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Explanation of the On-Topic Forum

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    Explanation of the On-Topic Forum

    On-Topic is the forum to post threads that are intended to induce only meaningful discourse relevant to the topic; posts in On-Topic should not stray from the subject at hand, "creatively" or otherwise. It is the place to post specific questions or discuss specific topics that cannot readily be categorized in any other forum, such as within its own serious discussion subforums or the Media forums.

    In more clear words, you can seriously converse about any unsorted phenomenon here.
    Less consequential or earnest topics, threads in which you are open to irrelevant discussion, and casual/silly/"playful" open discussion topics all belong in Off-Topic.

    This forum places a more stringent emphasis on restricting such things as flaming and trolling as compared to most other sections; please exercise discretion when posting in this subforum. All Site Rules will be enforced more stringently in On-Topic and its subforums, indeed more strictly than anywhere else on the site with the exception of Feedback.

    Please refer to the following basic guidelines:
    1. On-Topic is for serious discussions about serious topics. That means no joke threads, no silly threads, no threads aimed toward other users, no bait threads, and no threads to flame or insult people.
    2. As the name of the section suggests, you are to stay on topic and not stray from the original topic of the thread. That means no casual conversations with other users about things unrelated to the topic, no flame wars, no spamming, and no derailing threads. If you would like to carry out a conversation that was initially marginally relevant, please utilize the Comment function.
    3. Heavy amounts of flaming in On-Topic threads will not be tolerated.

    Please keep the following in mind:
    • Threads not appropriate to On-Topic may be locked, and in extreme cases deleted; most will be moved if possible.
    • Please do not bump a thread that is more than one year old, unless it is an "official" or "registered" thread. If you must bump a thread instead of creating a new one, please do so with the latest and most active you can find. For instance, a seven-month-old thread with three pages is preferable to the same thread that is four years old and has only six replies.
    • If you would like to dispute a moderator action, please utilize the proper channel, following the instructions detailed in the opening post.
    • All site staff are requested to post and provide a suitable reason when they lock an On-Topic thread, such that complaints and appeals for unlocking can be filed and sent accordingly.

    This thread will remain open so that people can provide feedback or ask questions for clarity.

    NOTE: If a global moderator or administrator would like to change anything in this post, please feel free to!

    Adapted from the old site. Credits to the following users: Phobetor, Stygian, TiggerLover, Cid.

    Dont tell me what to do


      I agree 100%. On topic should be for serious discussion.
      Originally posted by Helly;n542091
      Also, lol @ "I'm busy". You admit you have no life and go to many forums, and in the same post lie about havingLmao. Go work on your fictitious "dream" instead of wasting your time lying to us about how important you are.