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I'm MMCulpa, commonly known as MothMageCulpa.

I'm a funky streamer with a hard head and a loud mouth, but I'm a really chill guy. I'm a comic book nerd with a love for all things Green Arrow and Black Canary. I'm also into things like Godzilla (and Mothra), Twilight Zone, Shadow of the Colossus, and much much more. I'm also a big fan of Moths. I'm a well rounded nerd looking to get out there and let my freak flag fly!

Join me and help me grow as a streamer and artist!!

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About Me

Hi :)

My name is Medley, and I have countless delights and creations I'd like to share with everyone through a wide variety of mediums. My schedule can be pretty hectic as a result, but I (sort of) manage. I like to write stories, compose music, sketch and paint(on my computer), bake bread and pie-things and cook the way my mother showed me. I'm not always able to dedicate as much time as I'd like to music. That's why I decided to share what I have to offer to the online world, largely free of charge save at the grace of my patrons.

Hopefully you'll join me on my quest to learn and master the genres of classical, jazz, rock, metal, hip-hop, electronic, and possibly more. I look forward to meeting you all on Facebook, Youtube, Patreon, and of course Take5 ^_^

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This is where we can try to achieve that last bit. Take Five's affiliate page is open to all content creators, whether that be Patreons, video streaming sites like Twitch and Youtube, or just a deviant art page. If you'd like a link to your content displayed here, please PM Cid and request it.