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    Invent a Super Hero Contest

    In the style of an X-men character.

    Name: Alicia Ainsworth
    Sex: Female
    Code Name: Tetra
    Type: Class 4 Mutant. Metacognition.
    Size: 5ft 2inches
    Weight: 110lbs
    Age: 33 years old.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good, sometimes leaning to Chaotic Neutral behavior.
    Primary Power: Mysterious Tetrad power, the power of thought.
    Powers and Abilities:
    Telekinesis, but only willing targets. When she uses Telekinesis, a Tetrahedron or Octahedron (two tetrahedrons end to end) is seen around or under the object being lifted. She can accelerate 200 Metric tons object(s) at 10m/s^2 in Earth Gravity, or 20 metric tons at 100m/s^2, or 2 metric tons at 1000m/s^2, etc..
    Flight via Telekinesis. At her body weight, she can accelerate to 40km/s flight speed in just one second.
    Turn her power on herself to make her bones as hard as diamond, with the tensile strength of steel. He physical body can lift and throw 20 metric tons in this form.
    Her Energy Control is a 6 on Marvel's Power Grid system. Her body is Bullet Proof in her diamond bones form,b ut she must be concentrating on it to work that way.

    Alicia was experimented on heavily as a child and adolescent mutant. Her mutation exists at the level of thought, and is subject to mental blocks, but also has emense potential to be harnessed for the powers of Good. However, with her past, Alicia is unwilling to submit to any one group leader for long. She wants to call the shots, and she teams up only for the greater good in dire need, then leaves the group again.

    Power Grid:

    Strength: 2/4
    Durability: 2/6
    Intellect: 6
    Speed: 3/4
    Energy Manipulation: 6 (Tetrad Telekinesis as the power of thought).
    Fighting Ability: 2

    Rogue could temporarily absorb Tetra's power without too much negative side effects. Tetra is a class 4 mutant and almost as powerful as Jean Grey's base form.

    If Tetra fought Magneto alone, the battle would be a stalemate most of the time.
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    Superman (not to be confuzed with DC Superman)

    aman who has all powers and all weaknesses at once.

    looks like a normal man but also not.


      Originally posted by Guest View Post
      Superman (not to be confuzed with DC Superman)

      aman who has all powers and all weaknesses at once.

      looks like a normal man but also not.
      That'd be a horrible existence lol. Imagine having super strength but glass bones, of having light manipulation but being allergic to UV radiation.


        Name: Jake Jenkins
        Gender: Male, but exploring other options
        Code Name: Jankem
        Weight: Fluctuates between 100-200 lbs, depending on how much he's had to use his power. But he always wakes up in the morning at 250 lbs
        Height: About 5-ish.
        Age: Physical - 43, Mental - 14
        Alignment: Needs money, so whatever will pay the bills
        Powers & Abilities:
        Excels at Microsoft computer programs.
        Can eat his weight in Taco Bell without heartburn.
        Always wakes up in the morning weighing 250 lbs
        Refuses to help all friends with their taxes, even though he has an ability to do taxes in 2.5 seconds flat with no mistakes.
        Takes the most fragrant dumps, a single whiff of which will get you plastered off your ass to the point of becoming a giggling Bevis and Butthead level idiot.
        Also, Laser Eyes
        Edit: I should let you know, a fresh duke from Jankem has a smell radius of about 4.6 miles, uninhibited.

        Like I said, he just wants to pay the damn bills.
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          Name: James Vogel
          Sex: Male
          Code name: The Antagonist
          Size: 6'2"
          Weight: 180 lbs
          Age: 36
          Alignment: Chaotic evil
          Primary power: Being the bad guy

          Powers and abilities: He gets more powerful the more evil he is. He has super strength, bulletproof skin, uncanny reflexes, resistance to psychic powers, and can jump really high. Evil thoughts and actions fuel his abilities and so he does evil things all the time to get more power. Even one good thought will weaken him.

          Motivation: He discovered his powers when he was just a kid. He used it to bully other kids in school and eventually kill his own parents. He realized that being bad was the only thing making him stronger so he cultivated his corruption and his bloodthirst to keep getting worse. He went from robbing banks to mass murder to blowing up cities for fun. He has no tragic backstories, no deep-seated anger behind his plans, just the sheer enjoyment of mayhem and destruction.
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            Name: Dip
            Last name: Shit
            Lifts: More than 40 tons
            Job: Kills superman and black people.
            Sex: Alot
            Powers: Hits hard


              Great job, guys. I said it should be in the style of an X-men character, and 4 out of the 5 people who respond on the thread trolls me.


                Originally posted by Wade View Post
                Great job, guys. I said it should be in the style of an X-men character, and 4 out of the 5 people who respond on the thread trolls me.
                Was mine alright? I mean I made a villain but still


                  Originally posted by Chara View Post

                  Was mine alright? I mean I made a villain but still
                  I guess so. Seems like a villain for Hulk to deal with. lol.

                  I'll give Antagonist a 7 in all five power grid categories at maximum, but he can't hold 7 in more than two categories simultaneosly.
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                    Name: Trevor Terrebone.
                    Code Name: Titan.
                    Height: 6'0''
                    Weight: 220lbs
                    Age: 28
                    Alignment: Neutral Good.
                    Powers and Abilities:
                    Titan Absorbs Mass-energy from the earth and the atmosphere and converts it into biomass in his body. He can convert it back to air and dirt when he deactivates his power. Titan uses this ability to grow his body mass, especially muscle and bone mass, and as the name implies, he is able to transform into a Titan. His maximum size is unknown. He regularly transforms into a 12 feet tall 3,000lbs giant. In Titan form, his skin is coated with stone and metal. He can lift and throw 10 times his existing body mass, and standing broad-jump 10 times his present height in Titan form. The larger the Titan form he transforms into, the more mass-energy he needs to absorb to become that larger. The larger the Titan form he transforms into, the more he shifts towards Chaotic Neutral. He can lose himself, like the Hulk, but his power does not activate upon anger. It requires deep concentration and focus to activate.

                    He discovered his abilities while playing Basketball in Jr. High School.

                    Power Grid levels.

                    Strength: 2//6 (max)
                    Durability: 2/6 (Max)
                    Speed: 3
                    Intellect: 3
                    Energy Manipulation: 3
                    Fighting Ability: 4

                    If Rogue attempted to Absorb Titan, she would be able to pull off 1/3rd of his power, but would not be able to disable him with her absorb alone.
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                      Codename: The Tentacle
                      Alias: The Arch-Bishop of Fang
                      Role: Neutral Evil Arch-enemy to Tetra and Titan.
                      Type: Class 4 mutant - absorption
                      Height: 6'6
                      Age: Unknown, appearing middle-aged.
                      Known Allies: Mister Wizard, Fang
                      Powers and Abilities:
                      The Tentacle has an unstable mutation which causes him to experience morphology changes from time to time. Presently he has four tentacles emerging from his back,a nd one tentacle emerging from each arm and each leg. His tentacles can absorb the life-energy of victims wrapped in them to accelerate his own evolution. The tentacles can also be used to manipulate the distal controls of his bio suits. The Tentacle is a super-genius bio engineer who experimented on himself to try and discover eternal life. He is able to engineer various biosuits which compliment his base strength and dexterity and give him feats such as winged flight, energy manipulation, etc. The suits range in size from basic armor to mech scale walkers. He is attempting to discover the source of Tetra and Titan's abilities, and much of his plots resolve around capturing and experimenting on them. nobody knows the Tentacle's original human name, not even himself, as he has become more mutant than man, while maintaining his sentience.

                      Tentacle is a neutral evil villain who is evil, does evil, and wants power, especially immortality, for himself. He does not attempt to conceal his existence from others, and relishes in combat. He is constantly harassed by police forces and other law enforcement, but quickly dispatches them unless they are assisted by a mutant helper. It would be a recurring meme that he always has a minor mutant or two trapped in one of his laboratories, studying their abilities. He sometimes captures and studies even class 4 mutants, but these powerful mutants usually eventually escape.

                      Base Power Grid levels:

                      Strength: 5/ Bio Suit 7 Unstable
                      Durability: 5/ Bio Suit 7 Unstable
                      Speed: 3/ Bio Suit 5 Unstable
                      Intellect: 6
                      Energy Manipulation: 3/ Bio Suit 6 Unstable

                      Bio Suit Power Grid Levels:
                      Up to 7 in each category.

                      A recurring meme is that The Tentacle never succeeds in fully unlocking Tetra nor Titan's powers. The Bio suits experience unstable mutations at random times due to too much exertion, and disintegrate, allowing Tetra or Titan to defeat him eventually.

                      If Rogue attempted to absorb the Tentacle, she would succeed, but her abilities and morphology would become unstable for 60 times as long as the physical contact lasted. This would be highly dangerous for Rogue, since her control of her power is already unstable.

                      The tentacles on his forearms are anchored into a bony plate which extends beyond his wrists. They are about 2.5cm wide and two meters in length.
                      The tentacles on his lower legs are also anchored into bony plates there. These are also about 2.5cm wide and two meters in length.

                      The tentacles on his back are larger, about 15cm across at the base, and 4 meters in length. This gives him a total reach spanning 8 meters.
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                        Let's go, Tetra and Titan vs The Antagonist


                          Originally posted by Chara View Post
                          Let's go, Tetra and Titan vs The Antagonist
                          Okay, Tetra enters her base defensive mode, and Titan transforms into his base 3000lbs Giant form. It actually produces a small vortex as his body absorbs atmosphere and earth around itself to produce biomass. he can't absorb living matter, so he is not a life absorber, but he can absorb concrete or asphault, or sand, etc, and he can absorb all gaseous molecules in the atmosphere.

                          Titan picks up a car and hurls it at Antagonist, while Tetra is flying and flanking him.


                            This should probably be moved to RP again, lol.


                              Originally posted by OrganizationXV View Post
                              This should probably be moved to RP again, lol.
                              No, I like his idea. It probably needs a bit of polishing, just like my ideas, but it works. Titan vs Tentacle is an idea I've thrown around in my head for years, as is Tetra. I might write and suggest these characters to Marvel or Stan Lee (while he's still alive) and maybe they can flesh this out a bit more, they have superb artists so it makes sense to suggest new characters to them.


                                Code Name: Werebear
                                Real Name: Wayne Johnson
                                Alignment: Neutral Good. Chaotic Good while in Werebear form.
                                Height: 5'10"
                                Type: Class 3 Mutant (Regeneration)
                                Powers and Abilities:
                                As the name implies, Wayne Johnson is able to transform into a humanoid Werebear form or also an actual bear shaped werebear form. He has horrifically powerful claws on his forelimbs, which are capable of eviscerating most mortal enemies. Wayne weighs 1,200lbs while in Werebear form. He has massively heightened senses and can detect a drop of blood from a mile away when down-wind.

                                Back story:
                                Also experimented upon by Tentacle, but Tentacle mostly ignores Werebear, because he considers his mutations to be too weak to be useful. Werebear was freed from his cage in Tentacle's laboratory when Tetra escaped. The two are friends, but rarely work together as Tetra's enemies tend to out-class Wayne's capabilities. If you used the X-Men movie rating system, Werebear would be a class 3 mutation, while Tentacle, Tetra, and Titan are all class 4 mutants.

                                Power Grid:
                                Strength: 4
                                Durability: 4, regenerative
                                Intellect: 3
                                Speed: 3
                                Energy manipulation: 1.
                                Fighting Ability: 4
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                                  Code Name: Boseium
                                  Real Name: Sarah Sendal
                                  Type: Chaotic Evil Villain
                                  Age: 25 years
                                  Height: 5'6"
                                  Weight: 120lbs
                                  Classification: Class 4 mutant. Reality Warper.
                                  Powers and Abilities:
                                  Polymorph and Petrification of mortals and mutants of Class 2 or below using eye beams. Class 3 mutants are slowed by 50% while Class 4 mutants experience slow of 25%. Class 5 mutants are unaffected.
                                  Gravity waves from eyes.
                                  Heat beams from finger tips.
                                  Six second time reverse once per day. Class 4 mutants are aware when such an event has happened, but class 3 and below are unaware that the change has happened.

                                  Power Grid
                                  Strength: 3
                                  Speed: 3
                                  Intellect: 6.5
                                  Durability: 3
                                  Energy Manipulation: 7

                                  Sarah Sendal is a female psychopath. She does not make plans for very long, and does not hold alliances except by brute force. Her hobbies include torturing her own servants to see how much she can make them beg to be killed. Even though she is a super-genius, she is insane and rarely focuses her will long enough to accomplish anything scientific or intellectual. She believes that Might makes Right, and that she has the right to take anything by force. If her enemies are too weak to resist her will, it is their own fault, according to her, they must deserve to be destroyed if they are weak enough to be destroyed.
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                                    Name: John Johnson
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Code Name: Inviso
                                    Alignment: Good
                                    Primary power: Invisibility but not completely.
                                    Powers and abilities: Can make his skin invisible but not his skeleton and internal organs, smart enough to solve most of one side of a rubiks cube before giving up, can lean in any chair without falling over, can throw grenades pretty far, and can do entry level parkour.

                                    He tries his best to help people but they keep running away from him screaming.
                                    Originally posted by Kajin_Style
                                    I have this illness called "Having-a-Heart" and gives me this irrational sense of empathy and care for my fellow man.


                                      Code Name: Mister Wizard
                                      Real Name: Gary Grayson
                                      Height: 5'10"
                                      Weight: 180lbs
                                      Age: 40 years.
                                      Alignment: Lawful Evil
                                      Known associates: Bosieum, The Lich Lord, Tentacle
                                      Type: Class 4 mutant Magical Meta-Cognitive.
                                      Powers and Abilities:
                                      Gary's powers are considerable. He is able to control Water, Ice, and Lightning . He is also able to open portals between different locations to travel instantly nearly any distance. He can also physically enter the Astral Plane and travel between planets and entire star systems. However, most of all, Mister Wizard is able to summon a small army of the undead or of other Esper monsters from the Astral Plane to fight for him. Known monster summons are Mist Dragons, Undead, a Shadow Knight, and a Fire Djinn. Mister Wizard is also able to create a shadow simulacrum of himself to trick enemies into attacking an illusion.

                                      Mister Wizard is a willing servant of the Lich Lord, Fang, and a contemporary of Tentacle. Both serve this Vampire King in different ways to try to advance each other's mutant abilities.

                                      Power Grid:
                                      Strength: 3
                                      Speed: 3
                                      Durability: 3
                                      Intellect: 6.5
                                      Energy Projection: 6
                                      Fighting Ability: 2

                                      Mister Wizard is evil, but believes in a specific plan of order and government. He corrupts the concept of law to do his own selfish desires. While there are certainly legal limitations to the evil he will endorse, he will not hesitate to punish a subordinate if he feels he has been shamed. Mister Wizard is an ally to Xavier's arch enemy, Shadow King, however he is not subordinate to Shadow King. If Mister Wizard makes a contract or agreement with someone, he will always follow through with his arrangement, but he will do his best to twist the words of the bargain to his advantage.

                                      Mister Wizard was once allied with Boseium, but the arrangement fell apart, as he found her to be too chaotic to be trusted.

                                      Mister Wizard keeps a small collection of magical rings, wands, and other enchanted trinkets which have abilities beyond his own base abilities. He has been seen making occasional use of them in combat. He never uses the same ability twice, leading his opponents to believe he has unlimited abilities. Where he acquired these relics is unknown, but it is believed by Tetra that some of them were given to him by Shadow King in order to further their alliance. Typically, the relics give him access to an elemental power he lacks on his own.
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                                        Name: Bo Jangles
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Code Name: Trip
                                        Appearance: Like a Dirty Hippy
                                        Age: 28
                                        Primary Power : Drugs
                                        Alignment: Chaotic Good
                                        Primary Power: Drugs

                                        Powers & Abilities:

                                        Trip can ingest seemingly limitless quantities of narcotics and hallucinogens, without overdosing or suffering any long-term damage to his body.

                                        He is able to project the effects of these drugs (both recreational and harmful) out as an aura, either at targeted persons around him or as a limited area-of-effect ability (city block level). In combat, he can temporarily neutralize a target by causing them to "blackout" or undergo the effects of a "bad trip."

                                        Or he can go-for-the-kill by causing his opponent to enter cardiac arrest, of the kind a normal human would typically enter after doing excessive amounts of cocaine.

                                        Trip can also use cocaine to increase his speed, durability, and physical strength to superhuman levels in short bursts. The more cocaine he uses, the greater the boost becomes. If Trip does enough Cocaine he will eventually burst into White Flames and develop pyrokenetic powers until the cocaine leaves his system.

                                        Trip can also use acid to unlock minor reality warping powers; essentially being able to manifest into existence anything he sees while "tripping."
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