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    Originally posted by Mae Borowski View Post
    I wanna know about Chinese religion (if there's any besides Buddhism)
    huh, there are apparenlty 5 recognized religions in china, being Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism.... however, only the first two is really prominent, i'd say about 98% of the people i met were one of them. Obviously more of the more western or ABC (American born chinese) are probably something of the last three.

    as well as mythology and lore
    Well... it's interesting no doubt, but i think you should look into more yourself (Buddha is sort of well known), because i do not wanna sound like a textbook to you ahaha

    Originally posted by Noodle-kun View Post

    bruh you still chatting up that catfish from China? Brah you gotta realize Chinese girls aren't into every 老外 that crosses their bath online
    no idea why hes stuck up on that one slut, plenty more where those came from anywhere else ahaha.