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    "MAKE ME YA SCURVY SEA SALT!" Blackrose returned as she gained some new confidence in winning this fight. She unloaded her gun and started imbuing the next six bullets with basilisk venom. She ran out onto the battlefield proudly and started shooting the other heads.


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      I read this as "make me your scurvy sea-salt" lol

    The two remaining heads, the ones that were spewing the mist, were unaffected by Blackrose's attacks and it was finished being beaten by the burly captain. It charged forward right through him, knocking Hellfish to the side. It then spun around, swinging the massive spiked tail towards Blackrose, narrowly missing as she ducked under it and kept firing. The ranger observed from a distance, hoping the venom would work but when it didn't he interrupted the rogue's assault. "Those two are immune to the venom." He stated nonchalantly as he watched in amazement while Hellfish took back to clubbing at the beast with the petrified Ju-Long just to get knocked away again before the berserker could get close enough to bash on a head. Even in such a dire situation, the entire scene was quite comical.

    "Well, back to work then." He nodded to the topless rogue as he took off towards the pair, firing off a couple arrows while he neared. Of course they merely bounced off the beast's scales, but Alistair didn't think they'd do anything else. He had gotten the hydra's attention and now it was charging him instead of throwing Hellfish around. "That's right, I'm over here you poor excuse for a dragon." The ranger let another arrow fly at one of the beast's face where it actually stuck, causing the hydra to shake that head. "What's wrong? You couldn't cough up the fire so you settled on hiding in a cave and billowing smoke? Pathetic! Haha!" To his amazement, the hydra seemed to understand his insults and proceeded to attack him angrily. It hissed and growled as it snapped at him with razor sharp teeth. Luckily, the ranger was agile and managed to avoid being bitten.


      Cirrus agreed with the Captain: less slashing, more stabbing would be great in this situation. Alistair also had a good plan, taunting it seemed very effective. Cirrus helped Hellfish stand up, then pointed out the snake's pissed-offedness

      "I need you to do that thing where you antagonize a giant monster," Cirrus mentioned before casually sauntering ahead of where the Captain stood. The pirate did his thing, then Cirrus did his. The hydra spun on its belly at the Hellfish's taunts, and with a flare of pure rage in all of its eyes it hunted the Captain down.

      Then Cirrus jumped. He didn't go for height, He just angled himself slightly to the right and launched himself like a missile directly into the monster's bottom-left skull. It felt like he hit a brick wall that was already falling on him, but his spear tore through scales, meat, bones, and what might've been some squishe brain, he wasn't sure. The impact knocked the snake off-kilter, and a cloud of gray mist popped out of that snake head. Cirrus bounced off and clattered into the ground, sans spear and with spots of stone on his armor. But, he was fine; the hydra wasn't.


        "Ha! Ya drink like an unblooded lassie, but ya got a brass pair on ya." Captain Hellfish is impressed with Cirrus's technique. "The high seas be the place for ya if yeh ever get tired of the soldier's lot--harpooners' worth their weight in gold on a good whaling ship, they are. I'll put in a good word for yeh at port with me boys--tell 'em they be pickin' up the best damn spear-man I ever did seen if they crew yeh."

        Hellfish thinks to give a closing smack to the heavily damaged head pierced by Cirrus, sees the grey mist spewing out, and thinks better of it.

        "Fights like this be when I wish I knew how to use this damn thing." Hellfish removes his flintlock pistol from his belt, takes aim at the giant hydra-head--an easy shot--and misses wildly, damn near clipping Blackrose.

        "Bahhhhh. Bugger that." Hellfish discards the pistol and begins searching for large rocks to throw. Better chance he'll actually hit something.
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          As the others attacked at the heads, Kriss tried to reevaluate his approach.
          “Ya drink like an unblooded lassie, but ya got a brass pair on ya!”
          The pirate’s non-stop vulgarities gave Kriss an idea. It might not kill the beast, but it would probably wish it had. As Cirrus pierced the head and Blackrose and the captain fired shots at the Hydra, Kriss made his way around to the back of the beast and searched under the hind part. There is was, a scaly protrusion that outed the Hydra as male. Kriss reared his ax back and buried it deep into the scaled genetalia of the large creature, electricity arcing and sparking around loudly. The monster’s face could only ever be so expressive, but there was no denying a look of lost will to live in its yellow, reptilian eyes.


            Blackrose winced as Kriss made his crippling blow. "Did he just..." She shook her head. "Now I feel bad. Damn." She grappled up to the ceiling where she would be semi-level with the remaining heads and cast "Inficio!" at them, sending a poisonous cloud directly into their faces. She hoped to finish them off rather quickly, now killing out of pity.


              The nearly dead head that Cirrus drove his spear through finally fell limp as Blackrose's poison seeped in through the bloody wound. The remaining head was showing signs of severe anguish from the damage dealt by the beating, bullets, castration, and poison. It was on its last legs and only needed one last blow.

              Alistair was happy to oblige. He scooped up Hellfish's discarded pistol and emptied the remaining black powder from it and into a small bag. It wasn't much, but it would do. He tied the bag close to the head on an arrow, leaving a bit of the string dangling. He removed his flint from his bag and quickly lit the string on fire. The ranger notched the arrow, took aim, and let it fly. It soared through the air and buried itself into the beast's eye socket and seconds later it exploded, dropping the monster to the ground for good.

              A long silence filled the air as the group waited for anything else to happen, but nothing did and soon the silence was broken by a familiar voice.

              "Excellent work, you put the beast down."

              Ju-Long stumbled forward, the petrification slowly disappearing from his arms and legs and the wound from before flowing freely with blood. Ravaayth rushed to him and casted a cure spell, stopping the bleeding. But he'd need proper medical care quickly.

              "What of the necromancer?"


                "Let's feed him to his pets." Blackrose said as she came down from the ceiling. "That is, if that coward ever shows himself." Then she yelled, "That's your cue to stop hiding, asshole! We're gonna chop yer dick off like we did to the Hydra!"


                  "Oh fuck, the necromancer is still around..." Cirrus muttered, staring at the fresh corspe they all beat to death.


                    Originally posted by OrganizationXV View Post
                    "Oh fuck, the necromancer is still around..." Cirrus muttered, staring at the fresh corspe they all beat to death.
                    "I mean, he can't be more of a threat than his monsters. I assumed the Hydra was his champion. He's just a coward."


                      [Plot Progression]

                      Song of the Moment
                      Zero World [The Final Battle]
                      Final Fantasy IX arrangement
                      by Fishy & Ludiotic

                      The necromancer's laughter began again, filling chamber with the very sound of insanity. It seemed to come from everywhere at the same time, making it impossible to pinpoint his location.

                      "You're all such fools! ... Haha... I am a necromancer! Given power over the damned by Lord Astaroth himself! Hahahahahahaha!

                      Death is a mere puppet with strings for me to pull..."

                      The air in the cave became heavy and dense, almost suffocating. Breathing seemed to become a chore as the maniacal laughter filled the air. The body of the hydra shook and it's limbs jerked violently.

                      "Dance Defunctorum!"

                      Each word echoed loudly, the reverberations seemed to speed and slow on their own giving the chant a sickening feeling of distortion that reminded them all of Astaroth's resurrection spell in Puerto de Oro. The beast's body stopped shaking and slowly rose off the ground. Then one by one the four heads each roared back to life, now with ghoulish white eyes and blood gushing from it's many wounds. The monster loomed over the group menacingly, but without warning the unthinkable happened. Three of the heads turned against itself, viciously biting through the neck of the head that had been smashed in by the berserker. Though the beast was dead, it was still a hydra. Two more heads erupted from the neck of the one, carrying the same ghastly white eyes as it's brethren. They then took to work on the partially exploded head, biting it off and allowing another two to take it's place.

                      What now loomed over the group was an undead, seven-headed beast straight out of hell. And now it was damn near immortal now that it was willing to chew through itself to revive fallen heads.


                        Blackrose watched, blank-faced. "Okay, I mean, hello. Necromancer." Even though this wasn't a surprise, having to fight that thing again, and stronger yet, was annoying. She took out a black rock that she used to start drawing glyphs on the floor and poured some blood on it, starting a summoning ritual.


                          Alistair quickly took to the offensive again, trying to distract the beast. But his arrows were having even less of an effect than they did before it died. It quickly set it's sights on Blackrose, who seemed to be scribbling something on the ground. It swiped at her with it's tail while she distracted, but Alistair managed to tackled her to the ground causing the attack to miss. "Edina! What are you doing!?" He placed his hands on her shoulders, shaking her until she looked at him. "Unless I missed something, you're not a summoner. What are you trying to do? We need to distract it for the Captain and the viking. Maybe they can do something to put this hellspawn out of our misery."


                            Blackrose was taken by surprise, but she didn't overreact to Alistair's help. She nodded. "Look I don't really think I need to explain but I have, you can say, a friend who could help. The sort of friend you have to contact through esoteric and less than honorable means. I just thought we could use a little aid you know?"


                              "What can we do? We can't dismember it because it's a hydra, and stabbing is pointless on a zombie," Cirrus said. "If anyone has any poisons, now might be the time. If anyone's been sitting on any fire or healing magic, I hear zombies don't like either of those!"

                              The dragoon was mostly thinking out loud- his skill set was next to useless here, so he was on to more productive things. His spear wouldn't do much against the monster, but against the necromancer''s squishy bits...

                              Cirrus Jumped as high as he could to get a view of the area. The ceiling stopped him from going too high, and there were deep shadows where the blue lights didn't reach. He didn't see anyone. So he started running through the surrounding area as best he could, being quick and thorough as possible.


                                "I have poisons but what is that going to do?" Blackrose asked.


                                  Cirrus' mention of healing magic sparked an idea for Alistair. "Not poison! Holy water!" Without explaining himself, he dashed to pond, emptying several of his spice vials along the way. When he reached the water's edge he filled five of the small vials with water and then darted back to the group and stopped beside their quiet white mage who had, at that point, been silently providing healing behind the scenes. He had her bless the water with a prayer and quickly returned to Blackrose. "Use one of these to dip your bullets in. We're not going to kill it with our tiny weapons, but it'll put the pain back into them." He quickly handed vials to Grigor, Hellfish, and Kriss before he waved at the dragoon. "Cirrus! Holy water!" he shouted as he tossed the fourth one through the air, hoping he would catch it.


                                    "Whatever you say, stone cold Steve Austin." Blackrose took the holy water and dipped her bullets in it before loading them. She then started shooting at the Hydra, aiming for its heads.


                                      "What?" Cirrus was focused elsewhere. He looked just in time to see a flash of glass, which he dived to the left to catch. He looked at it and then it connected to what Alistair yelled.

                                      "Oh, neat! Thanks!" He pocketed it and kept looking around the area.


                                        [Serpent’s Den]

                                        [Have you ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Cave-Light? Pt. III]

                                        Grigor, whom was tossed like so much trash from atop the hydra, slammed into one of the many large stalactites that hung from the ceiling. The impact not only shatters the large stone structure but knocks the Beast Master out cold. The next moments see the man splashing down into the water below. Fenrir instinctively senses that her partner was in deep trouble and breaks her search of the necromancer off. Bounding abound the battlefield avoiding deaths, many deaths, as she did leaps into the water after Grigor.

                                        After what seemed like an eternity Fenrir ears break the surface of the water followed shortly by her head. In her clenched teeth the back of Grigor’s armor can be seen as she makes her way, with some difficulty, back to shore where she is able to pull, just barely, Grigor out of the drink. Luckily for the pair the whole commotion had driven the leeches from near the surface of the water into the depth of the small body of water for protection. She pushes her snout into his face to try and rouse the Beast Master from his state of not being awake. When her efforts fail she nips into his left ear waking him with a snap and a yell.

                                        He is woken in time to hear the Necromancer chant his vile bile and see the efforts of his dark spell one that was very familiar.

                                        Bahamut’s breath

                                        Grigor murmurs as she struggles to pull himself to his feet. His sides hurt profoundly, he probably had a busted rib or two, and if not a couple were cracked. This battle, however, wasn’t going to allow him or anyone to rest. As he walked up he pats his side to notice that his whip was gone. That was lovely he thinks while a rather annoyed crossed his features. As he pondered what he could add to this foray against the wrath of this undead terror a vile was placed in a partially outstretched hand and was told by Alistair that it was blessed water. His eyes cut to the archer as he quickly gave more of the holy water to other members of their ragtag party. The question then was, how to best use this against the unruly beast?

                                        That’s when an idea hit him and a grin slipped across his face. Pulling out his water skin he pops the cork out of the vile and bites into the skin’s top and pulls it free.

                                        Find the necromancer Fenrir, let us know when you have them.

                                        The Beast Master commands while he emptied the holy water into his skin of sanctified water. Hopefully the combination would be even more potent. Dashing forward he starts to make a commotion to draw the attention of the nearest head, which takes the bait. Hopefully he will be able to time this correctly as he didn’t want to be actual bait, and at the last possible moment he rolls to the side avoiding the clamping jaws of death. In that instant though he tosses the water skin into the mouth of the zombie which snaps closed shredding the bag releasing the holy mixture into the beast.