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This is the Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen

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    This is the Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen

    This peace was composed by a OneEyedCentipede
    "This was the one thing that gave me some hope. You took that away from me. You took a beautiful thing and smashed it into the dirt. Anime is dead to me now. I cannot watch anymore.
    When Sui Ishida suggested that Kaneki go a different route from the Manga in season 2, the Otakus leaped to their keyboards in frothing fervor to decry the outrage that the creator's vision wasn't being adhered to.
    Let me repeat that: they complained that the creator's vision of a different story line in the Anime as oppose to the manga wasn't adhering to the creator's vision. As ifthey knew the creator's vision better than Ishida himself.

    As a result, Pierrot wet itself and fired the director for Season 1 and Season 2. The new director worked as an animator for Toradora but asides from that, has directed some very mediocre anime.
    That is where we got this mess.

    The pacing is everywhere, the tone seems to think this is a light hearted comedy about eating people, the focus is on the new characters over the old familiar cast who pop up in the background in a sort of cameo without having any real affect on the story, the character designs are cartoonish and appear rushed, the wrong kind of music is chosen for the wrong moments and to top it all off we are treated to the sort of bland anime tropes that Tokyo Ghoul rejected in the first scene of season one.

    It's as if everyone involved with the making of this anime were locked in separate rooms and made to communicate via a chimpanzee's over-excited scrawlings.

    We got this terrible new director because you people righteously declared yourselves the valiant defenders of the "creator's vision." In Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki realises that the real reason for the world being wrong is that there are people who refuse to understand and do not see both sides.
    You are those people. You are the monsters that ruin this world. And Tokyo Ghoul is another victim to your ridiculous vendetta against anything that stands out in the crowd.
    How can I watch any anime now, knowing that at any time in the series, some bumbling Otakus will scream "creator's vision!" and send it hurtling into the same mediocrity that dominates anime today?
    Tokyo Ghoul once gave me hope from the clinical depression that threatens to send me into catatonia every day. It made me think that if one little thing could be beautiful in this world, maybe there is hope. Maybe I could one day make the world a little better. Now, I have nothing.
    This world is wrong.
    I only wish I could drag you all down to the hell you've sent me to."

    Doubt anyone can top this.
    Originally posted by Helly;n542091
    Also, lol @ "I'm busy". You admit you have no life and go to many forums, and in the same post lie about havingLmao. Go work on your fictitious "dream" instead of wasting your time lying to us about how important you are.