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    "The lassies an embarrassment of a drinker, but shes aint fibbin." Captain Hellfish agrees with Blackrose. "Devil take yer luck if thats yer first drink; beddin' The Queen yer first night with a women be no less of a boast."

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      The ranger had a wide, goofy grin across his face as Blackrose and Hellfish playfully ribbed the young dragoon about his choice to pass up the drink. He sipped on his second glass slowly, being careful not to completely lose his senses in a drunken stupor, he was vital to the party's survival in the forest after all. But a little fun never hurt anyone and he himself was quite a bit younger than Cirrus when he had his first pour from his father's stein. "They havth the right uhfit," he replied, only slurring his words slightly despite the unforgiving strength of the viking brew. "Ya only liff once and, well maybe not even that much after tonight!" He let out a loud guffaw at his own joke before handing what was left in his cup to the dragoon. "Besides, a drink will help calm yer nerfes. Ya don't have to go alls-in like those two, but one sip shant hurt you, lad."
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        Telah sat by the campfire with her chocobo, feeding her the greens she needed, politely refusing the drink, “S-sorry, but no thank you, I don't take well to alcohol.” She awkwardly pulls her bag onto her lap. Being the first time out of her village with strangers and in a silent forest, put her on edge. She didn't think that way before, but she didn't like the way the forest was. Her heart was in her throat, hands twitchy, ears low and tail tucked gently under her legs. Telah draws a long breath, feeling at home more at night than during the day when she met the others, but even the drinking and camaraderie couldn't ease her nerves. She just watches the others quietly.


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          "Besides, a drink will help calm yer nerfes. Ya don't have to go alls-in like those two, but one sip shant hurt you, lad."
          “OI—who da ya think yer talkin’ to!? If I was going all-ins, there wouldn’t be anything left for the rest of ya milk-sots.” For some in the party this is heavy drinking. For Captain Hellfish—it’s Tuesday.
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            "Hmm?" Alistair glanced lazily towards the boisterous captain and shrugged slightly. "I meant no disresphect captain. It's jus that not all of us can hold our licker as well as a man with your... uhhh... Impressive build and skill." He handed Cirrus the glass, not caring too much whether the young boy took a drink from it or not, and then shuffled over to Blackrose and put a hand on her shoulder. "Though some of us certainly try much harder than others." He chuckled to himself and then plopped down on the ground in front of a fallen tree, resting his back against the wood and pulling his hood down over his face. The ranger certainly wasn't handling this particular kind of alcohol very well at all, and it was pretty apparent to Hellfish that he had already had too much and needed to sleep it off.


              "Whushu mean??" Blackrose demanded after Alistair's comment. She took another gulp of her drink and tumbled backwards at the same time as she reached to grab the ranger by the leg and missed. She squeaked a little as she landed, making sure her drink didn't spill.


                "Again, I'd like to not drink so we have a little better chance of not dying in-" Nobody was listening. Whatever. Cirrus passed the drink back to Kriss and moved away from the more enthusiastic partiers. It was foolishness in Cirrus's eyes to be getting so blasted when they were stuck in such a dangerous place... But...

                "When we make it back to a town with a bar, I'll take you drink for drink," Cirrus said to Alistair before the ranger tucked in for the night.

                In the meantime, Cirrus made his way over to Telah. She seemed a bit put off, and whether that was from the drinking or the first night of adventuring, Cirrus has a pretty good idea.

                "Mind if I sit here?" Cirrus asked.
                Originally posted by Wade
                Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                  "Mm? Go ahead." She gives Cirrus a smile, ears perking up, "Don't want to have fun with the others?"


                    "I'm not a very fun person," Cirrus admitted. With a self-aware grin, he added, "Unless you're looking for some dragoon-based puns. Then I'm the life of the party."

                    Besides, Cirrus thought to himself as he watched Blackrose fall on her face while trying to hit a sleeping man, whatever Kriss was handing out was too strong for me.
                    Originally posted by Wade
                    Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                      She lets off a quiet laugh at his comment, "Regardless, I think we'll be the only ones sober by the end of the night." Telah shakes her head, "I just got a feelin that something's not right, yknow? Maybe its just my first adventure speaking, but this is all really weird."
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                        [Plot Progression]

                        The festivities wound down quickly, with the sheer exhaustion of their long trek through the forest combined with the Viking's astoundingly potent alcohol, most of the group was out for the count and sleeping their merriment off. At some point, Ju-Long had disappeared, opting to take watch while the others drank and ate. He scaled a tree on the edge of the clearing and remained vigilant through throughout the evening and into the night as everyone else fell asleep. A fair amount of time had passed and sunrise approached in just a few hours, even the stalwart warrior could only manage so much before giving in. He climbed from his perch and returned to the others with the intent of waking the young Dragoon and asking him to take the second watch while he slept for a few hours.

                        But as he approached Cirrus, the Beastmaster's wolf stirred to life, growling with fur standing on end. Her eyes were trained on the brush to the north and her growls became fiercer. Attuned to his partner, Grigor was the first to stir to life. "Fenrir, why are y-" he stopped dead in his sentence as his senses caught on to what the wolf was reacting to. "Wake the others quickly." Ju-Long commanded as he shook Cirrus and Tellah to life. A loud hiss could be heard in the distance as the entire group was woken, the bushes rustled and the smaller trees swayed as something moved through them. Tensions rose as Ju-Long pulled his sword.

                        Then everything went quiet again.

                        Song of the Moment
                        Fire Cross

                        The silence cut short as terrifying shrieks and hisses emanated from the forest around them. The air turned stagnant as the smell of rotting flesh filled the clearing. The beastmaster's wolf took a fighting stance, a signal for everyone else to ready their weapons. Then, hell broke loose. Lightning fast, three giant serpents slithered across the clearing, each at least 6 meters in length. They were difficult to see, but the Ranger's keen eyes, even bloodshot, caught glimpses of the beasts. "Basilisks!" he yelled as he pulled his bow and took aim. "Their bites can petrify! DO NOT GET BITTE-URGH!" before he could even get the final word out, the snakes were upon them. With a swipe of a tail, the ranger was sent flying several feet backwards. They each rose up, towering above even Hellfish and Kriss. Venom seeped from their fangs as they let out a hellish shriek that made even the Captain's hair stand on end.

                        Ju-Long was the first to react, he drew his sword and took charge at one of the beasts, it reared its head and struck fast. "Celero!" an aura burst forth from the warrior's body as his speed increased, he twisted to the side, narrowly avoiding the serpent's fangs. In a single, swift motion he brought his sword upwards and cut clean through the side of the attacking basilisk. It wailed in pain and writhed about as blood gushed from the wound. "Stay vigilant and remain on the offensive!"

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                          Captain Hellfish takes stock of the opening moves.

                          The size of the basilisks doesn't intimidate him, but their speed gives him pause. Swift Ju-Long on-the-charge can barely match their movements. And the way Alistair was caught completely off-guard when he readied his bow--that was no goof on the boy's part. That tail came out of nowhere.

                          "Stay vigilant and remain on the offensive!" Ju-Long calls out.

                          "Vigilant methinks be the better of it. Be wary." taking the initiative to charge against these monstrosities strikes Hellfish as a rather piss-poor plan. They're fast enough that if they can react, they can get the better of him. But if its the basilisk on-the-chrage and Hellfish reacting....

                          Offensive, eh???

                          "Hey Ugly--Yer dumber than snake-mittens!" Hellfish shouts at a Basilisk. "If me ugly mug were as ugly as yers, I'd shave me arse and walk backwards!"

                          More learned men then Captain Hellfish can debate whether or not the Basilisk is actually capable of taking offense to his insult. But the taunt proves to be an effective one as it does exactly what the Captain intended for it to do--makes him a target, and sends the Basilisk charging straight at him.

                          Steady now. The Captain, in a moment of lucidity, restrains himself from his preferred tactic of aggressively charging to meet his foe. Wait for it. Wait for it....

                          The rush of Basilisk closes in on him. Captain Hellfish positions himself to take the brunt of it on the thick of his armor--deadeyed wary on the serpent's tail all-the-while. When the lash comes he's ready for it, and his cleaver intercepts to liberate the the bladed tip of the damnable thing from the greater body.

                          Lightning fast, the enraged beast twists to snap at him with its piercing fangs before he can bring his cleaver back for another strike at the head.

                          Captain Hellfish ducks low and releases one hand from the hilt of his cleaver--using his tremendous strength to wield the giant, unwieldy weapon with only one hand.

                          With his off-hand he picks up the bladed-tail section that he has just lobbed off the basilisk, wields it like a dagger, and thrusts it upwards through the roof of the Basilisks mouth.

                          The force of the bite still manages to take a chunk out of his gauntlets and shreds his armor on his forearm--but the Basilisk recoils and pulls back as its own tail-blade bisects its upper jaw, allowing Captain Hellfish to pull back and disengage before he gets snapped up something proper.

                          His armor has sustained serious damage to the left pauldron and right arm. The damaged sections won't be taking another hit this fight without exposing the fleshy parts underneath to petrifying fangs, and the Captain knows it.

                          Still--the damage inflicted upon the basilisk is worse. The Captain clearly got the better of that exchange.

                          And he has learned 2 important lessons on this day:

                          1) Basilisks are fucking amazing at fighting.

                          2) They are covered in spiny bits that make for excellent improvised weaponry. And are particularly fun to bash upside the head with their own body parts.
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                            Cirrus wasn't sleeping particularly deeply- He was leaned against a tree in full armor- so it wasn't hard to wake him up. He took just a moment to assess the situation, then picked a snake and Jumped.

                            Cirrus rocketed through the air, well over the treeline. At the apex of his jump, he had just a moment to assess the situation- he could clearly see three snakes, each one going for a different one of them. Out of the three- Ju-Long, Alistair, and Hellfish, it was obviously the warrior from the east that was holding his own the best. Hellfish was taking the snake pound-for-pound, getting dangerously close to the venomous fangs. Alistair just got knocked back. All of the snakes were distracted, he needed to pick one of the two...

                            Cirrus made his decision, and started to plummet back to the earth. Hellfish is in a jam, and it could be any moment that he succumbs to poison if nobody comes to help him. Cirrus understands that. As he hits terminal velocity, he grips his spear in both hands and rams it into the skull of the one going for Alistair. The great serpent drops to the ground from the force and the dragoon hops off of its body before the writhing tail snaps him up.

                            "Alistair! Stay behind me and get those arrows flying!" Cirrus yelled. The archer had not much in the way of armor, and his weapon of choice favored long range. He needed a spear between him and the snake more than either of the other combatants. The dragoon just hoped that he didn't leave Hellfish out to dry.
                            Originally posted by Wade
                            Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                              Blackrose murmured as she rolled over and yawned. She heard the shrieks before the wake-up call and while she opened her eyes she saw everyone scrambling about like it was apocalypse now. To her own surprise she wasn't hungover, just groggy. Good, good. She looked too the left and three slithery gents sneaked up to say hello. Good. Before she was up, Caps and J-lo were already standing their ground and drew blood. She stood up, smiling. "Are you boys really starting the fight without me?" She scoffed while observing the playing field. One took a hefty blow to the head already from the dragoon and Hellfish's boy got stabbed in the mouth with its own tail. Nice. J-lo's snake took the least amount of punishment, so she opted to engage the healthiest one. She sneaked up on the one that was currently freaking out from a booboo on its side and shot her grappling hook at it from the back, swooping up to it like a hylean twat and clung to it. The monster hissed and wiggled around while she held on, unable to bite her because she was too close to its head. So it did the next best thing and brought up its tail to stab her and she jumped off before the moment of striking, her grappling hook still attached while its tail lodged itself into its own back. She swung like spidergirl around the snake a few times as it tried to follow her, its jerky movements propelling her and allowing her to wrap the line around it and tie its tail to its body. She let go before it clumsily toppled to the ground and stuck the landing on top of it, theatrically. "How do you like bondage, big boy?" She asked, in a sultry dominatrix tone.
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                                - Ju-Long -

                                Ju-Long was startled by Blackrose's sudden attacks on the basilisk, but her help was welcomed. As the snake smashed into the ground, the warrior quickly jumped onto its head and proceeded to drive his blade into its skull. It would have been a lethal blow if not for the sheer size of the beast. It writhed and flailed about, tossing Ju-Long off and back to the ground where he landed gracefully. The rogue's grapple kept it from moving too far, though, and Ju was able to follow up his previous attack with another. If simply stabbing the monster in the face didn't work he'd stab it and then blast it with a spell. He rushed forward again and drove his sword right through the eye socket as deeply as he could before unleashing a spell. "Fulmen!" he cried as electricity moved through his blade and into the basilisk. The sudden electrical discharge caused the snake's muscles to completely contract, forcing the creature to curl up, nearly into a ball. It shook violently as its insides were cooked by the high current running through it. And then seconds later, it went limp. He pulled his blade from the monster and regarded the rogue. "Excellent work."

                                - Alistair -

                                On the other side of the field, the ranger brought his bow at the ready as Cirrus stood between him and the serpent. The snake lunged forward to strike at them but was met with a barrage of arrows inside its mouth, the pain stopping it dead in its tracks. It shook its head about and hissed as it tried to dislodge the arrows that were stuck in its tongue and throat, giving Cirrus the perfect opening to attack the beastie full force. "Go! I'll keep it distracted!" The ranger darted to the side and began pelting the basilisk from a distance, quickly drawing its ire.
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                                  "I was just warming up~" Blackrose cooed as she pulled out one of her pistols and fired at the head of the snake that had attacked Hellfish. She wondered if poisonous monsters could be hurt by poison. Only one way to find out.


                                    Kriss rose with a start at Ju-Long’s urgency and watched as the large snakes charged forth out of the underbrush. Ju-Long activated a spell, which irked Kriss. This was not a common ability among warriors, generally magic was a specialized study. It only made him more suspicious of the Eastman. The captain charged head on at one of the snakes and the lady in the hat used a grappling hook to climb on another. As Ju-Long stabbed it in the eye and shocked it with a powerful lightning spell, irking Kriss even further, the Dragoon lept high into the air. Kriss could feel his teeth gritting, he didn’t trust spellswords or Dragoons, and now he had to fight deadly enemies with both.

                                    He turned his attention to the other snake that the captain had impailed through the mouth with its own tail blade. It seemed ready to attack again when a pistol shot hit it in the back of the throat. This was an opportunity and as the huge slithering reptile thrashed around violently, he took off in a sprint and leaped off of rock, then stump, then high branch in succession, putting him in the air much lower than the Dragoon, but above the snake’s massive head. With a full two-armed cleave, Kriss brought his axe down between the eyes of the beast. His blade arced and crackled with large bolts of electricity and he sliced through the head, the necks and part of the torso of the basilisk and landed with his blade buried in the dirt. That was two snakes taken care of. He looked to the captain whose armor was deeply gashed by the snake’s fangs. He wasn’t petrified, though, so Kriss wouldn’t need to give him a Soft from his satchel.
                                    He looked over at the others as they fought the third beast.
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                                      Blackrose jumped down from the basilisk she was standing on. At that point she wasn't worried about the last one because she knew the others could take care of it. It was time to go to work. She got up close to the dead beast's mouth and started to siphon the petrifying toxins from its fangs into her own vials.


                                        Telah calls a moogle out to support the others.

                                        ((busy yesterday and today, otherwise would post more))


                                          [Mist Forrest]

                                          [Blood Soaked Mist]

                                          Smacking his face with a yawn Grigor rolled over flopping an arm around Fenrir who gently stirred before being pulled into a firm bear hug. The wolf’s eyes sprang open for just a moment before grunting and going back to sleep. The night before was thankfully uneventful and Grigor reluctantly turned in without a drop of drink. Disappointing, but necessary in his mind. He would drink enough to drown a small settlement plus one when they were done here. Grigor figured that he or Alistair would be second on watch, as Ju-Long took first watch, so he turned in before anyone else.

                                          If he was spot on or not, that would never be known as the ass crack of the morning brought with it dangers of its own. Ju-Long was just about to ask for a shift change when Fenrir perked to life, her spidey sense picking up danger. Kicking, scratching, clawing and growling she fought her way from Grigor’s mighty hug, though her commotion didn’t wake the man. With fur on end she stared into the brush surrounding them fangs bared, drooling and growling like death itself. Woken by her unease, and not the effort she took and getting away from him Grigor stirred and groggily inquired as to why she was acting that way.

                                          Wake the others quickly.

                                          One didn’t have to tell the Beast Master twice, with a bound he reaches for his small pack of belongings. Curling his lips and tongue he whistles loudly signaling to Fenrir to get ready to fight.

                                          Wakey, wake eggs and bakey, ladies! We have company!

                                          Grigor sounds off tossing his large serrated knife to Fenrir. The timber snatches the blade by the handle and bounds through the sleeping people brushing her tail to wake those who weren’t roused by the strange call to arms. Grigor himself made a b-line to the now close to smoldering fire. He didn’t like fighting Basilisk, at least this time he wasn’t on his own.

                                          By the time that he had scooped up a decent portion of smoldering ash, one of the creatures had been taken down with another being assaulted by the large beast of a Captain, the Hellfish himself. That was too busy, so Grigor decided to aid Alistair and Cirrus. Another sharp whistled led Fenrir along to the chosen target. The wolf was quicker than the monkey and she reached the beast before the Beast Master. The sharp edge of the sword slammed into the scales of the Basilisk, but did no damage, but it did draw the serpent’s attention as it was being pelted by arrows. It starting it’s counter was all that Grigor needed. Planting his size fifteen into the side of the snake Grigor bound the beast’s side. Grigor was all about playing fair, unless it was against a beasty like this. Before the snake realized what was going on one of its nostrils was being pried open.


                                          The shout was drown out by a pained roar as the Beast Master shoved the smoldering cloth of ash and fire deep into the nasal cavity of the beast. In the next instant Grigor had his whip out and with a snap it was wrapped around one of the large fangs that dripped poison. Yanking with all his weight as he fell from the snake’s head, he pulls the Basilisk to the ground ripping the wrapped fang out as he did.

                                          As soon as he hit the ground Grigor scrambled toward Alistar while Fenrir leapt over the beast’s head as it tried to right itself. The blade in her mouth traced a line across the creature’s eyes popping it like a zit. With another pained howl the Basilisk thrashed about while the wolf bound into the brush around it to make her way back to Grigor.