole voyage. Nine full hours later, everyone was woken by the sound of the bell being rung by the navigator, indicating rough water ahead. The ship was definitely moving again.
      "All hands on deck!! We're in it now, boys!!"
      The captain was bellowing from his position at the wheel, full of excitement and dread as the ship slowly but surely, began getting rocked harder and harder with the rough waves. It began as hard rocking and became more like thew ship was being tossed by a titan! it was more than Beckett had bargained for. Despite the insane motion of the ship, the morning sky was as clear and bright as it had ever been. Was such terrible water even possible without a storm? Every member of the crew scrambled around frantically in order to keep the ship together as they inched closer and closer to the gap in between the two enormous mountains of ice on either side of it. So this was The Roaring Trench. Kriss had been right in his warnings about how dangerous it was. The ship thrashed, but the crew held their ground as they inched closer and closer to the chasm.
      "What do we do when we're inside it, Snowman?"
      "Bear right towards the ice wall and do not shift course, no matter how it looks!"

      They passed into the trench and held to the right as Kriss had said. The water was not nearly as bad inside the trench as it had been near it and they moved forward quickly with a strange draft of cold air that suddenly filled the sails. They held course until they saw a giant, ice spike jutting out of the side of one of the ice wall that they were heading straight towards.
      "Adjust to starboard! Don't hit that ice!"
      "NO!" Kriss screamed out. "Hold course or we will capsize the ship!"
      "Yer mad!! We are going straight towards that frozen skewer! It's bigger than the boat!"
      "You are going to have to trust me, captain!"

      Beckett glared at Kriss witha dark expression, but knew that he had kept him so far for this very reason. He gave the order to hold and watched with wide eyes as they sailed closer and closer to the ice spike. when they were close enough to nearly reach out and touch it, the ship swung away from the spike quickly, following a natural channel cut into the water. Beckett looked back and saw beside the channel was a massive dropoff and at the bottom of it were the remains of several ships that had been fallen down it, destroying them. They had stayed left to avoid the ice. He looked back at Kriss with a mildly approving expression, but Kriss looked back with a serious one.
      "Don't drop your guard yet, captain. This is just the beginning."
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        Alistair found himself with Blackrose in the crow's nest, by recommendation of Hellfish. "Ain't never saw a man wit an eye better than his." He boisterously touted during dinner the previous night. A nice gesture, though he felt somewhat unwelcome since it meant kicking Bone Crusher to the deck and tasking him with scraping ice.

        Regardless, Alistair did as he was asked. After the ship narrowly avoided certain doom at the end of a large protruding spike of ice, he took the glass he shared with Blackrose and surveyed the seas ahead. Waters were incredibly choppy and small chunks of free-floating ice littered their path. Those would merely be pushed aside as the ship passed, his job was to spot the pieces that weren't just floating on top.

        Normally, his eyes were trained to look for movement against a backdrop of still scenery, this was different. Now he was looking for stillness against scenery chocked full of chaos. To say it was difficult was an understatement, but it wasn't unmanageable. "Two meter berg, thirty degrees off the starboard bow!" he called down below, with the ship adjusting course so it would miss the chunk of ice. After verifying there weren't any visible hazards closeby, he handed the spyglass to Blackrose and then pulled his cloak tightly while mumbling to himself. "Damnable cold'll be the death of me."


          Blackrose took the glass that Alistair passed to her and looked through it to keep up the watch. "Just have some more rum, it'll keep yer insides warm." She passed a half a bottle of rum to him, laughing to herself. "You'll need it to get through this shit too!"


            The ranger shook his head and passed the rum back to her. "You have my thanks, Edina, but I actually have my own." Thinking that having a sip of something might help, he pulled out the flask Kriss had given to him several weeks earlier. He had drank most of it by now and only had a few sips left, and it was starting to sour a bit so he thought it best to finish it off now. He uncorked it and downed what bit was left, he felt a slight warmness flood his body as the alcohol did it's work. "A bite tangy, but good to the last." He said with a smile as he put the flask back into his satchel.
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              "Hah! I underestimated you." She took back the rum and swigged it. 'more for me!' she thought.


                Hell's bells...No man's seas, be this. No man's, but of heathen gods and their cursed leviathans.

                Serapha set to sharpening the edge of her shortsword for the umpteenth time, completely frenetic, the flying sparks seeming to illustrate her exasperation. She could not help it, though she felt neither ill nor did she have a fear of drowning; She simply hated the water, and this prolonged exposure in the wake of their perilous encounter with an iceberg was not helping her mood. Serapha was one more for high mountains, was especially fond of open fields, sometimes dense forests, mayhaps even a cavern with some giant dragon-thing with three heads if it struck her fancy. Worrying about things that could come up beneath her was not something she delighted in at all, particularly when they had an evolutionary advantage of 400 million years.

                Ye cursed creature, ye did not say we would be going down to the forsaken locker of Devil Jonah himself...Arrgh!!

                With a final scrape that seemed to resonate in her ears, the metal file flew loose from the elf's hand and the shortsword flashed briefly through the air, away from the elf. Fortunately, this time the silver blade did not amputate any persons on the ship. Serapha muttered her frustration as she returned her weapon to its scabbard, deciding she was in no mood to hunt for the file and instead left in search of another distraction. She opted to head to the galleys, hoping to find an excuse to slash and smash things.


                  Serapha would find Rayvaath making dough in the galley, Grigor peeling potatoes and carrots and such, and Don grumbling as he daintily chopped the vegetables with one hand. Cirrus had volunteered to deliver things from and two places- he was slowing down the line, but it was with a set face that he limped bread over to ovens to bake and chopped vegetables into a gargantuan pot of water. He still needed his spear to balance, especially with the rocking of the ship, but only taking a half-dozen paces in any direction helped.

                  As Serapha came in, looking as graceful as a freshly caged tiger, Cirrus hobbled out of her way.

                  "Looking for food?" Cirrus asked, sensing trouble. "Nothing's going to be ready for a while, but if you want to help out, Al seems more than ready to give up his job." Cirrus shot a glance over to the wealthy "businessman", who was currently brandishing a sharp chopping knife.


                    Detecting concern in Cirrus's voice, Serapha thought it best to try and show her more eloquent front, so as to belay any worries she may have caused.

                    "I want to smash things."


                      Cirrus could work with that. No one's in immediate danger, the lady just wants to destroy something- maybe anything would do.

                      "How does, uh... Mashing potatoes sound? That's not on the menu, but it sounds like it could be fun."

                      If it we're so easy to defuse this situation, Cirrus would consider himself lucky. If not, well... There aren't many things on this smallish ship besides people to really bash into. And that would be bad.


                        "Aye, that'll do..."

                        So soon as I can figure out what the devil 'poh-tay'....Ah

                        Catching sight of the tuberous vegetables the lancer had vaguely gestured towards, Serapha sauntered over, intending to wash them before sending them to their mushy oblivion.

                        A high-pitched squeek stopped her dead in her tracks. Serapha narrowed her eyes, surveying the room.

                        "Was that any of you just now?"


                          Whew! Crisis averted. Cirrus let out a brief sigh of relief as Serapha made room on the kitchen counter. Cirrus missed the irritation in her voice when she heard a cheeping noise.

                          "No, I think that was a mouse hiding somewhere," Cirrus said offhandedly as he grabbed a board full of peeled veggies and hobbled his way over to Don. The thief and the dragoon shared a meaningful look and them both glanced back at Serapha.
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                            But Serapha was no longer listening. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of something small darting out of the container she had grabbed. She cut off the thing's escape by slamming an open palm into the wall in front of it, startling it in the other direction and giving the elf requisite time to commandeer a glass cup and trap the squirming thing beneath.

                            "Damn it all...Damn it all to Hell, lookit the size of this unholy thing!! How long has it been here?!"

                            Reaching for a broom, Serapha stooped down to examine the narrow space between the counter and the wall. A very faint animal smell rose to greet her, and she resumed her cursing once more.

                            "Who be the one responsible for cleanup duty?! Are they dead?! They damn well better be, or I'll see them off meself!!"


                              The journey through the Roaring Tremch continued to be a ridiculous and perilous endeavor. The captain was doing all he could to keep the ship drop capsizing as they navigated more invisible drops, narrow channels with jagged ice on each side, zig-zagged angles that could just barley be avoided, and when it did manage to widen up, there were always large spires of ice protruding from the surface of the water. All the while the tumultuous water never let up and the intense cold wind blew into the sails, propelling the ship forward at high speed. Alistair had been trying to help with the navigation, calling down to the captain as a new obstacle came up. Kriss nearly always told the captain to do the opposite each time, relying on his experience navigating the trench several times before and the Ranger eventually gave up shouting and resigned himself to just trying to keep his eyes open every time he was certain they were going to slam into a corner, or wall, or ice spire.

                              “We are near the end, captain! There is a fork ahead, take the right; the left leads to a dead end!”
                              At the fork, the two paths could not have looked more different. The left was a straight, wide channel where the water looked smooth and the right was a narrow, rough channel with water that looked worse that’s why they’d been navigating.
                              ”Of bloody course...” Beckett murmured to himself.
                              Nevertheless, they held course and navigated the channel as they had been until it suddenly opened up into a large area where the water finally began to calm down.
                              We are here, Respite Bay. As you see, we have left the trench and are in nearly-open water. I’m sure you can see the sea beyond the ice ahead. We simply need to sail through there and continue north and we should be at Frystheim soon!”

                              Kriss took a moment to take in the beauty of the blue sky, the white ice and the water. It was a sight he hadn’t seen in so long and it made him nostalgic. He took a deep breath and let the sharp, cold air fill his lungs. He felt a tinge a sadness as he though on how he had left this place so long ago and how he hadn’t been back since. With another deep breath he turned to head into the galley, he needed a drink.


                              As the ship cleared the narrow passage and sailed into the more open waters of the bay, the temperature steadily began to rise. The difference was drastic, despite the bay being surrounded by ice. Just moments ago Alistair saw a fine mist with every breath he took but now the air was only mildly chilly and seemed to be getting warmer. "Well, this isn't so bad. If this's all we had to expect then I feel like I wasted my time making this cloak. Perhaps our 'snowman' was just exaggerating the cold." He pulled the hood of his cloak down and rubbed the back of his head slightly before deciding he was tired of standing in the crow's nest and made way for the deck.

                              When he stepped down from the ladder he heard Blackrose calling down after him. "Lots of fog ahead!" She reported gingerly. But fog wasn't something he thought needed to be reported, he was pretty sure the captain could handle navigating through relatively open waters in the fog, he wouldn't be much of a captain if he couldn't. "I'm sure it's fine, Edina. Why don't you get Tiberius and join us in the galley?"He waved her off as he toward the stairs that went below deck.

                              Even though the fog didn't seem unusual, he was noticing the temperature even more. A single bead of sweat had formed on his forehead and began to trace it's way down his face, causing him to pause at the top of the stairs to wipe it off. "Heat from the kitchen?" he thought to himself before starting down the stairs.


                                "Yea cuh!" Blackrose called as she got Tiberius and they came down from the crow's nest. Once they got to the deck they headed down to the galley where everyone else was. It looked like everyone was making food or cooking or something so they joined. This was where the minigame started. Blackrose had a sack of vegetables or something who gives a fuck and she was throwing them in the air while Tiberius had to run back and forth catching them and putting them in the pot. Tiberius got a pretty high score but it wasn't the record, some dude named Xx$W4GL0RDxX had the highest score. Once that part was finished the pot began to cook and then a boss vegetable monster appeared from the pot and grabbed Blackrose, trapping her in a cage. The first phase of the battle had Tiberius brandishing a kitchen knife while the two brutes took turns attacking eachother. Tiberius took sips of rum to restore his Vitality, or at least numb the pain. It was a hard fought battle, but Tiberius wore the beast down. However it wasn't yet fully defeated. The monster challenged him to a puzzle where vegetables and things fell from the air and the two had to match them in combinations of 3 or more, and the one who matched the most vegetables in the time limit would win. Tiberius had bested the creature once again and he taunted it confidently. But it had one more trick up its sleeve. It took Blackrose and Tiberius to another dimension and carried the woman off in her cage, casting Tiberius into an abyss. He found himself in a land corrupted by darkness and overrun by evil vegetable people who terrorized the peaceful potato people. They told him the vegetables had ruled the land for decades and they needed a savior. Determined to help them and rescue his damsel in distress, Tiberius took up the legendary Bread Saber and used it to smite the vegetables in his path. He traveled through the Carrot Kingdom, the Lettuce Lagoon, the Cucumber Catacombs, the Tomato Tomb, the Pepper Park, the Gourd Gardens, the Asparagus Archives, the Broccoli Barrens, the Cabbage College, the Celery Circus, the Garlic Graveyard, the Mushroom Museum, the Pumpkin Pier, and the Ginger Gym. Finally he made it to the monster's lair, where they had an epic showdown. He used the enchanted medallion he got from the potato princess to weaken its defenses, making it a fair fight. He fought hard and vanquished the foe, and finally the cage holding Blackrose was unlocked. The tyranny of the vegetables came to an end. The potato king dubbed Tiberius the royal knight of the potato people and they would tell stories and sing songs of his valor for years to come. The king sent the two on their way back to their world through a magical portal where they could see all the places Tiberius had been through while the credits rolled. It was finally the end of that story and the beginning of a new one. A story where they were on a boat cooking vegetables. The meal was complete. There was also meat in the stew but nobody talked about that because this story was purely vegetable based. There was maybe a meat man in there somewhere who sacrificed himself so Tiberius could continue his journey but we didn't talk about him because fuck you. "Anyone up for some stew?" Blackrose asked the group as she looked for something to put the stew in. "We got bowls?"


                                  "Yeah, we have them over here," Cirrus was caught a little off-guard by Blackrose asking for bowls, because after throwing a bunch of potatoes behind her back for Tiberius to catch she just sort of stood there in a trance for a very long time.


                                    Don had been poorly cutting the vegetables for awhile now, leaving noticeable amounts roots on carrots and skin on potatoes. He had a several blankets draped over his shoulders to combat the cold, of which he was very unaccustomed to. He heard indistinct shouting above deck as the waters became choppy and the vessel began to shift violently. As the ship rocked from various drops Don let his knife slip to the ground before convincingly throwing himself backwards onto the vegetable crates behind him.

                                    He remained seated on the crates throughout the turbulence, and stayed in the same position once the waters calmed down. He hugged his abdomen with his good arm and hunched over slightly "My ribs.." he coughed weakly as other people began coming from above deck.
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                                      "Who are you?" Blackrose asked Don, who looked pretty pathetic. "I haven't seen you before. You're not ship's crew... weather got you down?" She asked. She took out a health potion. "Here, you look awful. And give me these." She took the knife and the vegetables from Don. "You're in no condition to work. Want some stew too?"


                                        As Alistair made it to the galley he was greeted by the usual sights, Blackrose and Bone Crusher were being weird, Serapha and Luciano were chasing rats and being equally weird, and the other passenger, Don, was groaning and holding his ribs while sitting on a crate. He stood in the doorway for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow again. There's no way this heat was just coming from the kitchen. He made a mental note to ask Kriss' about the climate, surely it wasn't supposed to be this warm this far north.

                                        Until he spotted the viking, he thought to make himself useful. Looking at Don again, the ranger decided to check on him. "You seem hurt, do you require some assistance? I'm no mage, but I know a bit about medicine." he asked with a smile as he made his way towards the thief.

                                        About that time Blackrose seemed to snap from her daze and also approached the man, asking a volley of questions.

                                        "He's been around, I've bumped into him a few times. I heard from Beckett that he's some type of entrepreneur or something."
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