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Serenity Gameplay Begins: Opening Story

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    Serenity Gameplay Begins: Opening Story


    You are an adventurer in a small band of adventurer friends. You journeyed into the north lands, looking for adventure. You entered the splendorous city of Everfrost, hoping to encounter tales of adventure, treasure, and glory to be gained. For now, you have taken a rest at the local Inn, the Sea Turtle, by the docks. There are icebergs floating in the water at the docks, and this is one of the harshest winters in recent memory. Food is running a bit lower than expected, and prices are high, both in the markets and the inns. This may be the cause of recent thieving you already heard about. You turn in for what you hope will be a deep sleep and recovery from a harsh journey.

    The Awakening
    You are awakened in the middle of the night by a loud female scream and a crashing sound...The Inn Keeper, Darren Dins, yells, from somewhere, "The Sea Turtle is under attack!"

    You may play a villain, but be sure you role play a villain. This means not committing crimes that are easily detected, at least not until you are a ridiculously high level character anyway. Don't be a fool and foul up the game.

    Everyone needs to check in here if you are interested in playing.

    Declare your character class, what you spent your Gold on (You can save it if you want), and what you spent your first skill point on.

    Campaign Difficulty: Challenging.

    If characters are killed by a small margin, they can be resurrected at the local Shrine of the Omnipotent. If Characters are killed by an amount of 50% of their life total in the negative, they are permanently dead and cannot be resurrected by any means.
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    Hey guys, let me know if you want to play or not. I'll try to explain everything as we go along.


    • OrganizationXV
      OrganizationXV commented
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      I'll play, I'm just not wrapping my head around the character creation.

      Do we have a spell/ability list for summoners?

    • Mae Borowski
      Mae Borowski commented
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      I'll play once my thing is done

    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      Yes, summoners are mostly done. I need to work on the "character sheet" for the summons.

    (Fighter class, spent gold on food/beer/room, spent skill points on bash and focus weapon)

    Liayra practically jumped out of bed as she heard the commotion, stumbling as she reached for her bow. She was hardly dressed but she grabbed her quiver anyway and strapped it on before running out. "Where are they?! Who do I shoot??" She asked loudly as she looked around. Before thinking she fired an arrow at the first suspicious looking person she could see. "GO AWAY SCUM!" She yelled.