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Pokemon Draft League: Season 4

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  • Pokemon Draft League: Season 4

    Welcome back to the 4th season of the Pokemon Draft League. Ladd and I are your co-hosts for this season.

    The order for the first round is as such:
    1. Louay
    2. Rage
    3. Shob
    4. Openz
    5. Helly
    6. Richie-Rich
    7. Mika
    8. Yu
    9. Ladd
    10. Clarisse Ayanami
    11. Crismon
    12. Ruthless
    I'll be updating this post as more details emerge, so without further ado, let's begin!

    Discussion Thread:

    Challonge Records:

    Draft Pools:

    Draft Pools:

    Yu - Manaphy, Excadrill, Salamence, Mega-Gardevoir, Togekiss, Amoonguss, Infernape, Nidoking, Jolteon, Bronzong, Gigalith, Moltres, Sableye, Accelgor, Blastoise, Spiritomb, Granbull, Xatu, Poliwrath, Magmortar, Oricorio-Sensu, Floatzel, Masquerain, Exeggutor, Articuno

    Shob - Mew, Mega-Scizor, Tapu Fini, Mamoswine, Serperior, Staraptor, Entei, Snorlax, Tyrantrum, Goodra, Pangoro, Heliolisk, Quagsire, Hitmontop, Uxie, Eelektross, Incineroar, Ambipom, Regirock, Lanturn, Manectric, Camerupt, Throh, Electrode, Raichu

    Clarisse - Clefable, Skarmory, Mega-Gallade, Buzzwole, Alomomola, Scolipede, Nidoqueen, Klefki, Flygon, Ribombee, Rotom-H, Sharpedo, Honchkrow, Gastrodon, Minior, Pyukumuku, Mismagius, Medicham, Vileplume, Carracosta, Ferroseed, Rotom-Frost, Togedemaru, Pinsir, Corsola

    Ruthless - Kartana, Volcanion, Tornadus-T, Mega-Gyarados, Conkeldurr, Ninetales-Alola, Haxorus, Empoleon, Machamp, Chesnaught, Gardevoir, Rhyperior, Linoone, Drapion, Tauros, Silvally-Steel, Shiftry, Rotom, Raticate-Alola, Aggron, Lycanroc-Midnight, Dugtrio-Alola, Zebstrika, Marowak

    Crismon - Garchomp, Mega-Manectric, Toxapex, Weavile, Latias, Marowak-Alola, Primarina, Mienshao, Mandibuzz, Toxicroak, Whimsicott, Hoopa, Durant, Lycanroc, Virizion, Dhelmise, Ursaring, Silvally-Fairy, Pyroar, Jynx, Torterra, Drampa, Wishiwashi, Kingler, Victreebel

    Ladd - Tapu Bulu, Keldeo, Mega-Tyranitar, Dragonite, Porygon-2, Suicune, Crobat, Krookodile, Metagross, Heracross, Dragalge, Cofagrigus, Gligar, Emboar, Dodrio, Steelix, Mesprit, Sceptile, Golem-Alola. Klingklang, Oricorio-Pompom, Bouffalant, Stunfisk, Mawile, Golem

    Richer - Tapu Koko, Mega-Venusaur, Tyranitar, Starmie, Scizor, Hawlucha, Forretress, Swampert, Doublade, Arcanine, Chandelure, Hitmonlee, Meloetta, Bruxish, Silvally-Ghost, Stoutland, Aurorus, Alolan Sandslash, Cinccino, Garbodor, Abomasnow, Leavanny, Crustle, Miltank, Guzzlord

    Louay - Landorus-T, Gengar, Mega-Heracross, Rotom-W, Celebi, Crawdaunt, Hydreigon, Blissey, Talonflame, Donphan, Lucario, Aerodactyl, Comfey, Registeel, Tsareena, Golisopod, Siglyph, Vikavolt, Type: Null, Weezing, Simisear, Dusclops, Rampardos, Lapras, Turtonator

    Helly - Volcarona, Ferrothorn, Nihilego, Mega-Alakazam, Hippowdon, Diggersby, Cobalion, Feraligatr, Decidueye, Noivern, Galvantula, Kommo-o, Vaporeon, Golbat, Jellicent, Braviary, Piloswine, Barbaracle, Hitmonchan, Electivire, Skuntank, Tangela, Crabominable, Passimian, Avalugg

    Mika - Heatran, Latios, Terrakion, Gliscor, Mimikyu, Raikou, Sylveon, Mega-Aerodactyl, Cloyster, Tentacruel, Rotom-C, Scrafty, Araquanid, Exploud, Delphox, Malamar, Cradily, Shiinotic, Zangoose, Trevenant, Musharna, Regice, Sawsbuck, Muk, Ariados

    Rage - Mega-Lopunny, Tangrowth, Azumarill, Magnezone, Muk-Alola, Zygarde 10%, Shaymin, Torkoal, Mantine, Venusaur, Smeargle, Froslass, Swellow, Diancie, Escavelier, Liepard, Alolan Raichu, Charizard, Cacturne, Claydol, Primeape, Whiscash, Carnivine, Wormadam-Trash, DuckLIT

    Openz - Mega-Medicham, Chansey, Zapdos, Bisharp, Alakazam, Breloom, Azelf, Ninetales, Roserade, Zoroark, Necrozma, Yanmega, Slowking, Houndoom, Seismitoad, Lilligant, Rhydon, Mudsdale, Golurk, Clawitzer, Bastiodon, Bellossom, Luxray, Palossand

    Louay Rage Post-Crisis Shob openz Helly richie-rich Mika ClarisseAyanami Crismon Ruthless
    Last edited by Yu; August 10th, 2017, 05:40 PM.

  • #2
    ill be back in 10 hours when its my turn


    • #3
      ROUND 1:

      Round 1 is S-tier
      The list for this tier is as follows:
      S Rank:

      Charizard Y
      Tapu Koko
      Mega Medicham
      Tapu Bulu

      So Louay please lead us off with your Round 1 pick


      • #4
        Uh, Lando


        • #5
          Louay has picked LANDORUS-THERIAN to start off the first round of the draft.

          Rage is up next.


          • Max
            Max commented
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            spot on

        • #6
          Can we get the tiers for all mons? Not just a tier at a time


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              wait, this is really confusing now, lol.....goddamnit i just got done pm'ing some lengthy cancer to Ladd, too, smh
              Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n448728

              You won this battle but I won the war, Helly.


              • #9
                Rage has taken MEGA-LOPUNNY
                Post-Crisis Shob you're up


                • #10
                  Post-Crisis Shob has taken too long and will be hit with the first penalty of the season 4 draft

                  openz the ball is in your court


                  • #11
                    And so it begins...


                    • #12
                      im leaving now.....dont try to stop me pick for this round is Volcarona. if that gets sniped, my second choice is Chompenators. if the juden comes back and jews his way into forgiveness and both volc and chomp are taken, my third choice is.....uh.....hmm.....Tapu Koko
                      Originally posted by #83.6666666667;n448728

                      You won this battle but I won the war, Helly.


                      • #13


                        • #14
                          Openz chooses MEGA-MEDICHAM, as his first round pick

                          The first Mega pick of the draft too.

                          Helly chooses VOLCARONA as his first pick

                          richie-rich you may go


                          • #15
                            give me Tapu Koko


                            • #16
                              faggot richer who shouldn't even be in this draft picked TAPU-KOKO

                              Mika you're up


                              • #17
                                Originally posted by Yu View Post
                                faggot richer who shouldn't even be in this draft picked TAPU-KOKO

                                Mika you're up
                                Jesus christ why so hostile lol chill out


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                                    Originally posted by Yu View Post
                                    faggot richer who shouldn't even be in this draft picked TAPU-KOKO

                                    Mika you're up
                                    Fix your avatar
                                    Tab for a cause:


                                    • #20
                                      Mika picked HEATRAN

                                      I'll be taking MANAPHY


                                      • Yu
                                        Yu commented
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                                        Ladd you're up next
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