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    The strange dots on his hand spontaneously merged, and Polo quickly evaded the water with an defensive move..

    ”Stop splashing around and fight!” Polo taunted.

    Afterwards, the symbols on his hand morphed into skulls, which Polo proceeded to resurrect two human skeletons from beneath the ground with his arms rising in conjuction to the skeletons, to skip foward and attack Marco. Polo crossed his arms like he wasn’t breaking a sweat, showing his cool.
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      That's two quirks lmao. Becoming intangible and necromancy are two different things

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      No his quirk is manipulating his tatoo to form symbols, of which grants him temp. abilties. I wasn’t going to do too much things with that

      Besides, im keeping this rp loosely based of of Boku no hero anyway, for the casuals

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      Man, this is real iffy though... You're GM though, so w/e
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    "What?" Marco exclaimed when the skeletons came up. He didn't notice the tattoo at all and just noticed two completely different quirks happening very closely together. That hurt his brain a bit, but it didn't impact his general strategy too badly.

    He motioned to the right- all the standing water that Polo was standing in swooped violently to his left, maybe even tripping him up a little, who knows. Marco took a step back and moved his arms clockwise so they were pointing left, and the water followed his movement's to a T, while also forming together into a single stream. As it reached the skeletons, it widened out to try and smash them both in their lower spines.
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    I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


      Polo fell to the ground. Angered, he clenched his fists. 5 skeletons rose beside him. A strange humming sound began to eminate from the skeletons signifying their increasing strength.

      He looked at the ground beside Marco, and soon enough, another skeleton rose from the ground right behind him. He sent three skeletons charging towards Marco, maybe this was enough to land a hit he thought, and left two to stand beside him.

      ”i wonder how many skeletons it will take you....”


        -Cuts to another field, the trails taking place, of Makisig vs Jansen-

        Maki walked up to the field, where Jansen was. Jansen began to float and fly up in the air. Maki scoffed and placed his thumb in his palm, held four fingers up and raised his hand.. the schoolwide sign for forfeiting.

        “I’m not going to fight you..”

        ”Why is that?” He landed whilst saying so.

        ”I won’t bring out.... him

        ”.... who is him?”

        ”Trust me, you don’t want to find out...”

        The headmaster’s voice projected in the clearing.

        Very well. Please commence to the results counter, and take your voucher for either Class A or Class B

        Makisig along with Jansen, walked towards the counter, and not a single word spoken after that.


          Kara didnt held backs one bit during her fight with her opponent even causinf her to go deaf. XD

          ”opsie daisy!!!!1! “ XD she criedz loudly, she went to the counter after the student she mangled with her fingernails and herz voices was carried away by doctorssss xD


            Denver lost his fight against Boku, but it didn’t matter.

            The show of sportsmanship was surely enough to impress the higher ups.

            Denver lent out a hand and picked up Boku off the floor.

            Denver: Hope your alright, that was a good fight

            Boku: Got to give credit where credit is due!

            Denver: Hmm?

            Boku: You were just as amazin- good!!!

            Denver: what are you hinting at?

            Boku: Nevermind Denver Chan, lets get ur asian ass to the counter!

            Denver: Ok


              Marco saw the skeleton raise into animation next to him, and he could easily move away before it was truly active. Out of grabby range, anyway... He sent another weak jab's worth of water towards that skeleton with his left hand as his right arm manipulated the first wave into the three skeletons going towards him.

              "Let's see how far you can take this schtick," Marco grunted as he tried to fend off the skelemen.
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              Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n479189

              I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


                "Break his bones Marco! Wash him up!" Ellie called out.


                  The skeleton nearby Marco was barely effected by the light attack, and began to sprint towards him. The three skeletons was knocked over, but not destroyed.

                  Polo raised 10 more skeletons nearby, and sent them charging. The longer this went on, the more of an army Polo would have in the end, and he wondered how long it would take Marco to realize that.

                  I haven’t even reached my limit of skeletons yet.. His thoughts were filled with anger as he awaited his skeletons to knock out Marco, he raised one more skeleton and bowed out a makeshiff bow from one of the bones on the ground. He used his ability to cause the skeleton he just raised near him to fall apart and began to shoot bones from his bow towards Marco.


                    "Jesus, this is still going," Marco muttered as the ten other skeletons came out. Oh, well, two could play at that.

                    The sprinting skeleton launched at Marco, who was expecting it. He grabbed the guy by the skull and dropped to the ground, pivoting around as he did so. He was expecting the skull to be crushed against the pavement, but if not he wanted to yank the skull out of place. This all happened as Polo was working on his crafts project. As the ten skeletons came out, Marco sent even more water at them out of the pool below the three, and swung the wave around himself and blasted them again. And again. And again. Each revolution of the water blast around him got more and more water trailing around, and thus more force. Eventually, the skeletons couldn't help but but swept away and dragged along with the wave. As soon as this happened, Marco sent a haymaker of a blast at Polo, smashing him down to the ground with the help of gravity.
                    Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n479189

                    I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


                      Polo mamged to get off a couple of bone arrow shots before the wave hit him. On the ground, it was becoming quite clear he was only getting angrier, and while ignoring pain, continued to summon skeletons...

                      In a dramatic fashion, he raised his arms and announced his “Grand” Technique...

                      A 30 foot skeleton began to rise from the ground, as if floating it’s way up, skeletons nearby started to fly towards it, and became armor for the behemoth.

                      Polo sent the skeleton behemoth towards Marco, with full intent on sending his own haymaker and without holding back, crushing Marco unless he did something to counter.


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                        I didn't even see that reply, lol. Sorry, I was waiting for you after you already went.

                      Despite Marco catching on, and dodging the blow, Polo laughed in joy.

                      His right foot was outside the field, and he was about to pull off another water attack before being interrupted by the headmaster.

                      ” Marco is outside the white line. Polo wins!”

                      The voice on the loudspeaker spoke again, once everyone was at the results counter.

                      ” On second thought, we are going to hold a couple more trials. The first one being a race to get to the otherside of the gym, a three mile span from the cafe, remember to get there as effectively and efficiently as possible. You will be carefully graded on each course of action taken. The race will be timed, all 100 of you have 45 minutes to reach the finish line and to stay there... The race begins.... Now”

                      Within seconds, many try hard students took a full sprint, while the athletes were not far behind, some flew, and some even jumped very high into the air.

                      The Headmaster laughed, as he wondered how they would fare against the upcoming mine field he personally set up.

                      A particular student, one with white hair, began to freeze the ground making it hard for another students to run on it, and he smiled and took first place into the upcoming soccer fields.


                        "What the- bullshit!" Marco yelled as the loudspeaker declared him a loser. He looked down to his feet... and granted, he wasn't exactly paying attention to the out-of-bounds area, but he was NOT over the line. Or, well... maybe? Nah.

                        The next trial was explained and Marco was still boiling with rage. When everybody was off to the races, he was casually meandering through, not even trying to keep a good pace. He was fuming, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, muttering under his breath.

                        "This isn't over, asshole!" Marco shouted to Polo as his rival jogged past him.
                        Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n479189

                        I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


                          During the race, Ellie used her feet as sort of springs to propel her forward. It was working for a while until some asshole decided to freeze the ground, and since she had one eye literally planted in the back of her head to watch behind her, she saw it coming and jumped in the air before forming a propeller on her back like a helicopter. She wasn't faster that way but it kept her at a decent pace to the finish line. Once at the soccer field she waved to Marco, grinning cheerfully. "Marco! Over here!" She called, jumping up and down.


                            Marco let go of his pissy mood and tried to keep up with Ellie. She was a quick mover, though, with the bounding all about, and he was having trouble keeping pace. He just splashed around, though, he didn't think he could really use his power the way she did...

                            After a few moment's thought, he literally did use his power the same way she did. He made little pockets of water under every footstep and exploded them outward with every step he took in an effort to propel himself forward... and after he was soaked to the bone and after quite a few falls in the mud, he was even able to pull it off halfway successfully. Each bound grew powerful, and it got to the point where he could re-use the water between steps so there'd be more oomph to the next stride.

                            "Check this out, Ellie!" Marco yelled. Immediately after he broke concentration to yell, he misstepped, drenched the back of his pants, and stumbled into a normal run to try again.
                            Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n479189

                            I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


                              Ellie gave her attention when Marco called out to watch him do something, but then giggled and slightly put a hand over her mouth when he slipped up. "You almost had it! I wanna see!" She called back.


                                The soccer field was long and treacherous, but that wasn’t enough to deter any of the students.

                                Maki was falling behind, so hesistant to use his evul sadistic quirk, while the cheerleading girls were no where to be seen, almost suspiciously, even.

                                The student with white hair decided to scope out both Marco and Ellie with a cold burst, freezing a bit of the body the attack touched, and proceeded to form a giant icy wall blocking everyone.

                                The wall didn’t last though, due to all of the students using their quirks on it, eventually though, Haka, the girl who was making boys fight for her earlier, was being held by two boys who were racing for her, she yawned as she slipped through the holes made in the wall by the other students.

                                The end was within sight, Frosty, and the cheerleaders were already there though, and Polo summoned a wall of skeletons infront of the finish line. One other student decided to try and pick a fight by using his quirk to form a sword out of his hand, while he took charge towards anyone infront of him.


                                  "Brrr..." Ellie, suddenly stricken by some freezing magic, shivered and rubbed the spot that had the frost bite. "Ow.." She turned to Marco, and held out her hands. "Hey, I h-have an idea! If you p-push us up with a jet of water I c-can propel us ov-ver the wall!" She shivered more.


                                    "I, uh... Yeah, let's try it," Marco muttered. "We just need to get close together for a second," he grabbed her around the waist, blushing like a tomato, Then he started to focus.

                                    The ground for soggy, then it started to rumble. All at once a spout of water completely enveloped them from the waist down and they soared into the sky. This wasn't just one big squirt, though, it was a sustained blast that balanced the two runners up as it pushed them above and around the wall. This only worked for a moment, but it did it's job as the two were dumped on the other side of the ice wall and they tumbled down it.

                                    "Hey, it worked!" Marco exclaimed, still blushing. He realized that he was also still holding Ellie by the waist and quickly let go so they could get up.

                                    There was only one more major threat, and Marco was only too happy to meet it head-on. A wall of skeletons formed by fucking Polo was all that stood between him and victory (never mind that forty seconds ago he didn't care about the race), and he was getting ready for it. He stopped bounding along on water jets and instead took to summoning more water behind him in a constantly swirling wave. It picked up force and momentum behind him as he ran, both shielding him and Ellie from behind and getting ready for a full-frontal assault.

                                    By the time he stopped and swung his arm to attack the wall of skeletons, the wave was like a dam breaking on the ones that finished. Marco took stock of the people actively keeping people out, and took a moment to turn around.

                                    "To me!" he yelled to anyone that would hear, "Rally against the ones keeping us out! They want the finish to themselves, BUT WE'L HAVE VICTORY!" As he said this, he three a gist into the air and his wave followed suit, trashing the skeleton wall even further.

                                    He didn't care who won, he just hated seeing people hogging it for themselves.
                                    Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n479189

                                    I need to anonymously suck Helly's dick. I can't how could I praise the greatest individual in the universe, while maintaining my perfect reputation in this fine website?


                                      Meanwhile, Ellie bashfully watched Marco completely take the stage, like a really cool anime protagonist or something. Most notably, her skin all around had turned completely pink. She'd never had that happen before, so watching her skin turn pink made her more flustered and in turn made her glow brighter pink. "A-aah... this is next level weird.." She hardly had time to react to what was going on, just stood by Marco and watched him annihilate those skeletons.