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Divine Prophecy against the races.

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    Divine Prophecy against the races.

    Since world leaders don't even accept emails with the word "God" in them any more, I am going to post a letter her which I intended to send t world leaders. I have had several divine dreams and other revelations from God in the past few months, and years, and I will now post something. You guys here are going to hate me for this, but whatever. So God is about to do something to certain nations and human beings that he hasn't done to humans since 45,000 years ago. Several nations are about to be punished, and a few will be blessed, and you will hate me for saying this, but when you see this come to pass starting in a few years, you wil know that there is an Almighty TRUE CREATOR God, and you will know that he is eternally righteous.

    So here is the letter, which I have emailed to Nancy Pelosi, of all people, and intend to snail mail to Boris Johnson, even though his email won't accept even an abreviated version of this, because the word "God" is forbidden in the email.

    The letter:

    Wade Daniel Smith

    February 11, 2020

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson
    10 Downing Street SW1A 2AA

    Dear Sirs and Madam:

    Please keep copies of this letter on file until the prophecies from God in this letter begin to come to pass, then you will know how Almighty The True Creator really is. The news in this letter is both bad and good for several groups around the world, and I'll cover the bad news and the worst offenders first. Your laws give each citizen a right and duty to worship the True God, but your people in some nations choose to reject God generation after generation, and they choose to do evil God has proven to them as being evil in the past. So God is going to give a sign to this generation that he has not given in a long time, and he is going to reward the righteous and punish the wicked in a way he has not done since 45,000 years ago. Because your evolutionist atheistic scientists say that there is no God, your youth are turned away from God and do any many of evil they please, and your adults are even worse. So God is going to prove himself to all humans once again, and you will know that there is an Almighty God. Other prophets will also write to you the same content as this letter, in their own words and style, and you will know that I am not a liar and God is not a liar.

    The Attrocities of the United States

    So on your twenty dollar bill you have Andrew Jackson, because he was a president and a war hero, but he committed one of the worst genocides in human history, and you still celebrate him instead of putting a more worthy person on your money. Because you have not repented of your Ancestor's evil, God is going to return your land to the Native American tribes and to the Chinese. This is the beginning of the judgement of God, because this still far off, but your people have wronged other nations for centuries, and yet you believe you have the moral high ground over all nations just because you are a democracy and have "under God" on your money, even though you violate every moral principle God ever gave to man. Your Christians break 9 of their own 10 commandments every day, and your Atheists are more Godly than believers in God and they obey 9 or the 10 commandments every day. Besides all that ,Christianity is a false religon to begin with, and no rational government should allow a provably false religion to operate in it's borders.

    So, the Chinese pepole had a famine that killed 60 million people, but what you do not know and they do not know is the United States poisoned their food supply just because they were communists and you were capitalists. You actually killed more Chinese people in on egeneration than the Germans killed in World War II, and you don't even know that because the previous generation of Americans massacred them and then blamed it on the communists. As if this were not enough, your people are evil to the core anyway.

    Goodness is not an invention of God, nor a matter of popular opinon. Goodness is a divine attribute of God. Your people do not believe in God, even though you take a pledge t a nation "under God". So becaue you do not believe in the True Creator, the Almighty is going to prove himself to you. Your poor people rob the government and the rich people, and they do not even work hard, because they get so many entitlements half their living is paid for free. They want an increased minimum wage, when most of them are only worth $5 per hour. Deliver Drivers, on the other hand, get under-paid to risk their lives and property, and they should be paid $15 per hour, plus still get mileage and tips. But they get paid less than anyone else in the store. At any rate, the poor people do not need more entitlements, they need less entitlements and less fraud and less adultery and less children. You encourage poor people ot have more children they cna't afford to raise.

    This is the beginning, because your women and men are homosexuals, and because your black men are six times more violent than white men and other races, and 20 times more criminal, God is going to punish the black people more than anyone else. This is not racism, because I am about to pronounce judgment on my own race too, and they will be punished more severely than they have in the past 45,000 years. So you believe in Evolution and do not believe in God's Creation. But Almighty God created the races, and Almighty God has divided your species before in ages past, and He will do it again now. Your Africans will have their I.Q. lowered from 65 to 40, your African Americans will be reduced from 85 to 65, and your white women will be reduced from 107 to 85, while your white men will be increased to 130. China's entire population will be increased by an entire scale again too, and Spain's women will be lowered to 85. God has ordained that the evil will be punished and the righteous will be rewarded, and He has not done this to humans since 45,000 years ago. IN the future, God will create a new species of humans born with the Gift of Prophecy and Telepathy, and they will be guardians over your species, and they will know when you do evil and will punish you, and when you repent they will know whether you are lying or telling the truth, and if you are lying they will punish you again.

    God created women equal to men, but every time women are given equality they sin against God and sin against the men. They're 40% homosexual now, and they steal half a man's paycheck, and they falsely accuse the men, and the white women knew the black men were criminals and they wanted to marry them and have sex with them anyway, so God is going to reduce white women to be the new black women, and he' sgoing to reduce black people to be the new monkeys. The Africans were reduced to 85 from 107 some 45,000 years ago because they commited human sacrifice and cannibalism. ...and they kept doing that without repenting until 1915, and the only reason they don't do it now is because the U.N. has laws against it. They don't give to the poor, and they steal from the rich, and there is a half-trilllion dollar tax fraud loophole from African Americans alone each year. So your women want equality? God created them equal, but they rebel every time, so when white people want criminals and an inferior race, God will make the white women inferior from now. They will depend on their husbands, and their husbands will be made smarter to make up for the fact they are inferior now. And God is able to do this in spite of your belief that DNA causes everything.

    The Sign of a Hurricane

    the Sign that this is going to come to pass will be the worst natural disaster in United States history since the Year Without A Summer. It will kill more people than all other disasters combined, and you deserve worse, but in God's mercy he will stop at this at first, so some of you have a chance to repent for real. There will be a Category 1 hurricne 24 hours from landfall in New Orleans, and the righteous will flee in time, but the wicked will not care, because they trust in a category 3 ratede levee instead of God. So by the time you know th ehurricane intensified to Category 2 it will already be a category 3, and by the time you think it's a category 4 it will be a category 5, and by the time you know it's a 5, it will be 195mph. This will kill 750,000 people in the surrounding region in severa cities, and will do $2 Trillion in damage. The Storm Surge will be 45-50 feet. When this sign comes to pass, you will know that the rest of these signs are about to come to pass. When innocent young people are killed because of their parent's sins, God takes them to Heaven and gives them a chance to come back as a mortal again, but most choose not to come back when they understand your spiritual condition.

    After this storm, God will realign your atmosphere, and the Western Atlantic will produce hurricanes as strong as it's supposed to do. God has been weakening the storms there for many generations. Now they will peak out over 250 miles per hour. God will also increase the intensity in the east Atlantic and Category 4 140mph hurricanes will landfall in Spain and Portugal. God will also increase the intensity in the East Pacific, and Category 5 hurricanes will landfall in California. The intensity in the West Pacific will go down, because the people God has been punishing there are all dead now. The intensity in the Indian Ocean will go up to what it was 400 years ago, and God will plague the Hindus in other ways too, because they used an atomic weapon 8000 years ago, and God sent an Archangel to destroy them and took away all technology including writing and fire. They have remade atomic weapons and they are worshiping more false Gods than ever before, and God is going to deal with them the same way he always has, and if they do not repent this time, he will send another Archangel against them.

    This is not the end of time, this is the beginniing of time. the End of Time is a false prophecy in most major world religions. God intends the universe to exist for another 10^128 years, or 1 with 128 zeroes behind it, and there are righteous angels and other beings created by God that have not sinned once in 13.8 billion years, and will not sin any until the real end of time, and yet humans can't seem to go a day without blaspheming God. So you are going to pass a law against all provably false religions and you are going to teach Deism in school and college so your people know that therre is an Almighty God, and you are going to ban homosexuality at the force of death, because God has repeatedly informed your species that homosexuality is an abomintation to God.

    Because the Chinese people are 10 times more moral than the United States, God is going to give them radically advanced technology and they will be commanded not to share it with the rest of the world, because you kept your technology from them for decades. So God will give the Chinesse people anti-matter, warp drive, and many more technologies you won't even know existed. God will give them a 2 to 1 technology advantage over you, and a 5 to one numbers advantage and a 10 to 1 economy advantage, and if your government attacks them for any reason God will give them a 10 to 1 military advantage over you. you have destroyed your own environemtn, and you polluted twice as much as China in the modern era, and you hid clean colal from them for decades, so god is going to hide all these technologies from you. They are permitted to share with the other asian nations, but not you.

    The death tolls from the climate disasters that will be happening in the United States and India in the next few decades will be staggering, but you deserve worse. This is not Global Warming. God is going to make you clean up your own mess. You have the technology to produce clean energy, and you keep burning fossil fuels indefinitely, when wind, solar, and thorium nuclear can do most fo the clean energy you need. You are not producing slightly too much carbon dioxide. You are producing 500 times too much carbon dioxide, and 200 times too much methane. It will take 50,000 years for the environment to recover from your pollution at this rate, and if you pollute for another 80 years it will take 100,000 years to recover. The hurricanes in the future will get 110 miles per hour stronger, and that's not even God's doing, that's man's doing to themselves. In fact, God will need to save the Ozone layer from the Hurricanes just to keep you from going extinct. Planting a few trees will not stop Global Warming. Some 96% of the carbon cycle is in the ocean.

    Some democrats and progressives want to kill 5/6ths of all humans to reduce pollution, but that wouldn't even be enough anyway. Not that God would allow that anyway. This planet can support 100 billion humans, provided you actually shared and didn't pollute, but your people are more interest in killing one another or accumulating selfish gain. So God is going to take away your fashion models and your movie stars and promote China.

    Nazi Germany

    Germany is now the most powerful nation in Europe again, and the United States gives germany all their technology and is allied with Germany, and they are 50% nazi still. They are planning another Holocaust already, this time by stealth rather than raw power. God is going to divide them four ways this time, and God is going to have Russia and China build walls in Germany to divide them, and if the U.S. takes Germany's side, God is going to fight on China and Russia's side. Your false christian prophets claimed Russia and China were going to attack Israel at the fake end of time, but God is going to have Russia and China fight on Israel's side against the Nazi's again. Because you empowered the nazis again, God is going to punish you again, and because you didn't know about the massacre that was your own parent's fault in China, God wll only punish your elders.

    So if the United States will not enforce the Law of God in it's own land, God will raise up China to occupy the United States and they will enforce the Law of God on you, because they are more righteous than you. Since you do not believe that God opposes homosexuality and transgenders, God is going to plague them so badly they won't want to be that way any more anyway. They don't even tell you how badly God already plagues them, and they still rebel and sin anway, but they already get tumors in their mouths from their sins, and they just hide it and harden their hearts against God. If you do not enforce the Law of God the Chinese will come and kill them. Your weapons will not save you, because God will give the Chinese the technology to defeat all of your military and they wiill not need a nuclear weapon to do so.

    False Prophets

    Real Prophets do not ask for tithe and offering, except food and water, and maybe $5 gas money. The people on pulpits in fake christian churches around the world, especially in America, are all false prophets and they know they are false prophets. They are not men of god, they just use fake religion to rob other people of their income. You do not have a right to be a false prophet, or practice a false religion. For christians, there is a rebuke in their own Bible, "God is not a man" (Numbers 23:19). God is not Jesus of Nazareth, nor any othre man-god. God is a Singular Being, the beginning of all existence, and He is not a man at all, nor does he even have a physical body. you need to go ahead and ban the following religons: Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Voodoo, witchcraft, satanism, scientology, psychics, horoscopes, zoreastrianism, Greek Mythology and Egyptian mythology, and so on. And leave their monuments so other people can see that fools worshiped everything except the real God. Put their false holy books in a museum so people can say what is right or wrong with the book, but it shoudl not be brainwashed upon children. Teach Deism and the Philosophies of Rene Descarte and Aquinas in school so people see a rational argument for God's existence, instead of being brainwashed either by religion or Atheists.

    When anyone writes a letter to you claiming to be a prophet, keep a copy of it for all time, so if it comes to pass you know God is real, and if it does not come to pass you know the prophet was deceiving himself. The next two generations will be even more evil than this generation, and they will harden their hearts to God ,and God will punish them even more severely than you.

    Sentient Insects and poisoned food

    Some of the insect species are more intelligent than you realize, and you are killing them and you don't even know you're killing them. Dragonflies are shrinking faster and faster lately, they used to be 12 inches 120 years ago and now they are only 2.5 to 3 inches, and they have a defense mechanism God has given them that they are about to start attacking humans with, becaue they know humans are killing them. You are poisoining your own food supply to kill butterflies and other insects, and you are killing all the insects, including bees, and if bees die your crops die and you die. Stop putting poison in your food. Dragonflies are very intelligent and they are one of God's oldest life forms on this planet, and you are at risk of driving them extinct because of all the chemicals and other toxins you put in the environment. God already adapts the insects to the poison every few years, but God wants you to stop poisoning them in the first place. the other nations don't want your poisoned food anyway, because they're pretty sure it causes cancer. Anyway, Dragonfleis are very smart for something so small. They are smart enough to avoid automobiles, and they are smart enough to know humans are destroying the environement and killing them.

    There is a real God, and you are about to learn what Almighty means. Americans wanted to wage war on God, but God will now wage war on Americans, and God won't suffer a single casualty.

    I have sent the letters to President Xi and Prime Minster Boris Johnson so they can bear witness that a True Prophet has warned his own nation that God is against them. I intend to move to Hong Kong to lvie with my new wife soon, and I don't plan on returning to the U.S. I will work in Hong Kong and I will raise a family there because their education is better and their government is better and their people are nice and smarter and more moral. Besides, I don't want to be in the United States when God brings this prophecy to pass.

    Wade Daniel Smith

    God is not a man.
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    Also, god is not going to punish Australia any more than natural consequences of Global Warming, because they already take more damage from Global Warming than anyone else anyway. So the cyclones in their basin will remain the same intensity they currently are. Their entire environment is going to be destroyed by Global Warming over the next few decades anyway....and most of that is not their fault, so they do not need to be punished any more.

    God is Eternally righteous. When innocent children are killed because of their parents sins or foolishness, God takes them to heaven, and they are given the option to come back as a mortal again, but most do not come back, because they don't want to be a part of your fallen spiritual condition.

    God is eternally righteous. When people go to Hell, they eventually repent no matter how long it takes, and God eventually will let them out of hell when they repent for real, and that means God's creation is ultimately Eternally righteous. God makes everything perfect, and God has a perfect plan to redeem his creation, and he does not need a dead god-man to do that. The True Creator is Almighty, and the death and resurrection of a God-man does not add anything to God's perfection, contrary to Christianity's claims.


      did you know a 40 I.Q. human will still be able to make tools, still have free will and human emotions, and so forth. And they are still inherently able to know Good from evil. And if they choose to do evil again God will punish them again....and reduce them to monkeys again.

      A dog knows good from evil, and most of the time chooses to do Good, so what is human beings problem?


        “Germany’s planning another Holocaust.”

        Absolute lulz.


          Hey Wade, I'm not saying this ironically to be a dick, I'm genuinely concerned.

          Have you been taking your meds or going to therapy?
          Originally posted by Wade
          Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


            wow what a relief wade i thought that chinese woman killed you with the coronavirus and/or kidney removal
            Originally posted by Kajin_Style
            I have this illness called "Having-a-Heart" and gives me this irrational sense of empathy and care for my fellow man.


              Originally posted by Wade View Post
              Your Christians break 9 of their own 10 commandments every day, and your Atheists are more Godly than believers in God and they obey 9 or the 10 commandments every day.
              damn, facts.....


                Geneva Convention is ignorant. Assuming that the enemy civilians are innocent leads to the nazis being reborn 2 generations after the fact.

                Evil dictators state in power when the majority of their people are evil. Anybody in Germany could have put a bullet in Hitler's head at any time, any time he was giving a speech, and nobody killed the evil dictator, because they all supported him. Assassinating one man doesn't change an entire nation anyway, and replacing Saddam Hussein in Iraq doesn't change an entire nation, and in fact the Muslims are more evil than the Baath party, which the U.S. government can't admit to this day.

                I believe in Total Asset Destruction. I believe in punishing evil civilizations for their evil actions, however, I'd minimize civilian casualties, but I am not God, I can't know who deserves to die and who is innocent, but God can know that. Coronavirus doesn't kill kids. It only kills adults.

                So you unbelievers will know that there is a real God when these signs come to pass, and you'll know that Truth is not Subjective, but Truth and Goodness are in fact Objective.

                Now you should know that the real God gently rebuked me for two of my fictional cards I intend to make in my real game when I move to China. In one case I intended to mock the Hebrew false notion of God, and I used the Hebrew name "yahweh" in a mockery of the false god. HOwever, I forgot that Yahweh is just the hebrew word for "The Lord", and the real God told me that his real name is Yahweh, but that the Biblical Yahweh is wrong and that most of the Bible is wrong, which I already knew. The card God set me straight about was titled "Creator's Avatar" and he said that is not okay to make, because that's actually a false god, and because I intended to make a strategy card game which does not offend the real God, then the real God will help me invent names and mechanics which do not offend him and which are marketable in both the Chiinese and English language. In addition he has already told me some mechanics and slight rebalancing issues that make the game better than I had done on my own. So God is real and Righteous, and I'm going to make a lot of money doing this without blaspheming God either. God told me that I am worth several million dollars per year if I was just at the right place and time and that it wasn't fair that I've never had the right opportunity. So he is going to help me make my game and market it and make a good living doing it.


                  Oh, by the way Wade, I edited out your address so you don't get harassed by any random guys online.

                  For the love of God, dude, stop posting that here lol
                  Originally posted by Wade
                  Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".


                    Originally posted by Wade View Post
                    . I will work in Hong Kong and I will raise a family there because their education is better and their government is better


                      One year, around 2004 I was walking out of a gas station and a poor man with torn clothes came up to me and asked for money. I was happy to help him, so I opened my wallet and I had several 20's and I was about to grab a 20 and God spoke to me then and told me to go deeper and I grabbed a $100 bill and gave to the man, and because so many beggars end up blowign money, I was like, "don't buy drugs or alcohol", which I was pretty sure he woudln't anyway, and he thanked me and ran off.

                      God just reminded me of this, because at the time I was a chrisitan ,and I didn't stop to think about the fact that technically that wasn't Jesus talking to me, that was just God. And God told me the man went and joined a chrisitian church later and got hooked on christianity, because he assumed he was supposed to join a christian church just because somebody gave him money. I wouldnt have understood at the time that I was just supposed to tell him God told me to give him the $100, but God said that wasn't my fault either. But christianity is false, and judaism is false, but God said the Jews didn't get the quarantine laws from the Egyptians. That God gave that to them, that the Egyptians didn't know that, and the Hindus didn't know that even when they had nuclear weapons the first time. Nostradamus cured the Bubonic Plague using the Quarantine laws from Leviticus. It wasn't until Pasteur that they scientifically proved that microbes caused disease, but it was known before then by Divine Revelation. But the point here is that the real God really does know everything.


                        You are aware that these people are going to immediately delete your email and dismiss you as a regular mentally ill person before even reading one sentence of it


                          God also told me there was once life on Mercury and Venus, and I must also point out that God never told me the Universe was 13.8 billion years old. I've just been quoting that as the best age, but I already have two scientific measures that suggest the Universe might be twice that Old anyway. The age of the Sun, assuming the Sun is a first generation star, and the fact the Universe expands in both directions below light speed, seems to suggest th euniverse is twice as old as it appears. If the Sun is a first generation star, it would need to be 27.4 billion years old to reach it's present composition, assuming it burns Hydrogn from Protieum into Helium 4.


                            I'm writing a letter to Donald trump, and the entire government, explaining that God wants us all to disarm our nuclear weapons and other illegal weapons (the U.S. has lasers in space), and God just told me that after I send the letter, an actual space alien with police authority form God is going to appear and command everyone, especially the U.S. to disarm their nukes....or be destroyed.

                            God has always banned the use of nuclear weapons, and God destroyed India 8000 years ago after they detonated a nuclear weapon on a peaceful civilization.

                            The U.S. still has hundreds of 100 megaton bombs armed, and they never even declared those to anybody, not counting thousands of roughly megaton class bombs.


                              Wade's manifesto looking top-notch!
                              This is sure to get you a high-quality padded cell, bud. Good job putting in that extra work :)
                              Hope those hunky NSA members don't manhandle you too roughly. Unless that's your deal, I ain't kink-shaming.
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                              Check me out on Twitch @


                                God has told me that Suns and Stars are not the same thing, they operate on differnt physics principles and burn different fuel.

                                Our Sun is more massive than physicists think, and it burns Helium, not Hydrogen. Betelgeuse is a dying Sun, and it is also a life form, and the expanding envelope around it is a continuous structure, part of the dying Sun itself. Sirius B is a dying Star, and Sirius A is a healthy Sun, which is actually more massive. The laws of physics allow this, because 10 of the 20 laws are ordinary, and 10 of the laws are to miraculously affect the other laws to perform miracles without a logic break. Stars and Suns work on different physics principles.

                                God told me Betelgeuse has already exploded, the light just hasn't reached us yet. Betelgeuse became an evil being and intentionally destroyed a Type 3 Civilization, but God said they were also evil too, because he would not allow that otherwise, but He did not want them destroyed yet, but he allowed it to happen because they deserved death anyway, but he was giving them time to repent. Betelgeuse took justice into it's own hands and killed them all. When it explodes as it dies it will destroy all life for a very long distance in every direction, and will even have a slight temperature change on the Earth. God said when unbelievers see Betelgeuse die they will believe in Almighty God.

                                IN the Bible, it says God made the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and that he made other "lights" and "Great lights". God said not all lights in the sky are stars. There are stars and there are Suns and there are other great lights.

                                The Angelic race that lived on Mars 8 billion years ago didn't believe in warfare. They just rebelled against God because they thought they deserved to be created as a higher life form....not exactly the same sin as Satan himself, but similar, and God plagued them and tried to convince them to repent, and they wouldn't repent, so eventually God destroyed them all.


                                  After I send the letter to Donald Trump, the Archangel is going to appear and rebuke our government. The Democrats are going to think the Archangel is God, and say they didn't know God existed, and he is going to rebuke them and tell them he is a created being the same as humans, he's just a lot older, wiser, and more powerful. He is going to command our people of each nation to find and disarm all their nuclear weapons and all their space-based weapons which violate our own treaties and violate the law of God. He is going ot tell the U.S. they do not have the moral authority to put lasers or nukes in space, and we have several lasers in space. God has shown me that some of the space probes they launch are secret weapons, not science instruments.


                                    God said he wants me to study physics more, and that he will eventually teach me the ten natural laws, but not the 10 miraculous laws, and that I will get a Nobel Prize for each law. This is because future humans need to know this in order to build a warp ship and escape the destruction of Sirius B, which is a dying star. God said there is a perfect planet nearby to colonize with future humans, because he makes everything Perfect for the right time.


                                      God told me there are sentient species in the Universe which are evil which are like the Borg in Star Trek, and he did not make them that way, they made themselves that way, and the Archangels fight against them.


                                        God said Betelgeuse will go to Hell when it dies, because it murdered an entire civilization without God commanding it to kill them.

                                        Hell is not forever though, because if the being in Hell eventually repents for real, God will forgive them and let them into the Afterlife, but Betelgeuse will be there for a very long time, because it was created knowing better than this. It took the wrath of God into it's own hands without a commandment from God and destroyed an entire Type 3 civilization that God was trying to bring ot repentance. God said they were all evil and deserved to die, that he wouldn't have let that happen otherwise, but that was not his perfect will for the situation, so all of them will go to Hell until they truthfully repent.

                                        God is eternally righteous, and his creations will be eternally righteous, once they repent of their sins for real. In the end, everyone will be righteous, but some sinners will take a trillion years to fully repent and be punished proportional to their sins. The dying Sun Betelgeuse has a Spirit and Mind just like a human being. Stars and Planets and Suns are sentient beings. I hypothesized this in the past, because a system that big seemed like it should be an actual life form, and God told me yes, they are an actual life form.