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Expatriating GM and other companies

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    Expatriating GM and other companies

    The Constitution gives Congress the power to issue Patents "FOR A LIMITED TIME".

    I believe when a company which owns a patent expatriates, Congress has the power to revoke those patents and sell them to the highest loyal bidder. After all, the text does again say, "For a limited time".

    The purpose of a Patent is to allow a company to make a fair profit off their invention or discovery ahead of competition, again "For a limited time".

    The purpose of patents is NOT to give a single company permanent monopolization of the invention or discovery.

    I consider Expatriation to be Treason, but I realize not everybody sees it that way.

    We could have additional legislation to clean up the language a bit, but I think revoking patents should be a thing.
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    Treason is betraying one's country. Disney buying out Fox isn't treason. It's business.


      Haven't they always been temporary? Cause last I remember, patents were merely a legal thing, so companies would have to keep an upkeep with lawyers to keep the rights. If you mean patents should be mandatorily revoked, then what would be the point of that? The companies that designed the patented product are the only ones that know it inside and out, so why wouldn't they be the ones to hold onto it and capitalize on it if they're willing to keep paying for the rights to it?