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My fellow Americans!

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    My fellow Americans!

    Today is the Midterm General Election, and naturally the last day to cast your votes!

    Most states have in-person voting or ballot submission open until 7:00 or 8:00 PM; it is not too late to briefly research any candidates and stances for positions and issues in your areas that you are interested in, and then vote.

    Voting is particularly important this time around, not only because it will determine the majority party of both Senate and House, but also because it is essentially a referendum on President Trump no matter your opinion of him.

    Regardless of how involved you have been this cycle, however, please vote if you have not already so that your voice is heard, unless you're voting arbitrarily or solely along party lines.

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    recognized a grand total of two names on the ballot and based the rest off of 10 second google searches, prolly still more informed than the average voter tbh


      Ziku I see your selfie and raise my own.

      Just got home. Absolutely honored to have done my civic duty.


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        lookin good, you lost weight?

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        Steadily gaining, actually.

      I just realized that I never, not once, posted these websites here. I'm very disappointed in myself, I've been practically spamming them on Facebook but it never really crossed my mind to help you guys. I'm sorry.

      All four of these sites can be used to look up your local ballots as well as get a quick overview of what each candidate stands for. Nothing replaces a deep-dive on the issues, but if you don't have time for that (which, with only a few hours left before polls close, might be the case) you can get a quick look. Vote Save America actually lets you compare the candidates on the same page, which is great. There's no excuse for going in and voting blindly. So do your duty, get informed and then go to the polls.


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            Well, I voted for the people I knew. Which was only, like, a quarter of the things people were running for.
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              You still did your part, which is more than most can say.
              I left a lot of things blank as well, but it was mostly things that were just 1 person running or smaller seats in the city council that I didn't care for.
              I hit all the measures and big points, though.