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Rise of Skywalker Trailer

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    Rise of Skywalker Trailer

    I think this movie has potential. There are so many ways they could have gone with this.

    I think that is the Emperor's Force Ghost laughing.

    However, imagine if they did some sort of Cross-Over between the new Canon and the old, original EU Canon? What if the Emperor is going to be resurrected, or else his Force Ghost helps Ben Solo become a true Sith?

    If Yoda's Force Ghost can burn down a tree, I wonder what Luke Skywalker's Force Ghost could do?

    Hell, I'd buy a "Cross-over" with a Time Loop, with Rey restoring the Original EU Canon somehow, then you could see Luke and the original Solo Twins vs the Emperor.

    If they did THAT, then they could make the Thrawn Trilogy into Episodes 10-12, and that would be fucking supreme.
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