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    If he is stalking the site, he should log back in. It's not like I'm going to rub it in his face or anything. We all overreact and say stupid crap sometimes. If I left the community when I blew up over something small and embarrassed myself I would have left MvC in like, 2009 and this site wouldn't exist today.

    So come on RCA, just pretend it never happened and come back already.


      Originally posted by RussianCoffeeAddict View Post

      "I, PG, think that the Daily Caller was good."-Me in an alternate universe.

      "I don't think it's far right."-Me, in reality, because I judge the overall political bias based on the general opinions displayed by the site, not a couple of basically self-admitted outliers on your part ("Punch a Nazi" never happened, and I'm sure nobody ever accepted violence against Trump supporters either, I'm sure I can't dig stuff like that up if I looked hard enough, or anything else equally crappy).

      Because yeah, Cid, the Huffington Post going "That white male got owned by NK" isn't far left at all. Or shilling Communism from time to time.

      Or much of the media calling an independence march in Poland "60,000 Fascists marching" because they weren't happy with Poland. Totally not slanderous lies m8! Nor is calling Kanye some puppet of the evil infection of "whiteness" somehow totally not slander (you can blame that on The Atlantic, BTW). :o

      I'm sure the Left-leaning media has never...unnecessarily called someone racist or anything a million times, no problems came from that...

      I'm sure they never pretended that Antifa was these morally righteous agents, going around waging their war against trash cans and bashing peoples' heads with bicycle locks because they saw a red hat.

      Forget whenever someone says "Islam is a shit religion" and getting "bigot!" thrown by every outlet left of Adolf Hitler, to the point people can't even attend speeches, apparently (but saying Christianity is bad is fighting the good fight!)

      Forget the ridiculous bullshit when it comes to gun control either, like the endless repetition of the term "assault weapon," among a crap ton of other shit. (Man, not misinformation at all, totally nothing sneaky going on there!)

      Don't forget the perpetuation of the media cycle which fuels school shootings.

      Forget the selective censorship for anyone that slightly disagrees with the corporations controlling things, either, left or right (primarily by *ding ding* the lefties! ), to the point even the goddamn constitution got labeled as hate speech by an algorithm at one point, while letting fuck nuggets like Sarah Jeong into their ranks 24/7. (You have no problem with this, I told you it would fuel Right-Wing bullshit, and it has, but that last part didn't go through your head apparently and you don't give a shit...)

      Forget the constant treatment of the Republican party as evil racists and the "party of everything wrong" when it's the goddamn Democrats that can't stop talking about race 24/7 and calling people racist for not kissing Obama's ass, and the ones peddling actual discrimination (affirmative action), also engaging in all sorts of "anti-science" activities, and even getting into a bunch of wars or perpetuating them, myths your Liberal media gladly perpetuates to further the bullcrap polarization we always seem to be enduring. Not propaganda, directly or no, on part of the Dems, no problem, oh no no no no.

      And forget about what the fuck even was that retarded "rape culture" shit which has even gotten into my emails in an obscure as fuck community college? 1 in 3 rapes? Yeah, we live in Saudi fucking Arabia apparently. (Not bad at all, it certainly hasn't negatively affected relationships in the professional setting, this obsession with rape by your favorite liberal media...)

      Oh, and the gender pay gap! It's the patriarchy man! I'm sure you'll be encouraged to work hard for that job when it totally isn't work that gets you your money, it's just the patriarchy stealing it all! Smash the white male! (I'm sure this helps shit, totally).

      And I'm sure that, collectivel, the media totally doesn't engage in selective reporting, which includes both shit-twins, like going after every incident of a cop shooting an unarmed black man because think they every cop in existence is out to shoot black people, which is just one example of this problem, and it's a left-leaning one to let you know that shit exists. :)

      That's all just an oopsy daisy.

      Forget about it.

      Just pretend that all of that never happened.

      And pretend, oh please do, ultimately, NEVER think this...never think...

      ...that they didn't focus on Trump's racism so fucking much and not the shit that mattered to the point that it helped him get elected (that's right...they helped get the Fascist in...)

      But one dude being connected to white supremacism and a few others being overly partisan and getting facts wrong out of, who knows, hundreds? (Because the Lefties wouldn't do that at a similar rate, oh no no no no no)!? Well shit, I just can't use the site now! Go on to Daily Caller right now and tell me that it really is something truly more than a simple copy of Fox News, come on, do it...I did.

      But no.

      Never let it go! Never forget! Never consider the Daily Caller anything less than a haven of white supremacy and Nazism! (But NYT's fine tho, so is Salon, let them shill Communism and Marx's destructive bullshit fantasies all they want, just an outlier, not much of a problem! Not misinformation and blatant historical revisitionism to call the bullshit in the USSR, China, and Cambodia "social movements" that didn't do anything, that's not bad, oh no no no...)


      I know perfectly well that the Right-Wing media gets shit wrong all the time, but I also don't pretend that the rest of it doesn't have practically the same damn issues. I'm not actually much of a Conservative anymore, you know that right? :/ I won't fault you for not knowing that, at least.

      I'm considering myself potentially to be a Social Democrat, seeing as I believe in stuff like universal health care, I'm for the minimum wage increases (wherever it can apply), pulling out all of our shit from everywhere, reducing the budget, prison reform, killing the drug war, supporting endeavors to curb climate change, even improving the police department to try and not let them get away with everything, probably a bunch of other shit I can't remember off the top of my head, etc.

      I barely use Right-Wing media outside of just seeing what they're saying and thinking "hey, I wonder how wrong they'll be this time." I rarely post that media either.

      Except a few times, and that one time, which I just recently said that I regretted.

      But if Lefties are all about being blatant hypocrites and are completely against the idea of fixing their own faults or cknowledging them even when that shit always comes back to bite them in their "hate speech" fearing asses 90% of the time because they need to frame every fucking person right of Stalin as a goddamn climate-denying conspiracy theory creating racist, then fuck it.

      I don't want to be on your side anymore.

      Enjoy the rest of Trump's presidency, Cid.

      I'm hoping it goes to 2024.
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