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Missing, Have You Seen This Boy (Phobe)

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    Originally posted by Killer Loli Illya-Chan View Post

    Ouch. It's got you good Helly's Bottom Bitch
    You literally need 0 points to open a thread.
    Originally posted by Helly;n542091
    Also, lol @ "I'm busy". You admit you have no life and go to many forums, and in the same post lie about havingLmao. Go work on your fictitious "dream" instead of wasting your time lying to us about how important you are.


      Originally posted by Helly View Post

      he has a very peculiar fascination with my penis, so i decided to give him a suitable name

      going by the fact he hasnt changed it back, he seems to agree

      +1 for that one, so legendary. I had forgotten you could do stuff like that on here. I can't even take the guy seriously "ROFL" at his name.


        Originally posted by Helly's Bottom Bitch View Post

        Helly you do realize that you sound like this loser when you pretend to be god? Both of you sound like maggots pretending you didn't get bullied at school and now overcompensate and are psychologically scared for life.

        Look...Just because you got your arse Destroyed, you don't need to project your life on to me. I understand you are bullied then you came online to change things around and now you are the forum's version of the Villiage idiot. LMFAO....I can't even take you seriously I tried, Let me screenshot that name bruh...this is like your ultimate punishment. You can't talk about anyone with a name like that Helly's Bottom bitch Just saying.
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          Lol you're that British guy. What was his name? Irrelevant.

        Originally posted by Killer Loli Illya-Chan View Post

        I'm pretty sure we met before.

        Maybe in another lifetime not sure. So, I can't confirm or deny it.