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Writing Hearth: Brainstorming New Ideas for Short Stories!

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    Writing Hearth: Brainstorming New Ideas for Short Stories!

    This thread shall serve as a bastion of imagination, and where short stories can be built spontaneously with the aid of artistic references!

    I'll start:

    Belgrade, Serbia- 12th Century.

    The Sixth and Final Holy War against The Defiled rages on.

    Emperor Alexios I Komnenos' Sanctuary- the last fortress protecting the true descendants of the Bulgarian Patiarchate, has fallen.

    Vile ash permeates the sullen air- repugnant beasts roam amongst the corpses of the noble and proud.

    Shriek squeals of grotesque abominations can be heard throughout the barren lands- its death cry signals a far sinister evil.

    They are here.

    Drenched in shadows- stained in the unholy and foul, they march to the Citadel.

    The final battle approaches, and the proud warriors of Serbia know that the end is not far from sight.

    The bloodshed begins.

    Thunderous roars of swords and maces strike The Defiled- vulgar chanting parades amongst the fallen creatures, for the determination of Man is not be questioned.

    The strike of dawn warns the men that the fight has just begun- Euclidean shapes emerging from the grotesque misshapen creatures cannibalizes all as its regurgitates The True Enemy.

    Scourges of curses erupt from its center- the Anti-Thesis of All Life, corpses begin to pile atrociously beneath its form.

    The Doors of Damnation have opened- All has been lost.

    Suddenly, the young Emperor of Serbia- Novak Vladimir Djokovic III leads the charge against the monstrous deformity.

    Enshrined in his sword lies the Remnants of the Holy Lance of Longinus- he thrusts Humanity's Final Prayer within the tumorous existence lying in front of him.

    The Sixth and Final Holy War has been won- Humanity lives once more in peace alongside the Lord's Gospel.

    Neat idea for a thread. I'll add to it when I get an idea


      Originally posted by OrganizationXV View Post
      Neat idea for a thread. I'll add to it when I get an idea

      Hopefully, your idea will blossom beautiful, and even more people may be encouraged to participate in this magical event dedicated to respect the power of our imaginations.

      I have an idea for another short story; however, I have to think it through.

      There's certain details that I feel may be unnecessary for the piece, but that'll be for a later time. ^_^


        This seems like a good place to just spitball stuff, so I'll start with this:

        1.) In a world where religion is outlawed, technology has advanced rapidly, so much that in its equivalent medieval time, steam power and electricity were already discovered. As the industrial age continues to blossom, religious cults fester the lands and sprout like weeds, prompting the Military Organization of Religion Detainment (MORD) to take action. This story follows a member of MORD as he scouts for gathering places of these cults, where he finds a gathering of such people known as the Cult of the Sapphire Eye, whose beautiful and wise leader and oracle foresees the destruction of humanity by the awakening of the Great Overseer, a mechanical colossi created by the ancient people before their own world was eradicated. When the scout learns of this fate, he is left with an ultimatum: Should he believe the tellings and abandon his duty for his life? Or will he ignore the twisted schemes of this cult and stay true to his organization?

        Not sure how grand this is meant to be, though considering it has a whole world planned around it, it kinda sets a pretty wide ground for it.

        2.) A popular college guy meets a strange girl that everyone seems to avoid, yet something about her attracts him. They soon start talking and meeting up between classes, getting strange looks from his friends. Frustrated with the judgment, he is told that this girl is nobody, but he refuses to believe so. As time goes on, the evidence is hinted at the fact that this girl is just a mirage before he finds out that she's been dead in her dorm for the last couple days he's been talking to her image. At this point, the guy is completely broken and his reputation is shattered, but he is convinced that she is not truly dead, given that her ghost wouldn't be around if there wasn't any trace of life left. With nothing left to lose, he takes her to a hospital, where she is revived and brought back from a near-death coma through unlikely odds. The girl does not remember him, but he is happy either way and later tries to repair the relationship he had with his friends with some difficulty. This girl, meanwhile, begins to start a new life, happier than she's ever been.

        Writing this made me realize it's a lot like Just Like Heaven, but this would have a more dark and thrilling tone to it. Seemed interesting in concept, but still trying to figure out how it would go.

        3.) The world's last necromancers hide in seclusion from society, but as the tyrant king of the ruling city was killed, their magic is used to bring him back to life as their puppet to indirectly take the throne. Meanwhile, a younger member of the clan stumbles upon the body of the king's daughter, using his magic to reanimate her. Though she is without a head, she soon made to be a great bodyguard with her skills in combat. She makes it clear to the young necromancer that she must find her head setting them on a journey through the tense and convoluted politics that take over the world under the undead tyrant.

        A vague idea, but to have a story centered on what is perceived as "evil" would make for an interesting perspective in these types of worlds.

        Let me know what y'all think.


        • Mr.Sunshine
          Mr.Sunshine commented
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          They're quite wonderful ideas- I never would have conjured such details in my head, so I must praise you for your ingenuity!

          I'm truly loving your idea of a world where necromancy and the morbid arena of politics clash to a decisive battle that'll decide the fate of the decaying Kingdom.

          I can only wonder what marvelous ideas you'll conjure next, my friend. ^_^

          Have a great day/night. <3

        • OrganizationXV
          OrganizationXV commented
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          Those are all super interesting, especially that last one. I can see that getting real weird, in a great way.

        Let me give this a shot.

        October 17, 1997,was the first recorded birth of a demigod. From then onwards, a generation of children grew up and learned that they had supernatural powers forced into them, including a limited form of immortality and some type of elemental manipulation. The story follows a particular group of youngsters as the world around them reacts to this strange phenomenon, and how it's shaped by centuries of their influence.

        As the years wear on, these powerful people become increasingly dangerous. Reckless teens abuse their powers, militaristic governments amass armies as other nations are struggling to maintain the status quo. A cult worshipping enigmatic gods picks up more and more steam, especially when they seem to know more than anyone else what's happening. As the years go by, the magic these people wield becomes stronger and stronger, as less and less of their breed remain.

        If the cult is to be believed, at the end of days there will only be one left, one with the full power of a God, and they would take the mantle of one as well.