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    Originally posted by Kanzentai View Post
    "I have authority here. It has been given to me by the Galactic Republic." Toma retorted. "If you'd like, you could try it and appeal to them ."
    "Dude, the galactic republic can eat my ass. But if it'll get you out of my house I guess I'll talk to the Brady bunch and get this shit sorted out."


      Toma arrived at the brady bunch house. It's really small, like absurdly small. A dead guy was lying there. You ignored the decomposing body. Tomas then put on gag glasses and strutted.


        "I'll go first to explain the situation." Toma said as he turned his back to them. "I'll be back in a few days. I know it's kinda long, but y'know how bureaucrats work." As he said that, the saiyan took flight in the direction of his space pod.


          "Good God that was stupid." Ori went and petted the creatures and went back to doing his laundry.

          Outside of spacetime, God fast forwarded a few days to get to the good part. Moonlight whacked him over the head for breaking his own rule. "What? I didn't wanna wait that long to watch this RP continue."

          "You could watch someone else you oaf! Urgh! You know who has to clean up after time shifts? Not you, you couch potato!"

          "Whoa, geez, ok, I'll do it, you happy?"


          "I'll do the thing, I'll just record the RP on DVR and watch it later."

          "Y-you'd do that?" She blushed.

          "Yeah yeah, it's no big. Come along, you'll have to teach me anyway."

          "Really? Me teach you?"

          "Yeah, I don't really do this stuff remember? I'm a couch potato."

          "R-right! Well, come on then! Let's not waste any more time."


            Izzet, on the far side of the plane, is very concerned about the space-time magic he felt. Like, holy shit, that's a bothersome sign.

            He considered just leaving before shit got ruined, and then probably he does.
            Originally posted by Wade
            It isn't date rape if God commands it, and he already commanded it.

            Originally posted by Wade
            I'm saying we actually don't know for certain that 1kg is 1kg.


              Moonlight waved her magic wand and her clothes morphed into a pair of coveralls and boots. Her long hair tied itself into a ponytail and shortened to a working length while she strapped on a pair of goggles and then gloves, then God was dressed the same.

              "Why do we have to wear janitor clothes?" He asked.

              "Well we're going to get kinda bloody and messy. Plus, I dunno, they look cool!"


              "Yeah! Bloody~" They left the Heaven dimension and went to outer space. Around the areas of shattered spacetime were some injured Lovecrafts and rainbow goo and stuff leaking from the quantum cracks.

              "So this is what happens every time I fuck with time?" He asked.

              "Yes! That's why I told you to stop." She went to one of her babies who was bleeding space. "Come on, time to be doctors."

              At that point she started showing him how to fix the wounds and mend the rifts and he had to stick his hands in places he didn't want to.


                "Well, I'll just have to wait until one of the fuckers flare up their ki so that I can go there and tell them the... good news?"

                Toma had been successful in convincing the senators to listen to the Cat Cop's plea for the hybrids life, even if it would probably just end up being a waste of everyone's time.


                  Mae Borowski told Ori to flare up his ki. He didn't know what the fuck that meant, so he told one of his pets to flare up their ki. Then it did. Mae waited there with Ori to make sure he had some backup with the galactic whatever they were.