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    So Hisagi has just gained the true ability of his Shikai, which is also the reason he has always come close to dying but has never died, he fused with his zan and when his arms were just cut off from the torso, he legs cut off his head destroyed, his torso and heart and saketsu lost all came straight back with chains pulling his body parts back together making him immortal, he always thought his zan embodied death, but it was his shadow that took the form of the shinigami that he so desperately wanted to be and controls life and death as a shinigami should


      Hisagi's Bankai creates a black sun in the sky of infinite chains and blocks rei sensing, we find out that there does not exist a pair of zanpaktou, as Shunsui's zan gave birth to the other zan later on to hide Nanao's zan and Mimihagi being inside Ukitakes influenced the second zan, Hisagi's is not two bladed sickles on a chain but the chain that connects the sickles


        And Ichigo's?


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          I assume he's the special case since one is Yhwach, this was just going over shinigami

        Some worthwhile Bleach analysis for anyone whos interested.

        The Price of Vengeance

        Bleach and Shounen discourse

        A super long in-depth analysis of Ichigo's character development

        I dislike how the last guy throws shade at Naruto and Luffy but overall the video is pretty well done.


          Just watched Chuck's newest video and he used one of my scans in his video :P


            Hisagi's bankai creates a tree and black sun all with chains and from the tree comes a noose in the form of chains around the neck of those affected, it shares the rei of those affected and uses this energy to fuel the immortality/regeneration, however the pain stays and stacks up, Hisagi's has been brutally killed over 1000 times and is still fighting, so he has a lot of willpower, he can also control the chains to cut limbs of the one that it is holding like a rotating chainsaw, his Bankai is stagnation stopping the flow of life and nothing can die or evolve, it creates the previous world that was void of death. pretty broken if you have allies around as he equalises his and his opponents rei by killing each other and just having his allies kill the opponent when they have used up all of the rei by releasing the Bankai, so strength of the opponent is meaningless and regardless of who dies the regen uses up both fighters energy equally after they have been made the same


              The Take5 Bleach compendium's last book just came out and is now complete :P


                Originally posted by Raiden Blackthorn View Post
                The Take5 Bleach compendium's last book just came out and is now complete :P

                Damn, bro... How much did that run you altogether? Like 600 bucks?


                  To be honest I don't know I got each one as it came out, thinking about it now i should have put the Bleach films and anime next to it, well that's my contribution to Kubo at least :P
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                    Originally posted by Raiden Blackthorn View Post
                    To be honest I don't know I got each one as it came out, thinking about it now i should have put the Bleach films and anime next to it, well that's my contribution to Kubo at least :P
                    To: All the money that perished so that Kubo-sama may live (comfortably)
                    From: Captain of Kubo-sama's Royal Guard

                    We thank you for your service.


                      Tousen is the one that made Aizen kill him :P

                      "Is there something that you wish for, Kaname? I would like to extend my gratitude towards you for being my greatest loyalist. So if there is something that you want, just name it."

                      Within Aizen's mind, this memory arose.

                      He had asked his confidant Tosen Kaname this question a long time ago.

                      "By your leave... yes.... there is indeed something. Just one."


                      Interested to know what kind of personal desire this man in front of him sought, Aizen waited curiously to hear those words-


                      The words that tumbled out of Tosen's mouth were far from what one might consider a 'reward'.

                      "My wish is.... A precept against sin."


                      Encouraged by his listener's silence, Tosen pressed on.

                      "Should there come a time when I change... should there come a time when I begin to accept the world of the Shinigami... rather... should there come a time when this world without evolution begins to provide me with something like peace of mind... At that time, I would like you to erase my existence from this world... leaving behind no fragments."

                      The words sounded strange, so Aizen asked again, in order to confirm the other party's intention,

                      "Surely, Kaname... should there ever come a time when you need to halt your progress... the Shinigami lot will forgive you. However, I do not think you will accept that forgiveness, will you?"

                      "If there is one thing that is absolute, then it is you, Aizen-sama. But... You, who taught me what justice is, and you, who instructed me on how the world ought to operate, are also a part of the world that I detest."

                      "I see. So the root of the very justice that drives you, is a double-edged sword that can also destroy your justice at the same time."


                      Yes, that was the name of the woman who was Kaname's best friend, recalled Aizen. Tosen continued to speak.

                      "If I were to accept the world of the Shinigami, then it will be a denial of my own justice. Should such a time ever come, what I will have done, will no longer be justice. It will just be murder."

                      Clenching his fists in remembrance of a cruel past, Tosen let his next words out with difficulty.

                      "That would mean... the defilement of Kakyo's death and her way of life. Since I am standing here, already betraying her wishes; going against my own justice would be equivalent to murdering her twice."

                      "But if she were alive today, would she have forgiven you?"

                      "...Yes. She would have. That's why, I want you to have mercy and make me disappear from this world before I degenerate into the non-existent goodness that she saw in this world."

                      "Mercy... you say?"

                      "If my justice turns out to be false, then I must never be forgiven! I want you to crush and destroy every last bit of my soul before my heart gets filled with false salvation. That's my one and only wish."

                      Tosen uttered a wish that was not in accordance with his justice, but according to his feelings.

                      Aizen, who respected Tosen's resolution, questioned him once again in order to see whether Tosen really grasped the depth and meaning behind his own desire. Anticipating the answer, Aizen asked,

                      ".....If I stand atop the heavens and create a new world.... what will you do then?"

                      "That new world is a world where someone like me, who is forever trapped by vengeance, must never exist. Therefore, once you stand atop the heavens, Aizen-sama, I must commit suicide for the purpose of complete purification of that world."

                      "So then... whatever happens... I will inevitably end up losing my only confidant."

                      "....Forgive me. Please forget what I just said."

                      Tosen realized that Aizen, too, was trapped by emotions.

                      Aizen spoke to Tosen, who looked like he repented his choice of words,

                      "It's fine. Those were words that came out of your true heart."

                      "It is my immaturity that still makes me unable to cast off the justice that my friend Kakyo sang praises about."

                      "No, it's not. Knowing one's own weaknesses becomes the foundation for climbing to greater heights."

                      Aizen looked down at the incomplete Hogyoku held in his hands, and spoke softly; a fearless smile playing upon his lips.

                      "Sometimes, fear is also necessary for evolution."

                      And so, Aizen spoke to his close subordinate with absolute firmness. Approaching Tosen, Aizen made a promise to him.

                      "I swear to you, Kaname. Before you suffer from the forgiveness of the Shinigami, I will make sure to erase all traces of your existence."

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                        I Don't know If I ever posted it but in the last novel it took three days of travel to get from the seiretei wall to seventh division :P


                          I just found out That Ichibei's Bankai is listed as unknown on 13 Blades, it states that what Ichibei used was Shin'uchi and not Bankai, Shin'uchi what a hakuda master trains and means true self, it is used without the assistance of an assauchi, it lacks the complexity of the Bankai and the Bankai is superior, so not only have we not seen Ichibei's Bankai, it's stronger then what wev'e seen :P

                          http://<a href="https://www.reddit.c...anslation/</a>


                            So... What was the appeal of the Hueco Mundo arc.
                            On a recent rewatch, I just couldn't get into the series like I did on first watch.


                              Bleach still sucks 2020


                                Originally posted by General Naruto View Post
                                So... What was the appeal of the Hueco Mundo arc.
                                On a recent rewatch, I just couldn't get into the series like I did on first watch.
                                The bankais and Ichigi's hollowfication iirc.
                                Originally posted by Wade
                                Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                                  You who have been fans of bleach for your prayers has been heard and your wihsh been granted:
                                  BLEACH ANIME RETURNS
                                  My laughter when I see stupid posts:


                                    Im looking for that gif of everyone teleporting behind ichigo. I know one of ya has it, its hilarious.PrezesE Raiden Blackthorn


                                      yay, they're animating the worst arc in Bleach


                                        Originally posted by dan View Post
                                        yay, they're animating the worst arc in Bleach
                                        dan you have that gif of everyone teleporting behind ichigo?