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The Story of the Israeli Judge, Deborah, is Probably True...

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    The Story of the Israeli Judge, Deborah, is Probably True...

    ...Even though it was allegedly co-authored by Samuel and David, and I consider Samuel a False Prophet.

    In this case, though, I think we can trust Samuel's word. Both Samuel and David were mysogonistic pricks who abused and misused women, but in this case I think the story of Deborah must have been so widely accepted in oral tradition that they were forced to have a female Judge ruling over Israel in their narrative of Israel's early history.

    therefore I think the story of Deborah is probably one of the most reliable stories in the early scriptures, but Samuel is definitely a False Prophet nonetheless, and David is just a mixed up monarch who followed his own corrupt heart one too many times, so David is not much more reliable than Samuel, if at all either.

    But I still trust the story of Deborah, because two guys who hate women have no business writing that story of a woman ruling over men, unless it was widely accepted as true.

    There is no evidence outside the Bible for the Massacre of the Innocents from the time of Jesus' birth. Only one biblical author claims this happened, and no Jewish Scribes nor Roman scribes record this event, even though I'm pretty sure the Romans or Greeks WOULD have written about a Jewish King allegedly killing his own people if they heard about it. the problem for Josiah, on the other hand, is the author of Kings and Chronicles proudly trumpets that this series of Massacres was "right in the eyes of the LORD". So it seems likely that there actually was a King Josiah who butchered everyone who sinned in the least or disagreed with his doctrine, and shamefully this doctrine became the prevailing doctrine of YAHWEH.

    There is plent evidence that the Jews slaughtered anyone who Sic (dis)-agreed with their prevailing doctrine, the bible itself records a couple dozen genocides commited by the Jews against their enemies, including some enemies who had done no provable or describable wrong (Jericho, AI, and that other city destroyed by Samuel and Saul). So Josiah's massacres probably really happened. He probably did slaughter the homosexuals and prostitutes and "false prophets" just as the text claims. Whereas the Jesus of the Bible would have rebuked these people, but shows no evidence that he would have killed them. Jesus supposedly cast 7 devils out of one prostitute and she later became a close friend, some alleged that she might even be a love interest for Jesus. I think her name was "Mary" as there were two or three different characters in the New Testament named "Mary" and it's not always clear which is which.

    Anyway, I want to move on to the Plague of the First Born.

    there is no known evidence in Egyptian writing for a Plague of the First Born. first of all, this Plague would be immoral. A righteous God would not punish innocent Children for the sins of their parents, nor would he kill innocents just because they didn't know to put lambs blood on their door posts like the Israelis allegedly did.

    Secondly, there are a few mass graves in Egypt where the dead are known to be sorted by age, but these known mass graves come from the wrong time period to be the victims of the Plague of the First Born.

    thirdly, the Egyptians believed in a Supreme God, even though they didn't have a complete doctrine nor philosophy of God. They thought Ra might be the Supreme Being, but they didn't actually claim to know. The Pharaoh of Egypt would have known what God meant by "I AM THAT I AM". There were even a few Monotheistic Pharaoh's of Egypt in the known historical record, such as Akenaten. Now if the Egyptians actually experienced the ten Plagues, especially the Plague of the First born, there should be Egyptian and Greek writings about this plague all over the place, but nobody outside the Book of Exodus mentions this Plague, AND as I've already pointed out, no Rational, Moral God would have done this Plague anyway:

    Further, Ezekiel and Isaiah claimed God does not punish the sons for the sins of the Fathers, so the Plague of the First Born is contradicted even by other Biblical authors.

    In short, the bible is not "Inspired" nor "Infallible". There are just too many ridiculous frauds in the Bible to take it serious as a guide of morality or Faith. There are a few good things to learn from the Bible, and one of the most important undermines most of the Bible, and that is "Don't believe everything you read in a Holy Book."
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      This is a message I just sent to Jimmy Swaggart and Francis Swaggart. They believe in Inspiration and Infallibility of the entire King James Bible.

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      Also, the Egyptians, Under the Scorpion King even before the actual Pharaohs, even before Abimilech, invented the first known Postal system. Almost everybody in Egypt, not just the scribes and Priests, could read and write. If the Plague of the First Born actually happened, there should be countless Egyptian writings from that time period detailing what happened. But there is just nothing. Not even from the time of Ramses I and Ramses II, which is thought to be the time period mentioned in Exodus. There is just a complete void of extra-biblical history to support the Plague of the First Born.

    In Psalm 23, we find circumstantial evidence that David worshiped the Egyptian Sun God, Ra.

    the author of the Psalm refers to "Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they comfort me..."

    But the Rod and Staff is an ~8,000 years old Egyptian symbol for the Sun God Ra, which is seen in all Pharaoh's sarcophagus and appears in many ancient writings. this was so common it became used as the letter "X" in the Phoenician Alphabet, but anyway...

    The Rod and Staff was specifically a Sun Cult symbol predating even the Scorpion King's time period.

    the Sun Cult was later rebuked by the Major Prophets, such as Ezekiel, even though the small piece of evidence suggests David was in fact a Ra worshiper at some point.

    At some point in early Christendom, "X" later became a short hand for the word "Christ". But evidence is early christians were Sun worshipers too, as early Christian Churches are often constructed to align with the rising of the Sun.


      Why does Daniel talk about Greece (and consequently Rome, though he doesn't mention Rome by name,) and Medo-Persia and Babylon, but Daniel does not rebuke the false doctrines of any of them, except the king Nebuchadnezzar's self-idolatry is rebuked. But Daniel could have written a treatise debunking the Polytheism of Rome and Greece, they predated the Hebrews by a couple thousand years, but Daniel says nothing against Greece, Rome, or Persia. he just matter of factly uses them as tools to punish Israel for the sins Jeremiah had written about some 70 years earlier.

      You would think Daniel would have mentioned the Greek Star goddess, Aphrodite/Venus, by name, but I don't think the Bible ever uses the Greek or Roman name for Venus. I think Venus is mentioned by another name one time, and rebuked, in the Bible, but they never use the Greek or Roman name for any Gods and Goddesses in the Old Testament. Jupiter, Diana, and Mercury are mentioned in the New Testament, and all mentioned negatively.

      The Knights Templar, a well-known cult of Christian extremists, were idolators and aligned their churches and other structures with the signs of Venus, and this is the only "positive' mention of Venus in Judaeo-Christina history. But the Old Testament, again, appears to rebuke Venus worship under another name of a Star, Remphan, I think (spelling is probably wrong).

      According to one Google search I did, Aphrodite is believed to be associated with Ashtaroth worship, which was originally a human sacrifice cult rebuked in the Old Testament....but there is no evidence that the Greco-romans worshiped Aphrodite by human sacrifice. There is evidence that the Greeks committed abortion an dinfanticide en masse anyway, but it doesn't appear to be the same thing as the Ashtaroth worshipers, even though Aphrodite si somehow associated wth Ashtaroth as far as the historians can derive.

      Besides all that, if you look at a big enough piece of history you can probably find LUNATICS in any culture who are in the commanding power for some period of time: Just look at Western Civlization or look again at the ancient Jews for all the evidence of this you can muster; they killed everybody in the name of the True Creator.

      We know Venus is a planet, not a Star, but the Biblical word for Planet is "Wandering Star". They knew they were different types of objects, but didn't have modern terminology to make that distinction.

      It's possible that the one occurrence of the name "Lucifer" Is actually referring to Venus, but I don't know. There's no evidence in the Bible that Lucifer actually refers to the anthropomorphic "Satan". The Devil is always called "Satan" "Devil" "Serpent" "Dragon" or "Enemy" in the Bible, but the passage that mentions "Lucifer" does not directly tie the term "Lucifer" to "Satan" even though oral tradition holds that Lucifer is in fact Satan.
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        To sum up this thread, though I ask nobody delete it, but to sum it all up, one of the most important things you can learn from reading the Judaeo-Christian Bible is "Don't believe everything you read in a Holy Book just because it claims to be a Holy Book."


          Monogamy is a relatively new concept. For most of history, and in most cultures, "wives" were little more than slaves, which is why there are so few female monarchs in history and pre-history. Most of History and most cultures, women weren't allowed to vote and weren't allowed to own property, and this includes most of the time periods and cultures described by the Bible. There are a few weird exceptions in the Bible, such as the daughter of Joshua* (anyway,) the daughters of Job probably had inheretance, and I think one King's Mother might have ruled israel as a "queen" for a few years, and then of course the one I started the thread with was Deborah who almost assuredly existed, because the story is too exceptional and contrary to historical/cultural norm to be entirely false.

          Anyway, the Law of Moses, which I mention below was probably actually written by King Josiah, puts a value of women servants as approximately a two thirds of the value of a man servant, and nobody asked a woman's opinion of much of anything in the Bible, with the exception of the mother of "Lemuel" in the Proverbs, who is believed to be the same as Solomon, so that would be a small fragment of the Proverbs was a quote from a woman, and there is a female half of the "Song of Solomon" probably co-authored by the real Solomon and one of his wives.

          Other than that, nobody asks womens opinion on anything in the Bible, and Abraham and Adam each obeyed their wives on that one occasions each, and look how that allegedly turned out, the women are portrayed as the downfall of men in every instance, but their opinions are not valued, and besides all that every time Sarah speaks in the bible she is rebuked or implied to be in error anyway...

          Anyway, back to monogamy being relatively recent.

          Even among Christians, Monogamy was very rare until relatively recently. Any man who had any name or wealth for himself was polygamous, and this is especially true of Christian Kings and other Nobles throughout the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages and even into the colonial period. Well, the Catholic Church was pushing Monogamy through the colonial period, and this is an example of where the Catholics beat the Protestants and other Christian sects to the punch. The Popes opposed Charlemain who had like a dozen wives, and the Popes refused to give Henry the 8th a divorcement, but they just ignored what the Popes did and id there own thing. Who knows what really happened anyway: History is written by the winners. Which is back to the general point of the Bible not being reliable. The reign of King Josiah, the mass murderer, is too suspect to trust the books that came before him which agree with him. It's ridiculous.

          So then even into the Colonial Period Christians were Polygamous, even well into early American history Christians were Polygamous, not just the Mormons, the Mormons are just the most notable surviving sect of American Christians who still practice polygamy.

          * (This is the same Hebrew name as the mass murdering King Josiah and Jesus Nazareth, but spelled differently in the modern Bible to help people tell the difference between the three men, but Joshua was also a mass murderer, so there isn't much difference between him and Josiah. In fact the story of Joshua might have been made up by Josiah when they re-wrote the Law in the books of Kings and Chronicles, which happened when the Priests "found" the book of Deuteronomy in the Temple...whos to say the "correct" sect actually wrote the Law of Moses?! At this point nobody knew, Josiah could have made up anything and commanded everyone to obey it or die! After all, that's what the text of Deuteronomy says Moses did anyway..."Believe Moses or Die....Believe Joshua or Die, and if you're not a Jew Die Anyway! Believe Josiah or Die! Die even if you are a Jew! Die! Die! Die! "he did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD. DIE UNBELIEVERS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION. DIE. DIE. DIE..BECAUSE JOHN THE BELOVED LOST HIS MIND AND SAID SO, EVEN THOUGH JESUS OF NAZARETH ORIGINALLY REBUKED THIS PHILOSOPHY, DIE ANYWAY, UNBELIEVING SCUM!)


          Im supposed to be talking about the lack of Christian monogamy, not mass murder, but I can't help but point out Christians were not historically Monogamous. That' sa new concept. It's in Paul's writings that christian clergy ar esuposed to be "the husband of one wife", but he technically never commanded *everyone* to be monogamous.

          Besides all that, modern "fake christians" just don't even marry anyway, they just quote " judge not that you be not judged" and then have sex with every woman they meet who will do it with them, and think they are alright with God.


            Now if you were Joshua, the son of Nun, and you actually lead a military campaign against several families of "Giants" and killed them all, wouldn't you save at least some of the corpses of the "Giants" to prove:

            1) They actually existed.
            2) They were somehow guilty of a Death Penalty, assuming a corpse alone could somehow prove that.

            But nooooo. The Jews cremated the remains of the alleged "Giants" and apparently ground up whatever was left of the bones, so we have no "Giants" corpses in the Israeli Archaeological record to prove any of them existed, including the infamous "Goliath".

            Now that's not to say "giants" couldn't have existed, but the ones in the bible were allegedly half-angel-half-human (see Genesis where this hybridization is described).

            Now Robert Wadlo, the tallest known, proven human to have ever lived in modern times, was ALMOST as tall as the biblical Goliath, about 6 or 7 inches shorter actually, but he died of a mere ankle infection in his 20's. Since most people with "Acromegaly" the mutation which causes gigantism, never stop growing as they age, it's possible Wadlo could have over-taken Goliath had he lived longer, but we'll never know.

            We'll never know whether the story of David and Goliath is true, but some elements of the story are definitely false. For example, neither the Philistines nor the Jews at the time of the Goliath story had Iron nor Bronze weapons and armor. They both had copper sickle-swords and had not yet discovered Iron working (even though the Jews were infamously defeated by iron chariots in the book of Joshua and in Judges, which claims GOD "could not drive them out because they had iron chariots").

            So the Hebrews at the time of Goliath did not have iron or steel. A strange thing happens in the "Law of Moses":

            "Wizards" are forbidden in Israel, according ot Moses.

            But the word "Wizard" referred to a metal worker who prayed while forging a sword.

            Masamune invented the Japanese Samurai sword while praying, which is still one of the best swords ever invented. had the Jews prayed about making weapons, they might have learned how to forge iron into Damascus/Woost Steel, as Masamune did, and they might have defeated the Philistines once and for all, but because praying over a sword was forbideen in Israel, apparently God gave the secret to some Ancestor Worshipers in Japan and India a thousand or so years ahead of time. Actually, evidence is that India had steel making for a few thousand years, somehow lost steel making for several hundred years, and then re-discovered steel making again, all before the Jews ever left Egypt nor discovered steel for the first time. Sort of like how the Indus civilization in early India had in-doors plumbing about a thousand years before the Minoans, and about 3000 years before western Europe...but the Indus civlization was destroyed when a Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake permanently re-routed the main river that fed their farmland....and the Bible doesn't mention these people who probably invented half the early technology in the real history of the world.

            So anyway, the metallurgy of the David vs Goliath story is a fraud. The Jews didn't have iron or steel that early in history. the Indus civlization had iron/Steel metallurgy 2500 years B.C.E. But the Jews just didn't have it. Even the Egyptians, the Geniuses that they were, they didn't have Steel that early. They had wrought iron chariots for a while, but the Egyptians were way behind the Indus and the Japanese even.

            So anyway, conveniently, all of the evidence of the "Giants" killed by the ancient Hebrews was conveniently destroyed, even though this would be hard evidence for the existence of "Fallen Angels" if it was presented here today....scientists could DNA test the traces of the Marrow from the bones, and would be able to say, "That definitey isn't purely human..." and then we could all say, "That passage in Genesis, plus SOME of the Book of Joshua is true...

            But we conveniently don't have that. It's just "take it by faith" and "believe it or else (go to hell).


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              And Robert Wadlo was verifiably not a half-angel hybrid. Neither is "Big Show" from professional wrestling. When he was on WCW he could beat like 3 or 4 other wrestlers combined, now that he is on WWE they have him losing to an RKO from Randy Orton, who isn't even tall enough to put that move on him correctly. It's BS. But....if they let a guy that big fight for real, he'd beat everybody every time, and it would get boring.

            In the Bible, the Jews were commanded by Moses/Joshua (allegedly) to not make any "leagues/treaties" with any of the nations around them. So anyway, in a story in the Bible, some of the nearby enemies of Israel pretend to be from 'far away' nations and trick the Jews into making a treaty with them. So in the story, God allegedly curses the Jews for accidentally making a treaty with their neighbors, even though they thought the men were from far away, implying God didn't want the Jews making any treaties at all; apparenlty the Biblical "plan of God" for Israel was for them to literally exterminate all other cultures in the world, but whatever...

            So anyway, a while later, the Jews attack an Asian city named "Ai". Now this is a problem. I don't know whether it's coincidence or whether it's the same, but in Chinese, "Ai" is the word for "Love". Now isn't this a wonder and irony if the Jews were commanded to exterminate every man, woman, and child in a Chinese colony in pre-history!? How could these people be this stupid?! The Chinese, like the Indus, were way, way, way ahead of the Jews technologically and philosophically, so maybe it's impossible (but allegedly miraculous) that the Jews with copper sickle swords could beat the Chinese anyway, since the Chinese had repeating Crossbows and Steel swords by then anyway....and they had discovered and harnessed natural gas for powering billows by then unless God miraculously made the Jews win, this might not be a Chinese city....but I can't help thinking, knowing the Jews, that they might have attacked a Chinese colony at some point anyway.....they attacked just about everyone else during Joshua's military campaign, including several "lost civlizations" that we don't know anything else about, not mentioned outside the bible conveniently.


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              I should mention that I actually slightly mis-remembered this story at first. It's a bit complicated. God commands the Jews not to make any treaties with anybody around them. The Jews get tricked into making a treaty with their neighbors, even though they thought they were from a far away land, such as China. So then the Jews get attacked by the neighbors who shamed several diplomats. So the Jews over-react and counter-attack the neighbors. YAHWEH gets mad at the Jews for breaking their word and curses the Jews because the Jews broke the treaty, even though YAHWEH originally commanded the Jews to kill all of these people anyway. So there, I've corrected my post.

            The author of Genesis, which is supposedly Moses but probably actually King Josiah, he believed the Earth was flat and floated in an endless sea of water....which the early Greeks thought too.

            Now the later Greeks believed the Earth was round and floated in the Luminous Aether, which Isaac Newton formalized. Some archaeological evidence shows the Chinese and Japanese had actually mapped the Earth one time in prehistory and then lost it, but they knew the Earth was round too.

            the author of the Book of Job, supposedly also Moses and probably Job himself, this author believed the Earth was round and floated in an endless nothing (which is actually CORRECT) amazingly, and wasn't rediscovered by physicists and philosophers until Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity proved space-time was an empty fabric vs the Greeks and Newton's "Luminous Aether". This is why I think Job is one of the most credible books in the Bible: The author actually knew 3600 years ahead of time something about the real world that only the greatest mind in human history could have known. Albert Einstein's theory is also slightly wrong, but it's close enough for most applications as makes no difference, but it proves absolutely the space-time is a fabric of nothingness, not a luminous fluid.

            Job got it right about 3600 years sooner than Einstein.


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              Also the author of Revelation believed the Earth was flat and square and mounted on four pillars, in spite of having the Book of Job and the round Moon and round Sun and round stars and round planets to look at.

            Are you just venting?


              Originally posted by Chara View Post
              Are you just venting?


              I don't know what's the difference depends on your point of view I guess.

              I'm frustrated with the amount of evil and chaos in human history.

              the Jews were surrounded by human sacrifice cults, both in Biblical and Extra-Biblical history, we know this was a regional even global problem, so how were they supposed to oppose it without committing genocide themselves? But Josiah's reign is inexcusible. he did more evil than the people he was opposing.

              But the spanish ran into human sacrifice cults in South America and they slaughtered entire civilizations because of ti, some of them we are only now rediscovering. the Atheists on Jeff Masters Wundeground weather blog use a spanish quote from the king commanding "any manner of evil" against the South Americans, but the context was that he was opposing people who practiced human sacriifice. So he wasn't killling anyone who wasn't guilty of a capital crime from his point of view.

              the French and English encountered human sacrifice cults in Africa and they slaughtered them there too. In fact cannibalism and human sacrifice were common in Africa right up to about 1915 or so in spite of Christians trying for centuries to put a stop to it all. In this case, without Christianity, they'd still be practicing Canibalism and human sacrifice in both Africa and South America today. The canibals still have some of the same religions though, but they eat monkeys instead, which may be how AIDS was originally transmitted to humans. If not fore European Chirstinas influence, in this case, they'd still be human sacrificing lunatics to this least as far as any evidence suggests.


                Why doesn't the Bible contain an exhaustive list of the crimes and evidences for each of the evil human sacrifice cults the "good Jews" allegedly destroyed under Moses and Joshua and elsewhere.

                At least the books of Kings and Chronicles tries to be very precise, but it's laughable that the Author believes Josiah "did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord." There is no forgiveness, there is only wrath there. And he destroyed the evidence again, conveniently, like his namesake, Joshua the son fo Nun, he destroyed all the evidence.

                I would be interested in seeing the Bone Marrow of one of these allegedly fallen angel-human hybrid giants tested for DNA evidence to prove they were half-Demon-half-human, not not just some deformed humans falsely accused of being devils in the flesh.

                the spanish destroyed all the evidence against the South Americans and Central Americans except four "religious texts" which they thought promoted human sacrifice. Modern translation techniques and super computers have allowed translations of these texts and they turned out to be astronomical journals. who would have thought it, astronomers in Central America mostly wrote about...Astronomy, not human sacrifice related religion.

                the Jews destroyed all the evidence of the "Giants" and they literally burned the corpses of the "false prophets" and "ground their bones to powder" at the time of Josiah, so how is anybody from any other generation supposed to prove that the "right sect" won out?

                "Well at least Christians and (modern) Jews don't have human sacrifice..."

                Well that's not saying much, neither do the Muslims nor the Hindus, but you don't see me converting to Islam or Hinduism.

                "At least Christians and modern Jews don't have human sacrifice..."

                if that's all we've gained in the past 3600 years that's sad.


                  If an All-knowing God actually commanded the Jews to slaughter several families of "Giants", as the Bible claims, then He should have also commanded the Jews to preserve the bones and other DNA evidence for future testing.

                  In a modern justice system, prosecutors preserve evidence, not destroy it.

                  Murderers destroy evidence. Police and Prosecutors preserve evidence.

                  If a Righteous, Almighty God commanded these killings, also at the time of Josiah, where is the DNA evidence? Why would God allegedly command them to destroy the evidence?


                    Our Chemists would DEFINITELY be able to prove that Joshua's "Giants" were half-alien hybrids if any such beings existed. We can prove that a Japanese explorer visited South America 10,000 years ago because of viral DNA evidence, so proving the extra-terrestrial origin of an allegedly half-human half-angel hybrid would be a piece of cake. If anybody recovered a corpse they thought might be half fallen angel, they could easily test it and SOMETHING about the DNA would prove it was other-worldly and "Definitely not entirely human". The Jews are just idiots for grinding up the bones and burning the remains of whoever they were supposedly massacring. Like I said previously, murderers hide evidence Prosecutors preserve evidence. I'm aware of cases in the past few decades of modern police detectives preserving DNA evidence from before DNA testing was possible, and then lik e20 years later somebody invents a technique that can test it and proves the original suspect innocent and proves somebody else was the only one who could have done the crime....over 20 years after the fact. WE could DEFINITELY prove Goliath was descended from a Fallen Angel, if in fact he was descended from a Fallen Angel. It would be the easiest piece of DNA evidence ever discovered to prove.


                      Wade Smith
                      Wade Smith The guy on "Ancient Aliens" claims modern Archaeologists have only uncovered about ten percent of past civilizations. you would think as much interest as there is in the Middle East, somebody would have discovered surviving bones of 9 to 12 foot tall "giants", but every claim of discovering a "giant" so far as turned out to be a fraud or a whale carcass. Apparently you were "demonic" if you were born with 6 fingers and toes on each hand, as some of the "giants" are reported to have in the Bible, even though this happens about 1 in 100 million times anyway even today. Just like about 1 in 100 million is born with a vestigial prehensile tail, which must be surgically removed in early childhood. Maybe we should be testing abnormal amounts of monkey DNA in humans, not abnormal amounts of fallen angel DNA in humans. At any rate, maybe Joshua's "Giants" will be discovered by somebody in the future among that Ancient Aliens guy's other 90 percent of human civilizations....I wouldn't bet on it, modern humans are only a few tens of thousands to a few hundred thousands of years old, depending on who's theory you believe, but some previous versions of humans were pretty advanced about 2.7 milion years ago (new discovery in South Africa. So maybe "Giants" were just unfortunately large evolved humans who got accused fo being fallen angel hybrids, who knows....but the Jews destroyed the evidence of whoever or whatever they were killing, so I still maintain murderers destroy evidence while prosecutors preserve evidence.


                        Also, it takes a lifetime to study the Archaeology of just one of these ancient civilizations, people have been studying the Egyptians for centuries and we still learn something new every day, but how is anybody supposed to stort through all of thee Biblical claims and then find Archaeological evidence to say, "Well, the Jews were telling the truth! The Giants existed even though they tried to destroy all the evidence of the massacres!" Like seriously, the easier thing to believe is the Jews made most of these events up out of whole cloth, or else they killed a bunch of innocent people and then tried to cover up the crime by telling stories about them being demon possessed. I don't know, but I'm obsessing about it, and I can't afford to obsess about this stuff any more.


                          Oh don't even.

                          We know Christians falsely accused people of "Witchcraft" (again never actually defined in the Bible,) for millennia and burned them at the stake or pressed them with stones or drowned them in the harbor. We know Christians did this for centuries, about 1.5 Millennia. And you could be falsely accused of being a "Witch" because of a spell of bad weather or locust plague or the Little Ice Age: the Catholics held exorcisms at the base of advancing Glaciers in the 14th century to cast the devil out of the advancing ice....The Protestants in the U.S. colonies didn't learn anything, so they had the Salem Witchcraft trials and killed a bunch of people falselcy accused of "Witchcraft" and "Voodoo".

                          So it's no surprise the Jews would go around falsely accusing people of being "demonic" or "half demonic hybrids" for no real reason other than paranoia....EXCEPT some Jewish stories of these civilizations are verifiable through some Archaeological evidence. We know from extra-biblical sources that human sacrifice cults were rampant pretty much everywhere in the ancient world, so when the "good jews" were in power it's not surprising they held trials and slaughtered the human sacrifice cults...

                          Killing human sacrifice cults might be acceptable.

                          Killing "giants" just because they were bigger than normal is not acceptable.

                          But where are the corpses of the Alleged half-fallen angel hybrids? Like I said, why didn't God command the Jews to preserve the DNA evidence? We have the technology to detect Fallen Angel DNA in a suspected "Giant" corpse. It would be the easiest find ever.


                            "A righteous man careth for the life of his beast..." (Proverbs)

                            Apparently, Jesus was unrighteous, because he commanded ~6,000 demon spirits to enter into a herd of innocent swine and drown themselves in the harbor.


                              Nostradamus was an obvious False Prophet, so even though he rediscovered the Levitical law of the Cleansing of the Leper and used it to fight Bubonic Plague successfully, his writings shouldn't be trusted. He just rambles in poems with no obvious connection to anything, though he did come close to naming Hitler correctly, but even that might be a coincidence.


                                Sometimes we somehow forget that we're only a couple generations removed from the Germans, Japanese, and Italians attempting to exterminate everyone else on the planet...and we usually forget to mention the Italians (and some Catholic Popes who could be named) were on Germany's side in the war. How Christians came to think the Jews were supposed to be exterminated is hard to explain, because the Apostle Paul wrote that the Jews were supposed to be "grafted in again" to the Church. I guess if you were a German with Hitler speaking his NAZI lies you just had to believe it and go along with it, but how did musolini and the Popes end up going along with Hitler? Before the Germans invaded France, some say the French were actually shipping Jews to Germany to be exterminated to, but nobody remembers that the French actually participated in the Genocides.