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    Cayne barely had time to notice the hyperactive aide, turning to speak only to see she had vanished. The paladin growled to himself with a grumble and approached the shopkeep.

    ”Pardon me, do you carry ginger or ginger root here?” Cayne asked, looking more ill by the second.
    Originally posted by OrganizationXV

    "Oh-a shiit!" Mario yells. "Ima gonna leave-a."

    He runs away, arms out, then jumps like super high and you don't see him any more.


      Blackrose was completely charmed by the little girl in the shop who hyperactively zipped around the room. "Oh what a cutie pie!" She cooed as she squatted to be eye-level with the girl. "I bet you're in charge here, aren't you? How dutiful you are with that broom!"


        Cirrus slowly opened his eyes as people started scrambling to get out of the carriage. Looks like he fell asleep at some point, there. Whoops. He turned and stared bleary-eyed into the town, then slowly moved his head over to his armor, which was sitting in a shiny pile in the corner. It seemed safe enough to go without it. He did grab his spear that was enchanted with electricity, though. He didn't want to be unarmed ever again.

        The town, except for Hellfish and Blackrose, was tranquil and quiet and incredibly inviting. He was almost considering sleeping under a tree for a while until he was jerked awake by what his befuddled mind thought was a giant, fluffy missile launched at the party. He instinctively went into a combat stance for just a minute before seeing an endlessly excited ( girl riding a chocobo. He put the business end of the spear into the ground and lazily waved at the newcomer who he assumed came from this town.

        "Greetings," Cirrus said with just a bit of sleep still on his voice. Telah barraged him with questions, and Cirrus tried to answer them as fast as she asked them.

        "My name is Cirrus, I'm a dragoon lancer. That suit of armor sleeping in the inn is Hellfish, the pirate. We have Alistair over there with Blackrose, they do stuff too, and that third guy I forgot his name, but I think he's a paladin. There should be a couple more of us running around here... There's been a terrible tragedy, at least two of the rulers holding onto the Four Crystals are dead, Puerto De Oro was destroyed, and we're passing through Pirn to try and collect the other two crystals before the crazy black mage that wiped my town out can get to them first." Cirrus wondered as he took a breath if it was okay to let people know all of that information, but then again she seemed harmless.
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        Originally posted by Wade
        Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


          Song of the Moment
          Succession of Witches
          Nobuo Uematsu - FFVIII Piano Collection

          [Plot Progression]
          [Outside The Inn]

          A cloaked figure stood silently outside Pirn's small inn, listening intently to the conversation just a short distance away from them. He made careful note of the names spoken so carelessly, Cirrus, Hellfish, Alistair, and Blackrose... They would come in useful later. "...and we're passing through Pirn to try and collect the other two crystals before the crazy black mage that wiped my town out can get to them first." As Cirrus finished, the figure slowly crept off, his form vanishing into the forests beyond Pirn. He had much to relay to his master.

          [Gram's Goods]

          The young girl had no interest in talking to Blackrose for her breath reeked of alcohol and her outfit screamed: "I'm a criminal!" She cautiously backed away and hid behind the desk with her grandmother, only peeking out every so often to see if she was still looking at her.

          ”Pardon me, do you carry ginger or ginger root here?”

          Cayne asked, his face clearly turning greener and greener every passing moment. "Ginger root? I reckon it'd be on the shelf the green one is standing at if we have any left in stock. Yer can check fer yourself. Be 10 gil if we got it."


            [Atop the Carriage]
            [A Storied Beginning, to Pirn]

            Not one for traveling within the confines of a rolling coffin, his words, Grigor lay atop the carriage with his bandana pulled snuggly over his eyes. The soft rain that fell was quite relaxing and he drifted in and out of a hazy dream like state while his wolf took a seat next to Ju-Long, and quite unlike her partner she had no issues traveling by carriage. If she got to sit by the driver that was, and no one seemed to argue with her either as her soft guttural growl was enough to persuade them to leave it be. Pirn is a place that Grigor and Fenrir are very familiar with, and probably one of the reasons that he has lived in this area for so long.

            With the inn nearly thirteen hours behind them, the Beast Master was nearly sound asleep, his chest pitching deeply as the first loud snore slipped past his lips. The forest was now starting to get thicker, which excited the timber wolf who bounded from her perch beside Ju-Long to the roof of the carriage her claws tapping nosily across its surface as she trotted over to Grigor. With a playful snort she pulls the bandana from his face and hops into the passing forest leaving him groggy and pursuing her into the thick undergrowth that seemed to close in on the carriage as the opened land closed into the passage that led to Pirn.

            I’ll catch up’ is yelled as Ju-Long kept the carriage heading toward their destined location.

            Truth was, Grigor needed to stretch his legs anyway and refilling his dwindling reserves after that last battle would prove a good use of the afore mentioned leg stretching. Picking some wild berries that would make an excellent dried snack, Grigor’s attention is pulled to Fenrir who had lowered into a stalking stance. Game was afoot, and the Beast Master was in the need of some more leather. Pulling his nose to the light breeze he quickly discerns upwind and downwind and positioned himself to hunt. Making his way over to his companion, he sees that she’s spotted a wild boar, which is blissfully unaware of their presence.

            The tactic was tried and true, and the boar roared in surprise being corralled to the left by the snapping jaws of a hungry wolf. It couldn’t have gone any better for the pair of hunters when the spooked animal charged over the taught whip of the Beast Master, its left hind leg catching and tripping the beast into the waiting buried knife. The kill was swift as the blade plunged deeply into it’s left eye socket. Pulling the blade free Grigor gave a prayer of thanks to the forest for the bounty it had provided to them and proceeded to dress the carcass.

            [Later, in Pirn]

            Grigor walks into Gram’s Goods and turns down the center of the store between two moderately stocked shelves.

            Left you a gift behind the store granny, same deal we always have?

            ‘Did ya leave yer usual mess?’

            Mess? You know I have the cleanest dressings in the area.

            The old woman softly smiled as she adjusted herself in her seat.

            ‘Same deal then young’un, and yer last order is ready in the back Grigor.’

            The Beast Master nods and pulls a few select items from the shelf in front of him before heading to the back. While he mostly didn’t like people, he took a shine to this old woman, and exchange for her grandson tanning the skins he brought in he helped keep her store stocked bringing berries, herbs, and other useful items from the surrounding forest and even split the leather with her.

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              "What? I don't bite." Blackrose stood up, confused and a bit Disappointed, and sighed audibly before turning to the collection of gardening tools. Those could come in handy at any point, she thought, so she picked out some of them and then asked how much for it before giving the old woman the money. Of course she wasn't gonna carry all that stuff. She just tucked it away into her inventory.

              Now the little girl was curious. She just watched Blackrose drop a bunch of gardening tools into a pocket dimension. Like, sort of shoved them behind her back and they were gone. "How in the world did you do that, miss?" the kid asked, amazed. "What? Oh, you mean that? Here, I can show you." The girl was still a bit cautious, but moved over to Blackrose to hear what she had to say.

              "You see that broom you got in your hand? Imagine you still have it, but you kinda don't. Like it's on you but not on on you. Like you're saving it in the closet for when you need it." The girl looked at her broom, totally trying to wrap her head around the concept. "You mean I have it but it's not in my hands?" "Yeah! Just imagine you're storing it away for safe keeping." So the girl tried and she remembered Blackrose just putting a bunch of gardening tools behind her back. She put the broom behind her back, imagining she still had it, and let go of the handle. Just like that, it disappeared.

              "Whoa! But where did it go?" She asked, confused. "Nowhere! Just put it back in your hands." So the girl grabbed the handle of the broom and it was back. She was totally stoked about it. "I can't believe it! I'm a wizard!" She cheered, putting it away again. "You're so cool, miss!" She said. Blackrose was flattered. "Thank you, hehe, thank you." She took a swig of her flask. "Now then, let's see what the other townsfolk are up to!" The girl climbed up on her shoulders and she went out to meet everyone else.

              She saw everyone still watching Hellfish sleep at the inn. "Hey, quit rubbernecking! Let that rugged, strong man have his rest. Let's do some cool stuff instead! Everyone's drinks are on me! " And she rallied up everyone and they had a party. She had the local bard play a lute version of darude sandstorm while they played various drinking games.
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                The Migo'te girl nods listening to the man, the weariness jolted out of him with their approach. She shifts in the saddle, trying to pick her words after he says everything he does. “So what you're saying is the world is in trouble, people are dying and you need to get the crystals before that mage gets more powerful and destroys us all?” She tilts her head, as if on queue the chocobo does as well.

                Telah hops off the saddle, looking up at the man and sticking her hand out with a grin, “I'm Telah, Nice to meet you. If you don't mind I would like to help you collect the crystals. It gets boring here, and I want to make a difference-”


                “Yes, yes, this is Chocho.” She laughs, the bird annoyingly pecking at her hood, before starting to bite at the ground. “But as I said, I would like to help, I can take care of myself.” her eyes seem to sparkle in excitement while her chocobo decides to start ignoring her and eating the nearby greens.


                  Alistair watched curiously as Blackrose drank from her flask and clumsily fumbled her tools about herself and exited the store, mumbling all the while about inventories and wizardry and some such nonsense. She sure was a sight to behold, she was capable when sober but whilst drunk she seemed to only just manage to keep her feet on the floor, much less her wits about her. "She's weird!" The little girl spoke when the coast was clear. "Very so, little one." Alistair agreed, giving a friendly smile. "She's actually very nice, though." He gathered an assortment of herbs, spices, and seasonings in a basket and made his way to the counter. "My companions and I are to embark on a long journey, would you perchance have some small pouches I we could each keep on our person to carry some dry goods?"

                  The shopkeeper yawned and nodded wearily. "We've got rice, beans, and flour if yer want it sonny. How many people are traveling with you?" "Hmm... 11, I believe. But I'd like a few extra portions just in case, best to be overprepared than underprepared. Shall we say enough rice and beans to last fourteen for a fortnight?" "That's nearly 200 portions of food, sonny. Are yer made of gil?"Alistar shook his head and laughed, "I'm but a humble ranger, ma'am. But I'm skilled and do make good coin. Would 3000 gil be fair for the goods, a sack of flour, and 12 of your burlap bags?" He sat a bag of gil upon the counter, the shopkeep nodded in approval. "Give me and the girl an hour to prepare your order."

                  Alistair gave a curt nod and headed out the door just as Grigor was coming in. He gave the beastmaster a nod as well and walked out.
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                    Cirrus affirmed that she hit the nail on the head, but he hesitated a little bit when she offered to join in on the journey.

                    "It's going to be a hard trek, we have no idea right now how dangerous it's going to be," He pointed out, looking off to one side and tapping a pinkie on his spear. "That said, we can really use some more help...".

                    He backed up a pace, pulled his spear out of the ground and brought it into both hands with a flourish. "Prove that you can handle yourself in combat, and you can join us."

                    He grinned and bowed his head politely, both to indicate that she could have the first shot and that this wasn't anything more than a spar.
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                    Originally posted by Wade
                    Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                      The motionsick paladin spoke with the old lady for a while and finally tracked down the foreign spice before taking a ladle of water and mixed in the ginger with the water to make a drink for him to consume.

                      Unsurprisingly, it momentarily made him feel worse. Luckily he had already paid as he brought the remainder of the ginger root with him, staggering near the spar with the intent to observe? How did he know that’s what was happening? If it was a real fight one of them would’ve been dead. So he waited to be able to fix the loser up.
                      Originally posted by OrganizationXV

                      "Oh-a shiit!" Mario yells. "Ima gonna leave-a."

                      He runs away, arms out, then jumps like super high and you don't see him any more.


                        Telah takes a long breath as she listens to his challenge, drawing her hand to her waist where her spell tome is placed. She pulls the book out as Cirrus gets into position. “Ready?” Her fingers twitch as her eyes almost seem to become sunken before calling out her incantation, "Draco in adjutorium meum intende quaeso proelio!" a portal ripping open before her in an instant, letting a 2 foot tall grey wyvern break loose, letting out a loud scream as if to challenge the man.

                        “Are you sure you want to do this?”


                          "Oh, you know magic," Cirrus said, pleasantly surprised. "Sure, let's go!"

                          He dashed forward, flipping his spear around at the last second before bashing the small wyvern with the blunt end. His plan was to smack it aside to leave the Migo'te girl open to an attack.

                          Let's see how she handles a frontal attack, Cirrus thought to himself.
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                          Originally posted by Wade
                          Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                            Blackrose had taken a few more swigs of her flask and before she even knew it her supply was totally drained. She didn't notice at first, because she was still buying rounds. Everyone was her friend. Everyone. Nobody knew what she was talking about anymore, but it didn't matter really. The night's activities devolved into observing the wild Hellfish in his natural habitat while she made commentary. "Loogit ow the Cap'nus Hellicus scratches 'is arse as 'e snoozes. Iz a wonder innit? Juz Loogit 'im. 'Appy as a clam. 'E don't notice in the slightest 'at 'es right on top 'a some poor chump. Prolly suff'cated by now. Magnificent. Don't get too close, 'e might eat ya." The others watched, staying quiet.
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                              As the group entered the small town, Luciano quietly stepped off the carriage with his large sack of 60000 gil in tow. He stepped into the small inn, and without a word he grabbed a handful of gil and placed it on the counter. The innkeeper raised an eyebrow at the strange masked man and the paltry pile of gil presented to him. "Hopefully this'll cover both rooms and my friend's recent purchase. " He said, gesturing towards the leftmost room where the hulking mass of armor had just recently passed out, with the now empty bottle of wine in hand. The innkeeper meekly nodded and accepted the measly payment out of fear of being throttled by the captain.

                              Luciano dragged his hefty sack of gil to the second room, the innkeeper's eyes drifting towards the bag before giving him a resigned farewell. "Have a nice stay." The assassin retired to the room, tossing the sack of money on top of a nearby counter, pulling up a chair and sitting down to admire his earnings. The Captain's incessant bellowing boomed in from the room next to him and the man gave a beleaguered sigh. "Shoulda killed the bastard when I had the chance." He grumbled to himself as he stabbed his dagger into the wooden counter.


                                As the day started to turn to evening, Ju-Long continued to question villagers in the small town when he noticed a sizable figure emerging from the woods. A large shirtless man with a long blonde beard was heading towards the carriage and checking the rear wheels against the tracks that it had made. Ju-Long quickly jogged towards the carriage.
                                “Excuse me...” he said to the man as he cautious moved his hand towards the sword handle under his hooded cloak. “What purpose do you have looking at my carriage.”
                                ”Oh, ho ho...”
                                the large man let out a laugh and remained crouched by the wheel, his voice was booming and deep. “So, this is YOUR carriage. I see.”
                                He brought his teeth together into a big white smile. Each tooth was like a large block of polished porcelain, it set Ju-Long on edge.
                                ”State your purpose.” Ju had started to crouch slightly and his hand was visibly on his sword handle, he wanted to show the stranger he was ready to fight.
                                ”There is no need for all that.” The big man stood up straight and lifted a large axe he was carrying to his shoulder. He had an accent, a Northman like Grigor, but this one was from the mountains. He flashed his big, white smile again. “I am looking for my brother, Jack Saqr al Sterlington.”


                                  She shakes her head in a startled fashion, before leaping backwards on her toes to avoid his next attack as she waited for her Wyvern to get back on his feet. She was unprepared with her staff, of course she left it at home.

                                  "Now!" She shouts as the reptilian being prepares a blast of ice at Cirrus's feet.

                                  His next attack would definitely get her.


                                    Cirrus was confused when she yelled out "NOW!" At him, but it all made sense a half-second later when his feet went totally numb (he was wearing shows that were little better than slippers. He didn't have much protection). He didn't think he could move much at all, but he didn't have to. With a practiced thrust, He jabbed at just over her heart with the dull side of his spear.

                                    "C-c-critical hi-hit," Cirrus said through chattering teeth. He tried to back away gingerly and slipped on the ground.

                                    He got up slowly and took a look at the ground under his feet. There was a huge spread of frost on the ground, and it looked like he was barely in the radius of the attack. If he were hit full-blast without his armor, well...

                                    "I'll see what I can do to get you on the team," Cirrus grinned.

                                    The dragoon-to-be walked tenderly over to where Ju-Long was speaking with a large, partially nude man. Cirrus listened in from a polite distance before passing on the news of a new adventurer.
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                                    Originally posted by Wade
                                    Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                                      Ju-Long removed his hand from the sword handle and straightend up. “I did not know Jack had a brother.”

                                      ”Brother in arms!!” The man’s voice boomed out. “We fought together for years! He told me to meet him at Puerto de Oro, but my ship was delayed by a storm and I arrived nearly a day behind him! I come to the city, and it is rubble! Nothing left at all! So I followed foot-tracks to big inn, then followed the wheel-tracks to here!”

                                      Ju-Long glanced up and down at the large man, he was tall and muscular with dark eyes and light hair. He wore similar military-type trousers and boots to Jack and also had the same tattoo on his arm. From the back of his wide leather belt hung a silver helmet with large horns protruding from each side. A Viking...

                                      ”Jack and some of my other companions took a carriage through the desert. We split up into two parties at the inn.”

                                      “Ah, that sounds like Jack. He grew up in the hot sand, it always seems to call him back.” The big man seemed more understanding than annoyed with the news.

                                      ”Forgive me, I have not introduced myself!” He curled his sizable hand into a fist and slammed it into the left side of his chest with a thud. “I am Kriss Fjelløve! The Lion of the Mountain! Proud Northman of the village of Storby in the region of Vind!”

                                      Seeing an opportunity Ju-Long started a proposition. “If you’ll ride and fight with us, we are supposed to meet up with the others in the town of Puerto de Plata. I can also pay you for your service.”

                                      Kriss brought his teeth together in that big white smile once again. “You have my service, Eastman.”

                                      “My name is Ju-Long, and I am happy to have you on board.”
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                                        Cayne walked up and followed after the dragoon, walking up to him.

                                        The paladin seemed a bit better off now, especially when he offered to heal up the destined dragoon if he needed it, since the Ice did seem to hit.
                                        Originally posted by OrganizationXV

                                        "Oh-a shiit!" Mario yells. "Ima gonna leave-a."

                                        He runs away, arms out, then jumps like super high and you don't see him any more.


                                          Blackrose wandered out of the inn and over to the group (Cirrus, Ju-Long, Cayne and others) to see what was going on. She was carrying her last bottle of booze, and threw an arm around Cirrus's shoulder, taking a sip. "What's the latest, gents?" She asked.
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