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So how about that Epstein "suicide".

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    Originally posted by Louay View Post

    Didn't know sex trafficking wasn't a crime in Japan.
    Some forms of prostitution are legal in Japan, if I remember correctly. They just can't have vaginal sex or anal sex, but I'm pretty sure you're allowed to pay for a strip tease, a blowjob or hand job or any other weirdness you might want.

    I'm pretty sure Japan has a lower rate of rape and murder than the U.S. so evidently their system works out.

    I don't know what they do with 13 years olds who actually have sex and get pregnant, but I guess it somehow works out.
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      Originally posted by Cid View Post
      Ah, Epstein's death. The one thing Trump and Clinton could agree on.
      Don't you mean publically? I'm sure they agree on a lot of things behind closed doors.
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        Originally posted by Wade View Post

        There's this very attractive ~14 years old Latina girl that always orders pizza, but she never tips unless her parents are home. This girl could be a teen model if she wanted to. The reason I mention this is I don't want someone that young, it's creepy even looking at her I guess, but again in 5 years or so she'd be amazing to date. I don't think she has an older sister :(.
        you stay away from that girl.


          Originally posted by Ladd View Post
          you stay away from that girl.
          I said that, didn't I?


            This thread immediately took a turn


              Originally posted by Max View Post
              This thread immediately took a turn
              right turn?