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Spend Bill Gates money.

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    Spend Bill Gates money.

    Here's a fun little site:

    Go ahead, buy all the football teams or all baseball teams. You'll be fine, you'll still be a multi-billionaire...
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    Would be more entertaining to require a credit card number to spend anything.


      I bought the items that I'd probably actually try to buy if I were Bill Gates levels of rich.

      I have $89,933,734,400 left.


        >McD's served over 300B burgers

        Fuck it, let's bump it up to 500


          All I want to buy is a genuine, bonafide artillery piece and a license to use it...

          ...For the rats in the backyard, of course, not people or anything...

          *Eyes annoying neighbor across the street.*


            bought the drone and the helicopter with $89,999,824,200 left

            antarctica here I come
            Originally posted by Kajin_Style
            I have this illness called "Having-a-Heart" and gives me this irrational sense of empathy and care for my fellow man.


              Bought an NFL team and some real estate to rent out , couple big macs, a cup of coffee, some headphones, video games, a bike, a helicopter, couple monster trucks

              Got bored at 200 charities
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                I read part of that as "rent out a couple big macs"

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                Lmao like I'd be renting my big macs to anyone but my stomach