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    Snow is back new try

    Since you don't want to know what God's plan is in the near future, any rate.

    Snow is back from quarantine. So she was planning to be gone for a week and ended up gone for five weeks due to the damned quarantined. The Chinese have done a decent job of containing the outbreak, but I think it's a bit over-rated anyway. Coronavirus19 doens't appear to infect children so the only victims are young adults and iddle aged people, and it's not as deadly as the ordinary influenza A, nor as contagous either as it's not really airborne, it's only in droplets of coughs and sneezes mostly, but not true airborn like the cold or flu, so I don't really see what's the big deal, I doubt quarantine was even necessary, we've seen novel flu strains or again infuenza A in some years do a lot worse than this. Influenza A kills about 45,000 people per Year in the U.S alone, not counting the next 3 most deadly flu strains combined each year, so I don't see what' sthe big deal with only about 60,000 infectiees total world wide so far, and only a few hundred deaths, I think, or maybe it's 2000, whateer, that' snothing compared to the flu or even a bad ebola outbreak or whatever....the last big ebola outbreak in Africa killed God only knows how many people before they stopped it, because ironically a longer incubation period makes ebola harder to treat. Anyway, I think the coronoavirus quarantine was probably unjjustified, considering it doesn't appear to kill children and isn't airborn.

    Anyway, so now the freaking airlines have cancelled all flights to Hong Kong until damned near April, so now Snow and I are going to be delayed in meeting one another again, which is starting to piss me off.

    I need to convince my mother to clean up her damned house. I'm embarrassed to introduce Snow to my family, because they can't keep house and live like freaking animals. So I don't know what to do with myself, and whatever, so my mother and her husband aren't rich in fact they're sort of fortunate to not be poor, they both own a lot of cows and farmland, but they don't make a lot of money doing that either, because they are too old and don't know what they're doing. They make a decent living, but that's about it. So I'm sort of embarrassed at introducing someone as wealthy as Snow to my backwards family, but what the fuck, I'm personally poor as Dirt, and Snow is already aware of that, nad that doesn't stop her from talking to me....nor did it stop her from lending me 38,000 to help get my 14k back when i lost the 14k....

    Let me explain that. So I had $7000 startup money to invest. Snow and her analyst helped me double my money to 14.5k over a couple weeks with whatever it was, maybe 10 investments, like 8 gains and 2 losses, whatever the case. So then Snow and her analyst decded to invest in the British Pound. Which I thought it was a decent idead too, and it actually was, problem is I didn't pay attention and ask enough questions, so when it was time to invest, the analyst said "buy on SELL" so I incorrectly sold the max amount my account allowed, which was 60% of account balance. However, when you "buy the market going down" you are buying on Margin, and if there is a rally, you owe the difference. We I didn't really think about the fact currency can rally a lot more than gold rallies and unfortunately, the analyst made he CORRECT prediction that the market woudl tank, but before that happened, and 30 second ridiculously impossible to predict rally ahppened, nad I lost all 14,000 of my account, and the computer detected I had a negative balance and closed the transaction and I lost all the money. So I was like, "ddi I just lost 14k or was that a glitch?" nad Snow was like, "No you just lost 14k" and I was like, "well whatever, I was didn't have much money to begin with and don't have any now or whatever".

    However, even tough it wasn't Snow's fault, she felt guilty for me losing all my money, so she lent me $38k of her money and we invested in Gold again and made back 11k for me in the next week, this was right before she and her father went on vacation. So then I wired her money back to her. Only she said I could keep 8k permanently, except by the time she said that I had already wired the full amount,b ut she intended to just flat out give me $8000 in addition to the fact she'd just helped me remake $11k....

    So whatever, awesome woman.

    I mean white women don't evne speak to me because I evidently don't make enough money to be "worthy" of their fucking time.

    But a lovely Asian woman who ages 15 years better than them and has probably 50 more I.Q. points than them and is kindest woman I've ever met, she lend me $38000 of her own money, evne though we never met in person, and helps me make $11k in one whatever, I guess white women aren't worthy of my time.

    So since Snow values business income and investment income and wants me to have investment income to impress her father, I have an idea, if shell go along with it. With her capital and my card game idea, I could make several million per year and easily you know multiply her assets tenfold in the first year, or more, because I know a well designed collectible card game will make a ton of moey, especially if I publish it both in Chinese and English, and I'm smart enough to design it not to have any broken "must be banned/restricted" cards, wherase evidently Wizards of the Coast just can't do that with their games, and moreover I will not have blasphemy and other crap in my game, and my game with be designed for teens and adults, etc So with Snow's help I could make an absoltue fortune, and of course I'd give back to people who need help and stuff, but the point is it would be easy to make a ten fold profit in the first year with a card game, o nce I have enough cash to start going anyway. The most expensive aspect of publishing a card game is actually paying artists to do the art, as my own art skills are diminished and not up to par, I mean, I could do the art for a few cards maybe, but that wouldn't even save enough money to be worth the trouble. Like I'd do some sort of 25/75 split with artists, like $250 per piece up front, and $750 per piece after the fact or whatever...and maybe some kind of weighted royalty split with them too, who knows. and at any rate, I design the game mechanics, so I should make the profiit, but they obviously get paid for art and stuff, and the publisher gets their cut, but still, I could make a handsome living doing this with Snow's help,and then together we'd both have our dream home and I mean with her business income and investment income and my own game idea to boot, we shoudl have a comfortable living anyway.

    Well, Snow would be insanely rich if she didn't go on $3000 per week shopping sprees, but it's her money to do what she wants, but as much as she makes on investments she could grow double exponentially if she just spend a little less and reinvest even more, because her analyst is 95% reliable in the Gold market, I mean if he was any better, he'd be accused of insider trading anyway, but the fact he isn't perfect means he's not doing anything illegal, but 95% reliable is pretty damned good. Kramer is only about maybe 70% reliable, so he has his on tellevisinoi show, so the freaking chinese analyst is better than the U.S. analyst. So he can get filthy freaking rich legally like this and his clients get rich legally.

    So anyway, Snow is back, and we both love one another and cna't wait to meet one another, so when we do meet one another, I'll post some damned photos together so you goons will believe me.

    Anyway I can't wait to meet her in person, however I'm an idiot and missed her message a few hours ago, so now I'm waitng fro her to message me back again. Not understanding how to sync up with her again and need to catch up on so much stuff with her now.

    God bless her fore being such a good woman, I certainly hope I don't screw up my end of the bargain and whatever. So I'll just continue to be myself and be honest with her and stuff and see where God takes me from there.

    happy for you man
    Originally posted by Kajin_Style
    I have this illness called "Having-a-Heart" and gives me this irrational sense of empathy and care for my fellow man.


      By the way, I previously had been training for that insurance job, and they hired me, and I spent a month of on-site training, but I eventually quit, because you know, I guess i'm not a good enough LIAR to be an insurance salesman...or whatever, and even though I have a pretty good memory, I also couldn't memorize their ridiculous sales script perfectly either, I mean you know five pages fine print of double-nested scripting from memory, and try not to sound like a robot either, whatever, and nothing ever goes the way the script expects it to go in the real world anyway, so whatever, like I said, I'm not a good enough liar to sell insurance.




          Pleased as punch!


            get corona


              plus wizards of the coast has grown weak from being at the top so long


                Originally posted by The Poster Formerly Known as Teal View Post
                plus wizards of the coast has grown weak from being at the top so long
                Nah man. M:TG is definitely losing its luster, but D&D has been popping off lately.
                Originally posted by Wade
                Everything is hidden in plain sight, like in Men in Black. We've all just been neuralized to think it is "normal".