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Gundam: IBO - The Ultimate Truth about the Calamity War/ The Evangelion Connection

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    Gundam: IBO - The Ultimate Truth about the Calamity War/ The Evangelion Connection

    If I'm thinking wrong, best to save it for the end.

    In Episode 37, the series introduces a Mobile Armor known as an Angel. The Mobile Armors are of Unknown origin, just like the Gundam frames, that appeared during the Calamity War in the Iron Blooded Orphans time line.

    These Mobile Armor units were built specifically to destroy humanity, and had powerful armaments, regeneration capability through other smaller AI units, and Anti-Beam armor. To defeat the monstrous Angels, Humanity built Gundams to defeat them. The gundams utilized the Alaya-Vijnana System, which had the pilot be able to use the machines as if it was their own body.

    In the end, the Gundams have defeated the Angels, but there remains questions.

    What exactly are these Mobile Armors? And why does it sound so familiar?

    The best answer is this: The Mobile Armors are in fact, man made rampant AI weapons that went Rouge. These machines killed many people and destroyed many cities, causing a great 'Calamity'. If you understand where I am going with this, you can have earned a cookie.

    Gundam: IBO was actually a clever Gundam retelling of Evangelion. The Alaya-Vijnana System was actually the NERV created Plug Suit, the Gundams were EVA units, and it only made sense that the Mobile Armors are called Angels due to their destructive power...... A clever reference to Evangelion.

    Do you agree with the theory?

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    And Hercules can be any class but Caster. Except he can. If he wore a robe and was beating people with a staff, would you argue with him?