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    Originally posted by Mr.Sunshine View Post

    I'll have you know that I have the purest of hearts in this entire world, and I have yet to encounter such a vile and detestable human that you're referring to.


      Originally posted by Max View Post
      Hello there, Max!

      Hopefully, your day will always be wonderful. ^_^


        I finally got to finish Ryuu no Haisha- after quite a long time!

        I'm referring to the TV Special Adaptation of the OVA- each episode is 45 minutes long.

        I genuinely loved it- even if certain lore and certain events could have been examined further.

        All mistakes were rectified, even if it would never amount to anything as it couldn't change the past.

        That put a smile on my face, and that's always a plus on my book! ^_^

        I recommend it wholeheartedly, so I hope that everyone gets the chance to take a small peek at it, and enjoy it to the fullest! <3


          Originally posted by Louay View Post

          Tezuka was ahead of his time. I hope some of his other works like Message to Adolf and Phoenix also get proper adaptations in the future.
          I didn't think it was that old. Older stuff tends to be better though.


            Mob Psycho Episode 8

            Jesus Christ, that got dark real quick. I'm legitimately surprised.

            You know, it's very rare to see a show greatly surpass it's already superb first season, but Mob Psycho did it in spades.


              Rascal Bunny-Girl episode 6.
              This episode definitely touched on my most precious wish for things to go on forever, so I definitely loved the fact that we got to see the various repeats of that day in the beach.
              If it had only gone on forever and ever, without ever ending.
              That would be a dream come true!

              Mob Psycho 100 II episode 4.
              Crush him, Mob!
              Don't let him get into your head.
              Reigen definitely showed that Jodo who was the Boss in this operation, and I'm glad that he braced for impact on the concrete floor- it could have been worse!

              The Promised Neverland episode 2.
              Poor Emma.
              Having to die in the inside every single time when remembering Connie's cruel fate.
              Double trouble it seems- a new challenger approaches in the form of a Sister!

              Dororo episode 5.
              I have a feeling that the children and Mio are not going to receive a happy ending.
              Hopefully, that's not the case, and they can be a happy family with their own little home with a plot of land to cultivate their food. ^_^


                Promise Neverland Episode 8

                What is this, the week of cliffhangers? Jesus Christ, that tension.


                  Goku is the greatest.


                    Promise Neverland Episode 9

                    God damn I must be psychic or some shit.

                    I don't even need to spoiler anything since it's so out of context no one would figure it out.


                      Mob Psycho 100 II episode 5.
                      That certainly stole my breath away!
                      I will never not love this fight scene in particular:

                      ???% to save the day!
                      I'm truly happy that Minori was redeemed, at the end of the day. <3
                      I wonder if Mogami will ever escape that little capture-sphere.
                      Hopefully, not any time soon! ^_^

                      Dororo episode 6.
                      Farwell, Mio.
                      You'll never be forgotten. ;-;


                        OH NO NO NO

                        Don Tigris how do you feel about this?


                          Originally posted by Louay View Post
                          OH NO NO NO

                          Don Tigris how do you feel about this?
                          I'm not loving it but I'm gonna reserve my judgement for when it's actually out


                            Originally posted by Don Tigris View Post
                            I'm not loving it but I'm gonna reserve my judgement for when it's actually out
                            Wait..... Saitama got fired from his job as a super hero?
                            Originally posted by Gawayn;n109223
                            And Hercules can be any class but Caster. Except he can. If he wore a robe and was beating people with a staff, would you argue with him?


                              The Promise Neverland Episode 11

                              Was a damn satisfying ending.

                              Holy Hell, Norman was channeling Light Yagami there.


                                just three whole months until the wa bunny girl movie

                                unfortunately, it seems the anime wont get a second season after all. massively disappointing. I have been somewhat spoiled on the novels, and shit really hits the fan later on from what little ive heard. dont wanna read the novels though because....I cant tell if the cadence is lost in translation, if the japs suck at writing, or if the translations are just fucking SHIT, but either way the LN's are a no-go unless the movie doesnt cover all the insane shit going on with the Shoko Makinohara character......goddamn, i thought bae was just a bland asf token mary sue, was i ever wrong LOL
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