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Can tech companies easily put an end to planned obsolescence?

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    Can tech companies easily put an end to planned obsolescence?

    As in, if they really wanted to, at a moment's notice.

    I think they probably could, if they built their devices to actually last a long time and not refreshed them until about 2-3 years from the release of said device.

    But at the same time they probably won't because now it seems to be good for business as well as for their yearly upgrade schedules if companies charge nearly a fortune or so for their devices yet they're built to fail by design so that people can get the next model anyway. But wouldn't it be better if they charged really high prices yet made sure that their product was capable of lasting a really long time as well as stopped refreshing their line up year after year for things like phones and such? Game consoles for one thing seem to have this aspect down, as well as PC's and probably tablets.

    I'd say if a small company was trying to make it into a comparative market and the buyers were making informed decisions, then products would be build to last longer. So competition and an informed public is the only way I see things changing.

    But I doubt big companies would change their business model unless they were at the brink of a catastrophe. .