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See my "Respect Luke Skywalker" thread

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    See my "Respect Luke Skywalker" thread

    It's in the wrong sub-forum. It's supposed to be in "Respect" but I didn't see that sub-forum when I posted it a few days ago. It's in "Elite" subforum.

    I want some feedback, anything canonical or logical rebuttals or support of my arguments.

    You can only use the movies plus G-canon and deleted scenes which agree with the movies...and Disney canon where it agrees with G-canon or does not contradict G-canon.

    G-canon is force potential comes from the MIdichlorian count (episode 1).
    G-canon is Vader and Luke's max potential is equal. (Interview)
    G-canon si that Luke and Vader are the strongest two Force Users to ever live in the Galaxy. (Interview)

    G-canon is Darth Maul, who was not a Sith "Lord" yet, survived being cut in half, and falling down a "bottomless" shaft, and was later cyborged by his Brother. Thus we see that Darth Vader was "several times" as powerful as Darth Maul, and survived being dismembered and burned alive in 1000C lava....using "Absorb Dissipate" and "Remain Conscious" force powers....but Vader is roughly half-trained i this scene, as the Jedi never actually taught Anakin any force powers (they were afraid of him even when he was light side).

    Logic says since Vader is missing roughly half his biomass, then Luke's max potential is twice that of Vader's actual power level in Empire Strikes Back, but Luke was roughly half-trained at the end of Empire Strikes Back, and roughly 3/4ths trained in the end of Return of the Jedi.
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    In the thread, I show two rough calculations of the power level of the Emperor's Force Lightning (and it's much, much stronger than you might think,) based on presentation in the actual movies, chiefly Episodes 3 and 6, as well as Yoda's Force Ghost power level as seen in Episode 8. This provides a baseline for Luke's maximum potential being twice that of the Emperor (just like the original EU in Jedi Academy).

    So I derive the ORIGINAL power level of Luke Skywalker from the movies plus G-canon, meaning that although Jedi Academy is no longer canon, the movie canon Luke is that is roughly exactly that strong (and fast) anyway.


      I am prepared to discuss any attempted rebuttals or supportings of my arguments and calculations. I am not familliar with any further novelizations of Darth Vader or Luke, but I know it is also G-canon that the torture of Luke on the Death Star lasted "several minutes" even though it's only about 1 minute on film.

      Please offer any rebuttals or supporting arguments on the Respect thread. Also, if a moderator would, please move the Respect thread to the Respect sub-forum.


        Luke's power level doesn't come close to Goku's though.


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