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    David Dunham ached. The battle with Necron had only lasted a few minutes, but the pain was everywhere. There wasn't a muscle or bone in his body which didn't ache. He and Blazer had arrived back at Team Gamma headquarters, only to find everyone else missing, except Charm.

    "I've developed a new device for you, David," said Charm, "This little ring should fit on your finger well enough. It is made from a Shetrun alloy I crafted myself. It should allow you to store an entire day's worth of solar energy in the ring, to harness at night time. This should allow you to match Necron's potential the next time you two meet."

    "I'm not exactly thrilled at the idea of meeting Necron again, Charm, this time we barely won, and he still got away with half the shipment strapped to his back," replied David.

    "He's adapted to my abilities," added Blazer, "I'm not certain we can beat him again, just the two of us. At the rate Necron is mutating, it'll take the entire Gamma Team assembled to fight him next time."

    "Not quite," Said Charm, "I've spent a good while crafting something for you as well. This pair of goggles will allow you to focus your fire power into tight lasers, which should penetrate even the skin of Necron. You'll only have a few seconds per day worth of use, so you'll have to make every shot count."

    "Where are Nalchir and Water Woman," asked David.

    "Nalchir is out recruiting, as usual," replied Charm, "Water Woman was fighting a forest fire, but I don't know what she's been up to since she extinguished it. A bit of a distraction that one has become, but still her considerable talents have proven useful in the past."

    "Assemble the team, Charm, get everyone in here. WE need to discuss this, we need to take the fight to Necron. We can't afford to wait around for him to play the next card."


      Code Name: Water Woman
      Real Name: Wanda Walters
      Age: 27
      Height: 5'7"
      Weight: 135lbs
      X-Men Class: 5
      Starcraft Class: 10
      Alignment: Neutral Good
      Powers and Abilities:
      Wanda has complete control over water in all of its phases, including ultra-dense metallic water, and can also create water by the power of thought. Some feats she has been seen doing include creating metallic water handcuffs, swords, shields and so forth, creating tons of water by the power of thought to fight forest fires. Wanda is also capable of producing Ice-Flame, which is a negative heat energy fire, to surround herself and ward off would-be attackers. She can also blood bend and can create water in the lungs of enemies, drowning them and doing 90% life damage. Wanda is also able to create poisonous vapors, such as splitting water into its ions and creating Hydrogen Peroxide from water, which in high enough concentrations becomes deadly. In addition, Water Woman is able to control all molecules composed of Hydrogen and/or Oxygen, including O2, O3, Sugars, H+, H2, H2O2, H2SO4, etc.

      Power Grid:
      Intelligence: 4
      Strength: 2
      Speed: 2
      Durability: 2 / 5 (Metallic Water armor and Ice Flame)
      Energy Projection: 6
      Fighting Ability: 2
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        Let me get in on this.

        Basic Info

        Name: Akahiro Yamata
        Super Hero Identity: Orochi Kamen
        Age: 18
        Gender: Male
        Height: 6'4 ft
        Weight: 220 lbs
        Appearance: Muscular build, hair color is black, and hair style is buzz shaved. His eyes are black, and has fair skin. His casual outfit consists of a black shirt, grey sweats, and Black boots. In his super hero appearance, he wears a mask covering his eyes, shaped like a dragon head colored gold, with two red horns on the top of the eyes. His Clothing consists of a Red and Orange body suit, with white chest plate and Shin/Arm guards, and gold boots. He has a black scarf wrapped around the neck as well.

        Powers and status

        Type: Japanese Tokusetsu
        Special Abilities: Heightened spacial awareness, with limited precognition. Immunity to fire and can breath under water. Has super speed and strength, as well as Inhuman Endurance. Has 5 spectral Dragon heads that float close to him, that are used for firing elemental blasts that can be fused into a single powerful shot, and grabbing opponents. Each of the seven heads are colored according to their own elemental shot.

        Red: Fire
        Blue: Water
        Yellow: Lightning
        Black: Smog/Poisonous Smoke
        White: Ice

        Weaknesses: Even though Orochi Kamen can withstand alot of punishment, and has a dragon head for nearly any situation, a well placed explosive type attack can deal alot of damage. The Dragon heads themselves cannot be hurt except by an opposing element/color that is strong against it. The cycle goes: Fire beats Ice, Ice Beats Smog, Smog Beats Lightning (Or conducts if being scientific), Lightning beats Water, and of course, Water Beats Fire.


        -Even though Orochi Kamen is based on the mythological Dragon Orochi, The actual creature itself had 8 heads. Orochi Kamen has 5 plus the human head, totaling to 6.

        -Orochi Kamen is based on Tokusetsu like the Kamen Riders and Super Hero anime like One Punch Man.

        - Orochi Kamen's Birthday is March 20th.

        -Orochi Kamen enjoys playing video games, amongst going to the gym and watching anime.

        Quote: "When Darkness threatens the world, unleash the divine Dragon to protect the weak and destroy the wicked! Transform!" - Akahiro before transformation.
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        Originally posted by Gawayn;n109223
        And Hercules can be any class but Caster. Except he can. If he wore a robe and was beating people with a staff, would you argue with him?


        • Killer Loli Illya-Chan
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          Considering how the real world works, muscles add weight

        • Wade
          Wade commented
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          This is pretty damned good actually, although I do agree that the weight is off a bit. a 6'4" man is going to be about 190lbs if thin, and about 200lbs or more, depending on solid muscle mass.

          This is very creative, and nice work on fleshing out the uniform and stuff. I didn't do that even in the long story version of my character's intro.

        • Killer Loli Illya-Chan
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          I am happy for the praise you give me.
          A uniform is always important to help people remember a hero and their iconic appearance.

          As for the weight, I will get to fixing it. Thank you.

        This is a re-do of a character I invented years ago, and posted on here.

        Code Name: Tentacle
        Real Name: Trevor Tatum
        Height: 6'0"
        Weight: 195
        Alignment: Lawful Evil
        Stacraft Class: 8
        Powers and Abilities:
        Trevor has four powerful dorsal tentacles protruding from his back, which may assist in lifting, grasping or balancing. He also has one tentacle each protruding from each arm and each leg. The tentacles are prehensile and have extra-sensory properties. Able to lift and throw 10 tons, Trevor is a threat to any opposition.

        Trevor is a genius inventor of biomechanical technology, as such he invents biosuits to wear in combat, and his tentacles interface with the suits. Unfortunately for him, Trevor has not discovered how to make the suits stable with time, so the biomechanical suits die and decay after some exertion. Typically, the biosuits are made by splicing his own DNA with the DNA of other mutant heroes and villains.


          Code Name: Rose of the White Crown
          Real Name: Sarah Sanders
          Alignment: Lawful Good
          Powers and Abilities:
          Rose is vastly intelligent and wise, which is her primary mutation. Her second ability is to heal and ward allies against injury. Thus she is able to control and manipulate biochemical bonds to repair damaged cells and tissues at the molecular level. She is also able to turn undead.

          Power Grid:
          Intelligence: 6.5
          Strength: 2
          Durability: 2
          Speed: 2
          Energy Projection: 5
          Fighting Ability: 4
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            Code Name: Electra Cute
            Real Name: Brandy Rainbyrd

            Powers and Abilities:
            Brandy is able to produce electricity in both positive and negative currents in linear and radial blasts of lightning. She is also able to manipulate spin currents at the sub-atomic level of matter, but rarely or never uses this ability directly against living beings. She has an electric field around herself which protects her from all manner of energy attacks.


              Real Name: Nalchir
              Code Name: Nalchir

              Powers and Abilities:
              Nalchir is a spellshaper able to produce positive and negative effects in friends and fores. He is able to strike enemies with boils and similar maladies in combat. He is able to break the 4th wall and use "toon force" to defeat enemies.

              Weapon of choice:
              Shetrun alloy sword folded 256x
              Fleece Mail with Shetrun alloy


                Code Name: Vector (Prime)
                Real Name: Heather Hart
                X-Men Class: 5
                Starcraft Class: 12
                Alignment: Lawful Evil
                Age: 27
                Height: 5'6"
                Weight: 125lbs
                Powers and Abilities:
                Vector is able to manipulate the spin of subatomic particles by adding or subtracting to individual particles' spin characteristic. This is a reality warp and is not consistent with conservation laws. She is able to generate force fields around herself and others, including spintronic currents. Thus she controls both the angular momentum and the magnetic field of matter and even photons. She is able to create an invisibility field by applying spin to the photons reflected from herself or a friend, causing all looking in that direction to behold only a dark grey cloud. Ordinarily, photons are electromagnetic, but have no Spin; Vector is able to apply spin to photons, turning them into particle scale magnets. Vector can fly by manipulating Spin Currents in the air around her, and she can levitate friends and foes in the same manner. In spite of being evil, Vector would never use her powers to permanently harm a sentient being.

                Though it would require deep concentration and meditation, Vector could manipulate the spin state of an entire planet.

                Power Grid:
                Intelligence: 6
                Strength: 2
                Durability: 2/5
                Speed: 2
                Energy Projection: 7
                Fighting Ability: 2
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                  Code Name: Shard
                  Real Name: Europa
                  X-Men class: 5
                  Starcraft Class: 10
                  Powers and Abilities:
                  Shard is able to produce various effects while wielding a sword or other bladed weapon. This includes attacking in 4x speed, draining life and energy from a target, or causing a rain of magical, time-stopping swords to appear by the power of thought, to applying instant death to all beings of Starcraft class 5 or below.

                  Shard is also able to magically control the seven visible colors of the EM spectrum, focusing them through her sword into laser lights or rainbows to dazzle or damage enemies.

                  Shetrun Alloy Sword crafted by Charm.
                  Shetrun fleece mail.

                  Power Grid:
                  Intelligence: 3
                  Strength: 3
                  Durability: 3
                  Speed: 3
                  Energy Projection: 6
                  Fighting Ability: 6
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